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  1. Longing for Toys by Virginia Crowley

    At last … a book that's tailor made for Lovehoney customers! Other erotic novels may introduce the odd dildo or vibrator for extra colour, but it takes something like Virginia Crowley's Longing for Toys to show just what a quivering jelly they can make of you.

    FRM thought Virginia's last, Corruption, was 'deliciously perverse', while Desire called it 'a rollicking good read'. See what you think by checking out the following extract - Robert has just arranged a stag party for his friend James, and invited a couple of strippers over. Things will never be the same again:

    Longing for Toys by Virginia Crowley

    Oh my … are you ever in for a treat this month. Virginia Crowley's Longing for Toys, one of the horniest, dirtiest, filthiest reads I've ever clapped eyes on (and I've seen a few) is the Lovehoney Erotic Book Club Book of the Month for February. When you buy this primer in how best to use remote-control vibrators you'll get your very own free Chix Stick mini vibe, so you can play out scenes from the novel to your heart's content.

    Don't forget to discuss your findings - with or without the vibe -with other erotic fiction fans in the Erotic Book Club forums.

    In this masterpiece of financial and sexual fem dom, Robert and James - two upstanding young professionals with bigoted, conservative, middle-class girlfriends - begin a descent into wholesale financial ruin and erotic degradation the night they meet the beautiful and cunning stripper, Michele. As Robert's character erodes from that of an altruistic cancer researcher into a drooling plaything around the manicured fingers of his keeper, Robert's fiancee and his best friend try to help him. Unfortunately, their involvement also subjects them to the irresistible lure of Michele and her allies. A momentum of desire and desperation is unleashed. And before long, the entire Yuppie community hovers on the brink of erotic despair and moral ruin.

    Share your thoughts on Longing for Toys in the Erotic Book Club Discussion Forum - there'll be lots of lively debate.

    Here are some questions to think about while you're reading the book…

    Sexual anticipation is one of the greatest methods of foreplay in the book…

    Lovehoney Valentine Dream Gift Pack

    Say "hello" to the ultimate Valentine's gift for couples. The Lovehoney Valentine Dream Gift Pack has everything you need to make February 14 (and a long time after that!) the sexiest day of the year. It's got the party-in-your-pant Dream Egg Remote Control Vibrator, the yelpmungous Bada Bing Ring and the Buzz Tongue finger vibe.

    AND we're giving away the phenomenal Durex Play Wand G-Spot Massager worth £49.99 absolutely free with every gift pack!

    Here's what you get with this tremendous offer:

    Lover's Choice Strawberry Massage OilEven though Valentine's Day is on a Thursday this year, you can still make the most of it by turning your loved-up celebrations into a long, filthy weekender…

    Miss Saigon Classic Large Dildo

    After last week's very high tech gift choice, I thought this week I might showcase something on the other end of the gadgetry spectrum. This porcelain dildo is just classic from end to end--made out of a high quality material and silk printed with a gorgeous floral design. It also comes in a leather pouch which steps this up from Fancy Dildo to Great Gift of a Fancy Dildo.

    The Miss Saigon comes in two sizes, the 7.5 inch and the 6.5 inch models - if you want something slightly different, the Miss Pink Classic Dildo has all the luxurious qualities of the Miss Saigon, but comes with a light, feminine pink design. It also comes in both large and smaller sizes.

    I actually own the Miss Saigon and I recommend it fully - in fact, I reviewed it and gave it five stars:

    Cooking something tasty this Valentine's Day? Then try eating it off your lover!

    To celebrate our love of this great day, we've decided to bring you a series of Valentine's related blogs from now until the day itself…

    Meet the gorgeous Hello Kitty Shoulder Massager!Meet the gorgeous Hello Kitty Shoulder Massager!
    At last! Exclusively available in the UK at Lovehoney, the legendary Hello Kitty vibe - it massages more than your shoulder!
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    Lovehoney Dream Egg 10 Function Vibrator!Lovehoney Dream Egg 10 Function Vibrator!
    Discover why the Lovehoney Dream Egg 10 Function Vibrator is the best remote control sex toy ever!
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    Gold Label I Rub My Duckie Travel Size

    Is this not just a wee box of cuteness? The vibrating rubber duckies from the I Rub My Duckie line have always been adorable, but now that you can get a gold one, it has reached all new levels of great gift giving possibilities.

    As always, it is completely waterproof, operates with a simple squeeze of his little duckie body, and runs on a triple A battery. But this version comes in the convenient travel size and has a very classy satin-lined box, which makes for a great little gift set.

    Following the product link gives you a new video with the Professor and Bonny learning about more uses for the duckies - and honestly, I was completely sold on my new-found need to own two of them, so that I can have them both used on my back at the same time.

    But if you're not convinced just with the idea of using it as a body massager or as a fun bath toy, just look at his little face:

    Seriously. Look him in his eye and tell him you don't want him. Just you try.

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