1. The Top 10 Sex Blogs of This Week

    There's no better way to spend an afternoon than browsing through the best sex blogs from all over the internet!

    Here are the top 10 blogs from this week!

    The Only Sex Advice You'll Ever Need - Right Here at Lovehoney!

    Every week we gather the best advice from the top sexperts right here. This week, the world's sexperts seem to have been reporting on how to spice up your love life! Must be something in the water…

    The fantastic TV show Generation Sex, which airs in October on Channel 5, recently came to Lovehoney HQ to talk to the team about all things eco-sex!

    From our Rabbit Amnesty Scheme to vegan-friendly sex toys, The Prof and Bonny gave some wonderful, in-depth information on exactly what you can do to help save the environment through having sex!

    Interview with Cheryl Mildenhall, Author of The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

    Everyone in the Lovehoney office absolutely adores The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea so we were desperate to ask the woman we've dubbed "The Cult Leader" a few questions all about it!

    Despite our best efforts, we were originally unable to track Cheryl Mildenhall down. We spent hours googling her, emailing Black Lace, asking other erotica authors and contacting Emap, but to no avail. We even went as far as to consider going to London and banging on every door until we found her (but we didn't, because we're not weird like that…!).

    Spectra Gel Beaded Anal Vibrator

    Lovehoney Community members share their sex tips…

    "If you're curious about anal sex but find the thought of being penetrated by something as big as a willy somewhat tear-inducing, try experimenting with a toy which gradually increases in girth, like the Spectra Gel Beaded Anal Vibrator.

    The smaller beads at the end allow you to start off with a little gentle probing and with time (and plenty of lube) you can build yourself up to fuller sensation with the larger beads.

    The beaded texture allows the muscles in your arse to close around the toy, holding it in place, so you get used to having something up there. As it's also a vibrator, you'll get some new and interesting sensations. Well worth exploring!"

    Take a look at Lovehoney's range of Anal Toys.

    Sportsheets Slut Spanking Paddle

    Lovehoney Community members share their sex tips…

    "As the song says, "nothing like a good spanky!"

    Enjoy a "good spanky" with Lovehoney's range of Whips, Crops and Paddles.

    More Magazine Reports on Sex Doll Addiction!

    This week's More magazine has an article about one man's addiction to his sex doll!

    Tom Davis, 25, from London, confesses to the magazine that since buying his love doll "Sandy" as a drunken dare, he hasn't been able to put her down since!

    A Renewed Classic - The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

    Originally published 13 years ago, The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea has been given a new lease of life for the 15th Anniversary of Black Lace.

    In keeping with the oceanic theme of the Book of the Month, we're giving away a free waterproof Mini Magnetic Rocket Vibrator worth £6.99 absolutely free when you buy this brilliant book!

    This fantastically erotic book was originally given away as a free gift with New Woman magazine back in 1995, making it many young women's first encounter with erotica. The book quickly gathered a cult-like status being passed around universities, offices and friendship groups like the Holy Grail of naughty novels!

    The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea is a hot and exciting book with enough twists, turns and raunchy sex scenes to keep even the most distracted of people interested!

    The Devil and the Deep Blue SeaThe Book of the Month is The Devil and The Deep Blue Sea. When you pick up your copy you'll receive a Mini Magnetic Rocket Vibrator worth £6.99 absolutely free!

    The Devil and The Deep Blue Sea is full of hot and passionate, rude and raunchy sex scenes so choosing just one to give you an extract of wasn't an easy task!

    One of the most well remembered scenes in the book is the part where Haldane, the dreamy Norwegian sailor, takes Hillary to a secluded beach and makes love to her in the sand for the first time.

    The Devil and the Deep Blue SeaThe now defunct New Woman magazine originally gave this month's Book of the Month, The Devil and The Deep Blue Sea, away as a freebie back in 1995.

    As one of the first magazines to give away a full erotic novel completely free, the book and the magazine quickly gained notoriety, especially due to the raunchy sex scenes and dirty details of the novel!

    The author is the talented Cheryl Mildenhall who was part of the original wave of Black Lace writers.

    In The Devil and The Deep Blue Sea and her other books, Cheryl successfully combined gritty realism, the romance of Jilly Cooper's novels and the graphic sex one expects from Black Lace.

    Lovehoney has done some investigative work and discovered more about the book from the people who've read it. From erotica authors to Lovehoney staff, here are some insights into this brilliant book:

    Jen Charles, Freelance Erotica Writer

    I read The Devil and The Deep Blue Sea when I was 19, at university. A friend bought New Woman and didn't want the free book so gave it to me; little did she know that it would still be sat in my collection now!

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