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  1. Lovehoney & Company magazine have launchd the UK Sex Toy Awards and you can be one of the judges!

    The 2008 UK Sex Toy Awards has a long-list of 30 different types of sex toys including rabbits, bullets, G-spot vibes, massagers and many more.

    To find out which vibrators are the best, we need to recruit 20 judges each of whom will be sent 10 sex toys worth more than £300 to test.

    After a rigorous month of orgasms, the judges will review and rate each of their 10 toys in orgasmic detail. And the winners of the 2008 UK Sex Toy Awards will be exclusively announced in the September 2008 issue of Company.

    Apply to be a Sex Toy Awards Judge today!

    Give your sexy shopping a massive boost! This week at Lovehoney get an Ultra Sonic Whisper Quiet Vibrator worth £14.99 absolutely free when you spend just £30. And you get free First Class Recorded Delivery, too!

    This multispeed vibe is great for solo play and perfect as a teasing foreplay massager for couples.

    But don't be fooled into thinking that just because it's incredibly quiet that it doesn't pack a punch. Turn this beauty up to the max and you'll be seeing orgasmic stars!

    Numbers strictly limited.

    This offer has now closed but you can find out about our latest free vibrator offer here.

    Pasante Mix Flavoured Latex Dams

    Lovehoney readers reveal their favourite sex tips…

    When I go down on my lady, I like to do it sideways.

    It's far more arousing for her if you lie at 90 degrees to her body to lick.

    Can take a bit of practice though, so don't expect it to be over in 10 minutes!

    G Is For G-Spot - put a big G into orGasm!

    Ernst Grafenberg might sound like a Bond baddie, but his contribution to the world was more benign than malign. He's the hero who put the 'G' into 'spot'…

    Poor Mr Crapper and Ken Wood. Immortalised as a toilet and food processor respectively. If you're going to give your name to something, take a tip from Ernst Grafenberg - this man will live forever inside billions of females.

    But while Grafenberg gave his name to the G-spot, he certainly wasn't the first to find it - women have known about G-inormous orgasms for millennia. And Honey, as ever, is here to help with her range of toys designed specially to give your Big G the bullseye.

    Enjoy the new TV ad for Durex Play Finger Vibes!
    The latest TV ad from Durex for its Play Touch vibes! Easy and fun to use, they're the perfect way to start using sex toys.

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    The amazing We-Vibe - Sex Toy of the Year!
    The 2008 Sex Toy of the Year is now available in the UK - exclusively at Lovehoney! Its unique design means women can use it internally while having penetrative sex for maximum satisfaction.

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    Our all-new Mr Big Rabbit promotion has gone down a storm. We've been inundated with messages from people who have seen the Sex And The City movie and have texted us a picture of their cinema ticket to claim a half price Mr Big Rabbit vibrator.

    One Sex And The City fan paid particular attention to the Mr Big promotion and noticed the part where we said:

    Bonus prizes for crazy photos!
    We'll send extra Lovehoney Vibrators to the people that send us the most amusing pictures… Let your imagination run wild!

    And texted us this photo… We salute you!

    Expect an extra box of Lovehoney Sex Toys to be arriving hard on the heels of your Mr Big Rabbit.

    If you're not going to see the movie, you can buy the Mr Big Rabbit Vibrator here.

    In the meantime, on the with the cinema tickets - but how are you going to top this picture?

    Tracey Cox Orgasm Enhancer Gel

    Lovehoney readers reveal their favourite sex tips…

    There are as many different ways of masturbating as there are people. It is not taught at school so everybody develops their own styles, which precisely suit their bodies.

    So if you want to give your partner the best hand job ever you have to learn precisely what suits them best and when and how - and the only person who can teach you that is them.

    Listen to what they tell you, watch what they do, copy, and listen to them when they tell you whether you are getting it right.

    Let them guide your hands and hold your hand as you are doing it so that you get the pressure right. The learning experience can be a lot of fun.

    Cuddle and laugh together when you get it wrong, ask them if they would like it always done this way or whether they'd like you to sometimes just try out new things and make it up as you go along.

    Everything feels better when it's wet! Check out Lovehoney's fantastic range of lubes .

    Fantasy I Love You Thong

    Lovehoney readers reveal their favourite sex tips…

    I like to send my partner little parcels to cheer him up while he's at work.

    Usually I send silly things like chocolate bars or funny clippings from magazines, but every now and then, when he's least expecting it, I'll send something saucy like a mini bottle of lube or a pair of sexy knickers with a little note attached saying, "can't wait till you get home".

    It certainly takes his mind off work and makes a change from the usual wind-down time where he tells me about the computer crashing or how the new work experience is doing.

    It works every time and he rips my clothes off as soon as he walks through the door!

    Why not send your partner sexy gifts? Lovehoney has got a wonderful range of sexy gifts and games.

    Lady Lustfinger Mini Vibrator

    Lovehoney readers reveal their favourite sex tips…

    Gently put a vibrator on the soft part (on a man) between the anus and the penis as this is very sensitive and the vibration will tip a man over the edge every time!

    And they will never forget you!

    Check out Lovehoney's fabulous range of non-threatening mini vibrators.

    VibraExciter Mobile Phone Vibrator For Men

    Lovehoney readers reveal their favourite sex tips…

    My sex tip for really explosive sex with your man is to build him up gradually through the day.

    Start by sending him dirty text messages and calling him at work to start him wanting you. Then when you're expecting him home, be ready - leave him a trail of your clothing to find you in bed, or in the bath.

    He'll be so worked up by then that he'll ravish you - great sex and a great way to release stress.

    Give each other discreet, orgasmic thrills with a remote control vibrator.

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