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  1. Five steps to squirting... the secret of female ejaculation revealed!

    Locating your G-spot (yes, it does exist!) can open up a whole new and orgasmic world of pleasure. The next step is to discover how to enjoy a G-spot orgasm… and then ejaculate.

    Your 5 finest sex toy reviews of the past week plus the best 5 from the US, too!

    "Mmmm, the leather smell just makes me want to spank things, and I'm not especially kinky!" exclaims WandA in his review of his new Spanker.

    It's that time again… welcome to this week's reviews round-up. From condoms to strap-ons… you name it, you've reviewed it in the past few days.

    And then take a look at the best reviews from our friends at edenfantasys in the United States. Turns out they love their toys just as much as you!

    You may remember that a short while ago we launched a follow up to our Erotic Story Competition, known as the Lovehoney Jack-Off-Anory Video Competition.

    In this competition, we asked all our talented blog readers, forum members and customers to create a video reading one of the winning erotic stories. The prize being £100 worth of sex toys from the Lovehoney site!

    Not only was this competition an incredible success but it gave the Lovehoney team plenty of laughs, a lot of blushing cheeks and more than a handful of smiles that lasted all day.

    And for those reasons we are pleased to announce the winner as Lady Lubyanka - blogger, musician and woman of many talents!

    Lady Lubyanka’s reading of ‘The Rival’, with acting courtesy of the gorgeous Gertie, gave us all some big laughs and really brought the story to life.

    You can check out Lady Lubyanka’s brilliant winning video on her Spleencast Blog and read along with Jay David’s winning story too.

    Congratulations Lady Lubyanka – we hope to see a lot more of you and Gertie soon!

    Audio Books and Sexy Accents - Get Sex Tips on Your iPod!

    Sexual education shouldn't stop once you leave school, in fact, that is when it should really begin!

    Sex advice is always available from Agony Aunts in magazines and newspapers and if you have the time, it's always worth picking up a better sex guide to dip in and out of before you get busy.

    But having the time to really concentrate on learning new techniques and taking on new ideas is often difficult, especially in the current busy and bustling world where there's always a form that needs filling in or a Twitter account to update!

    But what if you could pick up sexy hints and tips on your morning run? Or how about learning the most exciting, confidence-building, sex-enhancing techniques whilst wandering around the supermarket?

    Well, now you can! In fact, you can get brilliant sex advice from Susan Quilliam and Jim Davis of LBC fame, anytime and anywhere with their new audio downloads!

    I'm a 36 year-old married woman with diabetes and a very low sex drive. How can I get aroused?

    You’re absolutely right that a low sex drive plus difficulty in becoming aroused is common in people with both type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

    Is Penis Size Important? Take Our Survey and Win an Inch Perfect Vibrator to Find Out!

    Penis size is a topic that everyone is curious about.

    Is there a positive correlation between shoe size and penis size?

    Do men always over-estimate their length?

    Is it the motion of the ocean rather than the size of the boat, which is more important?

    We here at Lovehoney want to put the myths, rumours and general penis gossip to the test and discover exactly what he's packing in his pants!

    This brilliant survey is aimed at couples (don't worry – we've got a special one for singles coming soon!) and designed to find out what the average penis size is, what you prefer and a whole array of other naughtiness too.

    Simply fill in your answers to the survey, enter your Lovehoney Community name (making sure your address is added to your profile) and you could be in with the chance of winning one of fifty Lovehoney Inch Perfect Waterproof Multispeed Vibrators!

    These clever little vibes are not only ultra powerful but they have a series of measurements printed on the side so you can find out exactly what size your partner is!

    Check it out after the jump…

    This competition has now closed.

    Top Ten Sexy Hotels

    Whether you're looking for a long romantic getaway or a dirty weekend of hardcore, out-and-out, going-at-it-like-rabbits, utterly decadent, unstoppably sexy, rampant filth, take a little advice from our top ten sexy hotels list and you won't be disappointed…

    From the cosy and romantic to the practically pornographic, with this list of hotels, there really is something for everyone.

    1. Morgans Hotel, St Martin's Lane, London, England
    Not only is this hotel located in London's ultra glamorous Westminster but it is so uniquely sexy that you may not actually leave your room the entire time you're there!

    With sleek white furniture, colour changing mood-lighting and glass walls you won't be able to resist the allure to get down and dirty…

    Ultimate Hotel Fantasy: Have sex up against those floor-to-ceiling glass walls that overlook one of the trendiest parts of London! Nothing is more rebellious or exhibitionistic!

    Weekly Sex Blog Round-Up

    Another week has flown by and the blogosphere is set to burst with sexy stories!

    It's my job to sort the leather from the PVC (this is the sex toy industry's version of 'sorting the wheat from the chaff') and bring you the best sex blogs and naughty news stories from around the world.

      BASIC Sex Toys Lady Lustfinger Vibrator
    • I love this sexy vibrator chandelier featured on The Frisky. I'm not sure how practical it would be, seeing as it's made from quite a few silver plated vibrators, and I'm guessing my Gran would be a bit shocked when she came round for a cuppa, but it's definitely a conversation piece!
    • You may remember from a few weeks back that we launched the UK Sex Map. This genius device allows you to pick any place in the UK and examine their sexploits. For example, I'm originally from Hungerford, Berkshire, and us lot apparently spend the most money on sexy shoes and boots which, considering my vast shoe collection, is very true!

      , a popular American dating site have done something similar to the UK Sex Map. OkCupid asked a series of questions such as 'would you date someone for the sex?' and then used a map and pretty colours to show which parts of America said what. It makes for quite interesting reading, I must say!
      Leg Avenue Wide Net Tights with French Knickers
    • Hands up who's heard of the LFL? No? Well the LFL is otherwise known as the Lingerie Football League, which is probably the greatest thing ever. Sexy ladies running around, playing football (well, American football), wearing just their undies. It's Incredible! Not the football bit but the underwear bit!

      I love underwear and I especially love it when other people look good in underwear, which the ladies in the LFL certainly do. Maybe I'll start up a UK league. And all the players have to wear stockings. Especially if they are from the gorgeous new Leg Avenue range. That really would make football a beautiful game.
    • I found this post on The Shine blog quite interesting. An insight into a man's thoughts while having sex. I was surprised to find out they did have thoughts during sex, and pleased to discover it's not about my wobbly bits. Hurrah!
      Bondage Boutique Harlot Rouge Shoot
    • At Lovehoney, our love of all things bondage keeps getting bigger and bigger, especially since the sexy fetish model Hella Rouge has began modeling for our Bondage Boutique range.

      This inspired me to search the internet for more bondage related stories and, not surprisingly, I found hundreds! But I did see this, again from The Frisky, which will give you some idea as to how long bondage leather cat suits have been around for - since the times of black and white telly that's for sure!

    Faye Bray X-Factor CorsetMother-of-three Faye Bray turned heads for all the right reasons in X-Factor this weekend.

    Her rendition of River Deep, Mountain High moved the judges to wave her breezily through to the next round, but (for the men in audience at least) her performance was more notable for the way she filled out her stunning pink corset.

    Certainly, Dermot O'Leary (or should that be "O'Leery"?) took a very close interest in her particulars, proving his credentials as a lingerie connoisseur as he admired her fine stitching and delicate lace finish.

    That and her handsomely distracting jubblies.

    Dreamgirl Ursula Corset

    We think Faye sounded amazing and looked gorgeous.

    If you want to emulate her performance, we can't help you with singing lessons, but slip yourself into our Dreamgirl Ursula Corset and you'll be turning heads faster than you can say "Is that a yes, Simon, or are you just pleased to see me?"

    And because the Ursula corset is reversible, you get a 2-in-1 outfit that's as scintillating on stage as it is in the bedroom.

    If you missed Faye's awesome performance on X-Factor, you can see it after the break…

    The top 5 sex toy reviews of the week

    "It was a good few minutes before I could leave the bread aisle!" exclaims Elle-Scotland, after enjoying her best ever trip to Tesco. It's as good a way as any to invite you to feast on this week's reviews round-up…

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