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  1. Weekly Sex Blog Round-Up

    This week, I have been looking at all manner of sex blogs to find out the latest gossip!

    From the simple and sexy to the strange and unusual, read on to discover what is hot and what is not in the sex blogosphere…

    • So 89% of our voters said they would prefer sex to chocolate. I was still unsure of what I preferred so I decided to do some nosing into what other people were saying about this subject matter. That's how I discovered this blog by I Used To Have Hair. He makes some good points into why both should come out on top (my favourite point being that if you eat chocolate in the shower, the chocolate will melt!) but it didn't solve my own choosing dilemma. Until I saw this video on Everything is Terrible. Chocoritca? Chocolate erotica? This put me right off my dairy milk. From now on, I vote sex!
    • ID Him leather scented lubricant
    • We also recently announced the results for our sexiest smell poll with, err… "lady juices" coming in poll position with 35% of the votes. Coming in second, with 26%, was the smell of your partner's perfume/aftershave. However, for Utegirl it would seem that chocolate really isn't her favourite anything, including smell. So is that another vote for sex? Maybe her man should swap Lynx for our new ID Him scented lubes to help get her in the mood.
    • On a completely unrelated topic, I read about a man having sex with his car on the love and lust blog. Yes that's right, actual sex with an actual car. And not only that, it then mentions other men who have had sex with random objects including bicycles, picnic tables and lamp posts. Lamp posts?! How on earth can you have sex with a lamp post?! The mind boggles.
    • Apparently women who drink wine have better sex lives. This is according to people who call themselves 'sex scientists'. Is it just me who thinks this was just an excuse for some Italian men to put on a white coat, get girls really drunk and take advantage? That's not science. It's your average night out in Swindon.
    • Jelly Willies
    • Oh Haribo, the delicious family treat. But apparently the wrappers of the Haribo Maoam sweets have been deemed pornographic and unsuitable for the eyes of youngsters. Having looked at this article to see what all the fuss was about, I couldn't help but smile! I do believe that the green lime/man is receiving some sort of lemon induced pleasure. Oh would someone think of the children!
    • And just quickly, for those 11% who do prefer chocolate to sex, check out this blog from Sugar Plum. Quite possibly the sexiest cake I have ever seen. Yum!

    Nomi Tang Better Than Chocolate Clitoral Vibrator

    Nothing says 'I love you' like a box of fine chocolates, but nothing says 'I ADORE you' like this sensually shaped, ergonomically designed, incredibly powerful massager vibrator known simply as 'Better Than Chocolate'…

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    Touche Ice Freezable Silicone Bullet Vibrator

    For those times when you're feeling way too hot and horny - pick up the Touche Ice! This vibrator looks deceivingly small but it really packs a punch! Just fill the base with water, freeze and seduce your partner with a diamond of ice…

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    Buy September’s Book of the Month – Sexy Little Numbers Vol 1 - and receive a free Solar Vibrating Cock Ring worth £4.99!

    This brilliant book is packed with 21 of the hottest short stories around, with subjects as wide ranging as sex whilst travelling, secret fantasies and naughty business affairs.

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    September's Book of the Month is the fabulous Sexy Little Numbers Vol 1 - Best Women's Erotica From Black Lace.

    This brilliant book is packed with 21 of the hottest short stories from a brilliant range of erotica veterans and new writers from Black Lace.

    One story that particularly caught the eye of the Lovehoney team was 'Have Sex Will Travel' by Delilah Devlin.

    As a first time short story writer for Black Lace, it seems that Delilah has already gotten into her stride, producing one hell of a sexy story that really stands out from the crowd.

    'Have Sex Will Travel' contains every key ingredient needed for some seriously exciting erotica:

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    You can never underestimate the skill required to deliver a fantastic hand job - here are a few simple tips that will help to drive him wild.

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    You may not think that the way a lubricant smells is important in the grand scheme of things but ID Glide have just launched a male masturbation cream that will cause some serious scent-sual seduction.

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    According to our most recent poll, leather is one of the top five scents that people find sexiest, so this lubricant is a must!

    Discreetly packaged and available in three sizes, ID Him guarantees that masturbation will never be the same again.

    For those with a sensitive nose, check out ID Him Unscented – just as smooth but with none of the smell!

    My girfriend indulges her teenage son and I am worried it will affect our relationship. Help!

    It sounds as though she can’t manage to say ‘No’ to him - with the result that his demands have become more and more extreme.

    89 Percent Think Sex Is Better Than Chocolate - Nomi Tang Agrees

    Three weeks ago, we started a survey to see which is better - sex or chocolate?

    The overwhelming majority voted sex as the more pleasurable of the two, with a massive 89% of the overall votes!

    Chocolate, in all its many shapes and forms, scored a measly 11 percent of the votes with people more willing to work off those calories, than pile them on.

    Nomi Tang, the designer name behind one of the most innovative sex toys of the year, agrees with the majority.

    Nomi Tang's Better Than Chocolate Clitoral Massager Vibrator is the perfect addition to any bedroom activity and is sure to give more pleasure than a family sized bar of Galaxy!

    This clever vibrator comes gorgeously presented in a pure white confectionary box, perfect for discreetly hiding this beautiful sex toy.

    The powerful vibrations can be felt all over the ergonomic body and the unique touch-activated slider can change the vibrations from fast to slow, pulsing to throbbing!

    Made of skin safe rubber, this sensual vibrator is ideal for intimate play and all over body massage.

    Lucky winner, Christina from Wales, has received her Nomi Tang Better Than Chocolate Vibrator and edible goodies for taking part in the survey, but you can get your hands on this brilliant vibe now - exclusively at Lovehoney!

    Reviews Round-Up - Your 5 Best of the Week!

    Welcome to the first of the new Lovehoney Community Best-Five-Reviews-Of-The-Week round-up. Before we applaud the word smithery, let's first stand back and raise a salute…

    76. SEVENTY SIX. In a single day. Yes, you can pat yourselves on the back (with whatever comes to hand - whoa there Mistress Cara!) because on Thursday August 20 the Lovehoney community committed 76 reviews to website.

    You're currently writing well over 200 reviews every week, providing the ultimate buying advice for folk across the planet.

    Highlights then… well there are too many to mention, so here's five of the best reviews from the last week-and-a-bit.

    Whipped, Spanked and Loving It - Bondage Survey Results Revealed!

    Our most recent BDSM survey looked at the kinky goings of the general public.

    From the results, we discovered several very intriguing things about what all you naughty people get up to and were able to send out a selection of paddles, floggers, whips, cock rings, restraints and ticklers to encourage you too!

    It seems that the most popular act of kink is being blindfolded.

    With 22% of the votes, this simple yet seductive bedroom activity is more popular than ever - and the Bondage Boutique Leather Blindfold is the perfect way to indulge.

    Another intriguing bit of information that we gleamed from the survey is that exactly half of the participants were male and half were female, proving that men and women are equally as naughty!

    When asked what material is preferable in a bondage product, an overwhelming 27 percent of people selected leather.

    There are already over 50 leather products in the Bondage Boutique range and this is set to expand in the future - so all you leather lovers, keep your eyes peeled!

    The most popular age range for survey participants was 18 - 24, meaning that bondage is becoming more mainstream and less of a taboo in the younger section, which can only be a good thing.

    Over £500 worth of Bondage Boutique products have been sent out, so thank you to all the participants in the survey and those who have submitted their reviews already.

    If you were unlucky this time, keep your eyes open for our next survey with some very exciting prizes!

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