1. Follow us on Twitter We were wringing our Web 2.0 hands last week when the Lovehoney Twitter account was summarily suspended amid accusations of spam, malefeasance and assorted skullduggery. We were innocent, of course, and protested from the highest mount - well we contested our Twitter account suspension through the official channel and twiddled our thumbs for a bit.

    After a couple of days we were assigned a Twitter operative, which reassured us that at least someone was looking into what had happened.

    And then, well, we waited some more. And worried a bit more.

    So we poked around some Twitter discussion forums which for the most part revealed that if your Twitter account gets suspended by mistake, you just have to wait for it to come back. Not much consolation for us.

    But buried deep in the comments was an e-mail address for a Twitter operative called Delbius, who we contacted directly and within no time at all our account was back in operation. Thank you Delbius!

    Why was our Twitter account suspended in the first place? Delbius reveals:

    > I've restored the account; it would appear that it was flagged as
    > part of a spam cloud. In the future, please contact me with a ticket
    > number as that makes this process much easier -- or just wait for us
    > to resolve the ticket.
    > Thanks,
    > Del

    Which for us begged the question: what is a spam cloud? To which Del helpfully and swiftly answered:

    > Essentially, it's when a group of accounts start spamming;
    > some spam accounts started messaging with updates you were
    > sending out and you were caught up in the resulting chaos.
    > Thanks,
    > Del

    So we were collateral damage in someone else's nefarious spam activity. And it turns out quite a lot of other Twitter accounts were suspended due t the spam cloud scare too.

    Everything seems to have been sorted now, but if your Twitter account gets suspended, don't panic!

    Fill in the Twitter account suspension appeal form and twiddle your thumbs for a bit. If you're twiddling for too long, e-mail Delbius - del at twitter.com

    Thank you Delbius!

    Bonny Hall and The Professor accept Lovehoney's Online Retailer of the Year Award Truly we are humbled by the adulation of our peers. Yesterday, Lovehoney was named 2009 Online Adult Retailer of the Year at the prestigious Erotic Trade Only annual awards, held on a concourse at the Birmingham NEC. And here is a picture of our head buyer Bonny Hall and The Professor (in his civvies) graciously accepting the plaudit.

    What is Erotic Trade Only? It's the trade publication for our 'industry' - think of it as the adult version of those funny guest publications that they grab the headlines from at the end of Have I Got News For You?. Things like Miniature Donkey Talk and The Shock & Vibration Digest.

    Come to think of it, ETO would fit in quite well with any of those, though sadly the publishers of Global Slag have decided to call time on the magazine. We shed a tear for its demise.

    But we digress! The ETO Awards are voted for by 'the industry' so we're super-chuffed that our achievements have been recognised by our peers, but we're even more super-chuffed that so many people keep coming back to shop at Lovehoney. We thank you all!

    Join us on Facebook! Are you on Facebook? Come and have sex with us! Or, failing that, have a chat, ask some questions (silly, sexy or otherwise), and generally have a laugh.

    Click here to join Lovehoney on Facebook.

    My partner doesn't enjoy foreplay - she won't do anything to please me. Help!

    Assuming you're paying suitable attention to your own personal hygiene, it sounds as though your girlfriend may be suffering from a lack of confidence in the bedroom.

    Home shopping parties have seen something of a resurgeance recently as organisers find it's a good way to top-up their incomes in the down-turn, and groups of girls find that it's a fun, low-cost way to have a night in.

    But why exactly do you go to home shopping parties? What do you buy there? And (crucially!) how much money do you spend?

    All you have to do is complete the dinky little survey and we'll let you know the results soon - who knows, maybe you'll see a Lovehoney Rep in your house in the near future!

    Here comes the survey after the break… Have fun!

    Breasts, MILFS and Spooning - The Top Ten Sexy Facebook Pages

    Facebook is great for chatting to old school friends and stalking ex lovers… err… we mean, perusing their profiles for research purposes! But since the addition of 'fan pages' to Facebook, we've been able to let our friends and families know exactly what we like and why.

    Whether you're a fan of retro sweets or the human anatomy, what better way to show your appreciation of something than by joining a Facebook fan page…

    A Beginner's Taste of Tantric Sex

    My previous misconceptions of Tantric sex involving marathon coupling sessions that only Sting has time for, have given way to a new found respect. This is an ancient Indian practice that promises increased energy.

    Tantric sex also helps provide a sense of well-being and greater intimacy for couples - physically, emotionally and spiritually.

    Come Together with the Twittergasm

    Some very bright sparks have combined our two favourite things - Twitter and orgasms - to create a unique shared experience that is sure to be a worldwide success - the Twittergasm.

    On the 4th of July at 15.16 GMT (21.16 CST), all Twitter users are invited to experience the most fantastic orgasm, then Tweet about it!

    But don't worry - if your brain power has switched off and your fingers don't work at that point; you can Tweet before, during or after your orgasm instead!

    The idea of the Twittergasm is to bring people together in pleasure. It's designed to give pain and suffering a little hiatus and encourage happiness and bliss instead.

    Anyone can join in but it's asked that you pledge a little bit of your hard earned cash to charity to make the pleasure spread even further!

    Although the Lovehoney Twitter account has currently been suspended (for being too popular - yes, we are as confused as you), Lovehoney is getting involved by donating some fabulous BASIC Sex Toys as Twittergasm prizes!

    Yes, you can win a prize just for having an orgasm!

    But why is the Twittergasm arranged for the 4th of July at 15.16 GMT? Well, the 4th of July is Independence Day in America. This means Americans all over the world will be letting off fireworks and celebrating.

    Imagine what an ego massage it would be to orgasm, then hear fireworks popping and people cheering - 'Woohoo! You've done a great job! Nice orgasm!'

    Find out more about the Twittergasm through Lisa 'The Orgasm Coach' Turner's brilliant blog - and get involved!

    How to Wear Underwear as Outerwear

    It's unbelievably warm outside, even in the shade.

    The second you step out of the shower, you need another one because you're already hot and sweaty.

    Your make-up is running down your face and your hair either looks fried or greasy, with no happy medium.

    All you want to do is walk around in your underwear all day, fanning yourself with anything you can get your hands on!

    Whilst bra and panties may not be a viable option for a day in the office, you can strip down and show off with Lovehoney's fabulous range of underwear which can be worn as outerwear!

    The key to wearing lingerie as clothing this July, is to go simple and classy.

    G World Romantic Camisole and Shorts SetEvery woman is wearing strappy tops and halter-necks this summer but for something a little special that will make you stand out from the crowd, swap your 5 year old H&M vest top for a slinky and sexy camisole.

    G-World have produced a fabulous range of camisoles which can be worn as dual purpose underwear and outerwear.

    The G World Romantic Camisole and Shorts can be worn as a beautiful base layer under a light and airy cotton shirt or can be worn on its own with a pair of understated black trousers - gorgeous office-wear which is sure to impress!

    Due to its dual opaque layers, you're not revealing too much flesh but the underwired cups and delicate mesh detailing keeps it feminine and light - ideal for stuffy offices or shop floors.

    Music Legs Opaque Striped Mini DressAnother alternative is the brilliant Music Legs Opaque Striped Mini Dress. The nautical look is very 'in' this season, so this naughty little number is sure to match something you already own.

    Despite what Trinny and Susannah tell you, horizontal stripes can be very flattering on all figures.

    The stripes actually help to enhance shapely curves and minimize waistlines, whilst giving slimmer figures a boost in all the right areas.

    Team the Music Legs Opaque Striped Mini Dress with a pair of skinny jeans, ballet pumps and a set of bright red beads and you've got that sexy nautical look down cold! Then in the evening, slip out of your work-friendly jeans and you have a lingerie-style dress which is sure to wow onlookers in the clubs and bars.

    Dreamgirl Queen Size Fully Reversible Satin Basque SetIf you're looking for a piece of underwear to be worn as outerwear on a night out, then you need the Dreamgirl Fully Reversible Satin Basque Set.

    Available in regular and plus sizes, this sensual satin set cinches you and pushes you out! Hips, love handles and tummies are all subtly hidden whilst breasts and feminine curves are emphasised due to the strong plastic boning.

    This makes perfect underwear as outerwear as it's opaque yet revealing, simple yet classy and detailed but not overembelished.

    It also has two very wearable and stylish sides which allow you to switch it round if you accidently spill your drink on it or fancy a change of outfit half way through the night!

    So what are the key elements to pulling off wearing underwear as outerwear:

    - Confidence! You know that what you're wearing is technically classed as lingerie - but no one else does. With this thought in mind, wear your outfit with pride and you'll definitely receive a compliment or two!

    - Tone it down. Most work places have a dress code, so wearing nipple tassles and crotchless undies is generally a no-no. Instead, try wearing your lingerie under or over your work outfit. A simple corset such as the Cottelli Classic Satin Corset looks fabulous over a white shirt while the Dreamgirl Satin and Mesh Ruffle Trim Baby Doll Set makes for a fabulously supportive base layer on cool summer evenings.

    - Day to night time. If you're planning on going out straight after work, underwear as outerwear allows you to do that with class, style and sophistication. If you don't feel comfortable wearing lingerie in the office, then simply fold it up and put in your bag for later - some pieces are small enough to fit in even the tiniest of clutch bags!

    Free Erotic Story Extract from Nancy Friday's Forbidden Flowers

    The Book of the Month for July is Forbidden Flowers by Nancy Friday. Pick up your copy during July and you'll receive a Crystal Clear Mini Vibrator absolutely free!

    Since the publication of Nancy Friday's original novel - My Secret Garden - women's sex lives have undergone revolution, renewal and revival. Forbidden Flowers is Nancy's second novel exploring women's secret sexual fantasies and is still as relevant today as it was when it was released.

    Reassuring, explicit and most of all erotic, Forbidden Flowers is a collection of wild and exciting fantasies which have been confessed by real women.

    Speaking candidly, each woman expresses her innermost secrets and fantasies about masturbation, group sex, orgasm and some of the kinkiest fetishes imaginable.

    Whether you identify with a fantasy or it inspires you to conjure up your own, there will be a story to suit you and who knows - you may discover a secret longing you never knew you had before!

    Take a sneak peek at one of the hottest fantasies in Forbidden Flowers then pick up your copy for just £8.99 with a free Crystal Clear Mini Vibrator too!


    I'm twenty-seven. I'm a writer, and I'm doing this for two reasons. (1) My hubby is asleep, and I want to get horny enough to masturbate before I join him. (2) I'm egotistical enough to think my fantasies are going to be adopted by others.

    Before I get into fantasies, a little background. I have masturbated since I was sixteen, and I've been with a dozen or so men. David, my husband, is the best, but he's a bit of an MCP sometimes, so being really frank is proceeded slowly.

    Realistic Dildo 6 Inch with Suction CupSeveral years ago, a female friend and I admitted to each other that we indulged in masturbation, and soon we began doing it in the same room. We sort of fed on each other's sounds, which we controlled somewhat, but nonetheless could not suppress. Also, we dug on the idea that we were masturbating, but weren't alone. We always kept it darkened, but there was always enough light to allow us to see, at least in shadows, the other one with her legs spread wide open and a hand moving, caressing, rubbing a wet cunt. We especially liked the sound of the 'wetness' - that squishy sound. I think women should get into this - approach the subject kiddingly if you have to, and if lesbianism hangs you up (it does me a little), just keep in mind that you're not making love with another woman. It's just a bit of voyeurism!

    Last year, I did something I slightly regret. I asked a girl I know to go to bed with me just because I wanted someone to suck on my nipples while I masturbated. I just had to have someone to suck my tits hard and watch me lay there spread open so wide rubbing my clitoris and stretching and impaling myself so deliciously on a long thick candle! She was great!

    As to fantasies, I imagine that five lesbians come over and work on me. I've got one sucking and licking each breast, two holding my legs as wide apart as they can while the fifth eats me. This one produces a very large dildo. I protest that I can't take one that big, then the two holding my legs assure me that I'll open up for it and love it that big and to relax. Number five sucks my clit and just pushes it in a little. Soon I'm begging her to go all the way. Put it in me! Deep. I want it deep inside me! It's great.

    I also imagine in my fantasies that I'm at the Masters and Johnson clinic with their 'fucking machine'.

    Sometimes I fantasise that my husband and I are in a film showing deprived women what they're missing, so they can get their lovers on the ball!

    Sometimes I just remember my friend staring at me while I masturbated in broad daylight. It was wonderful to lay there - cunt wide open, masturbating deliciously, nipples tight and pointy while another woman watched sighing, "Wow, you don't need any help. Look at those tits! That dildo is so big. I'll bet it feels great."

    Forbidden Flowers is available now and for one month only, it comes with a free Crystal Clear Mini Vibrator, worth £5.99!

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