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  1. SuicideGirls Logo ThongThe best sex blogs from all over the internet are brought to you in this clever little weekly collection, right here at Lovehoney!

    The best Lovehoney blogs of the week include:

    The Weekly Forum Round Up - A sneaky peek into the world of Orgasm Army! If you want a question answered or to read reviews from real people, then the Lovehoney Community Forums really are the best place to go.

    The Tuesday Taste Test - Have you ever wanted to know what penis enhancer tastes like? Well this blog will tell you!

    Top Tips For Using Your Dildo

    When I first decided to write this blog, I thought it would be ultra easy. 'Surely its just a case of in, out, in, out, in, out?' I naively thought.

    But when I started actually thinking about it, there are many ways you can use a dildo and not every technique will work for every user. Some like the 'in, out' approach while others prefer more gentle stimulation.

    So to help you in your quest for out-of-this-world orgasms, we've put together this guide filled with top tips for using your dildo.

    Free Erotic Short Story - The Magic Bullet by Miss Red

    The Magic BulletLast year Lovehoney ran an Erotic Short Story Competition. Erotica writers, from the amateur to the semi-professional, were asked to create a story that involved one of our sex toys and therefore have the chance of winning £100 worth of sexy treats for themselves!

    Sex author Julie Peasgood, Nexus author Angel Blake and Lovehoney's Head Buyer Bonny Hall had a hard - but enjoyable - time reading through the hundreds of excellent submissions and eventually came to a unanimous decision.

    The winner was Miss Red for her story The Magic Bullet - a seriously sexy short story that makes us love men in uniform even more!

    Private Thoughts DVDLooking through websites, magazines and newspapers you're sure to be bombarded with excessive amounts of advice from agony aunts and relationship experts. Some of this advice is useful whilst the great majority of it is either blindingly obvious or completely pointless!

    The weekly sexpert round-up aims to take all that advice and give you the best bits! Whether it's the top tips or some exciting new suggestions, you can be guaranteed that Lovehoney will bring it fresh to you on a weekly basis!

    The rather informative chaps over at have been explaining how you get your girlfriend to watch porn with you:

    "Choosing a couple of movies together means that you both get what you want, and it's more fun. It's doing something together, for each other, as opposed to you choosing a title such as Teen Cum Squad, which probably isn't going to appeal to a woman as much as it may appeal to you. Be tactful and respectful."

    Why not take a look at the Lovehoney selection of Adult DVDs with your partner? Our collection is affordable and female-friendly, meaning that along with the extra pounds in your pocket, you'll also get some exceptionally sexy viewing from the hottest pornstars!

    1. ^ 7 Function Vibrating Penis Pump
    2. Up to 50% off sale on sex toys for men

    Not only can a penis enlargement pump deliver intense personal pleasure, it can get a man perfectly primed for bedroom action and increase length and girth - given time! A penis pump creates a vacuum over the penis to encourage blood flow and as the blood flow to the penis is increased, the erectile tissue expands, giving you a stronger erection.

    The tissue in your penis will respond to regular pumping, so how big and strong your erections become depends on how much time you have to spare. Pump once or twice a week and in 2 - 3 months you will see an increase to your flaccid penis size of up to 30 percent!

    The Greatest Sex Tips In The WorldIf you've ever wanted to talk dirty to your partner but ended up totally tongue-tied, then Lovehoney can help!

    Here's our top 10 phrases that will turn him on and give you both a completely unforgettable night…

    1. I'm dripping wet and aching to have you.
    2. Fuck me, now!
    3. I promise to be your sex slave for the evening.
    4. I'm naked and touching myself…
    5. You make me so horny.
    6. Put your big, hard cock in my mouth.
    7. Get the camera!
    8. Tie me up and tease me.
    9. Spray your cum over my tits.
    10. Fuck me like a porn star!

    For more dirty talking tips and a whole lot more, check out The Greatest Sex Tips In The World - the pocket-sized guide that will teach you all the techniques you'll ever need to know!

    Janet Jackson to Release New Sexy Lingerie Line

    No woman ever has enough lingerie! So it's very good news that Janet Jackson has been working with Australian fashion designer Bruno Schiavi to produce an unquestionably sexy range of lingerie, with real women in mind!

    The Kama Sutra Deck – 50 Ways to Love Your Lover

    Lovehoney Community members share their sex tips…

    "Spice up your sex life by doing it in the cupboard under the stairs.

    Any unusual setting with strange sensations, smells and muffled sounds, will make sex feel new, and enhance the pleasure."

    Try some new positions with Lovehoney's range of Kama Sutra books.

    Lovehoney Lifelike Realistic 6 Inch DildoBuying your first dildo is an exciting experience but learning how to clean it isn't quite as thrilling. However, with a little practice you'll discover that sex toy maintenance is actually very easy and quick to do!

    First, establish what material your dildo is made from. You can find this out by checking the packaging it came in or looking at the product details.

    Once you know what material it is, simply check our guide below to find out exactly what you need to do to keep your dildo in tip-top shape.

    Sue Johanson Royal Teaser VibratorGreat deals, free delivery and a free vibrator when you spend over £40 - what more could you ask for?

    This week get Sue Johanson Royal Teaser Vibrator, worth £24.99, absolutely free when you spend just £40 at Lovehoney!

    This sensuously smooth sex toy is packed with powerful multispeed vibrations, which are easily controlled with just a twist of the base.

    Its flawlessly contoured silicone shaft makes hitting your sweet spots perfectly simple!

    Subtle curves and nuances make this incredible for teasing your G-spot whilst the slender, angled tip is ideal for out-of-this-world clitoral stimulation!

    This seriously sexy vibrator also happens to be waterproof - for those times when you want to indulge in a little wet and wild fun!

    Pliable and powerful, this vibe delivers orgasms like you've never felt before so make sure you pick your free Sue Johanson Royal Teaser Vibrator up quick, while supplies last!

    Numbers are strictly limited.

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