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  1. Durex Select Condoms (12 Pack)National Condom Week (18th - 24th May) has started and now is the time to refresh our knowledge of this clever contraception, restock our bedside drawers and help Durex, the world's leading condom manufacturer, to find out more about British sex lives.

    Whether you're in the student union bar, out clubbing, having a frappucino with your friends or gossiping at the post office (maybe not so much this last one) you're bound to hear plenty about National Condom Week.

    Not only is it a great excuse to refresh your supplies with some new condoms in a range of sizes, tastes and textures but it's also a good way of helping Durex, the biggest name in safer sex, find out more about the UK's sexual habits.

    The British Sex Survey win goody bags

    By taking part in The British Sex Survey you'll be helping Durex educate more people in more precise and personal ways about safer sex - never a bad thing!

    The survey is completely anonymous and it gives you a chance to be entered into a prize draw to win one of several Durex goodie bags!

    If you can't wait to get your hands on some Durex goodies, then check out Lovehoney's brilliant Durex condom deals which will last for the entirity of National Condom Week.

    Buy any 3 of your favourite Durex condom packs and you'll receive the cheapest one absolutely free!

    If your firm favourite is the Fetherlite, then stock up now or if you fancy trying something different, grab a Durex Condoms and Lube Pleasure Pack which contains 3 kinds of condom and 3 sachets of warming lubricant too!

    I have a low libido and struggle to orgasm, which is made worse due to medication. Any advice?

    Low libido is one of the most common sexual problems and, thankfully, one that can be treated. Our libidos can take a nose-dive for a whole host of reasons.

    Get Sexy For Summer With Lovehoney - The Monarch

    So far we've seen our superb sex toy testers increasing their stamina and sex appeal but week 3 is all about using sex toys to shed those pounds!

    The Monarch Hands-Free Penetration Silicone Dildo is a unique product that combines a sleek silicone G-spot dildo with a thigh-master style exercise device.

    By simply squeezing your legs together; the dildo is pushed upwards. By opening your legs again; the dildo is pulled downwards - perfect penetration every time!

    And the best thing about The Monarch Hands-Free Penetration Silicone Dildo is that it has a dual purpose - it gets your thighs toned and ready for bikini season and provides intense internal stimulation too!

    Emotional Intelligence and Naked Wrestling Create Better Sex

    Susan Quilliam is a sex and relationship psychologist as well as an intimacy expert. She has produced numerous academic journals and many presentations on the topic of sex, but she has also advised thousands of people through her radio shows, newspaper articles and magazine columns on how to improve their love lives.

    The most recent piece of Susan Quilliam's work to come to light is that those with high levels of emotional intelligence - the ability to manage your own personality and emotional state - have more orgasms and a more enjoyable sex life.

    Like regular intelligence, you can actually build up your emotional intelligence, therefore teaching yourself how to have an amazing sex life through some very simple exercises! We're yet to see a Nintendo DS game for it though…

    Win £100 of sex toys in the 60 Second Survey We had so much fun poking our nose into your business in the last 60 Second Survey that we've decided to do another one.

    Not that we're being overly nosey or anything, we just like asking questions. And listening to you answer.

    This time you can win a £100 sexy shopping spree at Lovehoney. The winner will be free to spend the loot on anything they like - maybe blow it all on a SaSi clitoral vibe or fill your boots with a load of Lovehoney 3 for 2 toys. Up to you!

    We'll pick one lucky winner out of our virtual hat sometime soon after 14 June, which is around about a month from now.

    Here comes the survey, right after the break… Have fun and good luck!

    If you're using Internet Explorer and you can't see the submit button, you can fill in the survey here: Lovehoney Sexy Survey.


    PowerHead Rocket 4 Piece Massager Vibrator Most products here at Lovehoney have a waterproof rating. Whereas some vibrators shouldn't even have the word 'water' mentioned in the same room as them, others could be thrown into the sea, swallowed by a whale and come out the other end still buzzing several water-logged months later (please don't actually do this, we don't want to harm the whales).

    But needless to say, it can be a little daunting using even in the most watertight of vibrators in the bath or shower for the first time as we have all had it built into us from a young age that electricity + water = sad face.

    However, to reassure you just how waterproof the PowerHead Rocket 4 Piece Massager Vibrator is, we thought we'd share this e-mail with you from one of our beloved Lovehoney Community members:

    "Good Afternoon,

    Just to let you lovely people at Lovehoney know that this little beauty is TRULY waterproof!!

    It's just finished a full wash in the machine and came out fully working, haha!

    I wondered what the clunk, clunk was but I just thought it was something from my son's pocket…


    So if you wanted to take your PowerHead Rocket 4 Piece Massager Vibrator white water rafting with you, you can rest assured that it will still be buzzing even after being submersed for lengthy periods of time.

    See more waterproof vibrators in a range of shapes, sizes, colours and materials.

    Red Hot Vibrating Nipple Clamps and Bullet SetRed Hot Vibrating Nipple Clamps and Bullet Set

    Two toys in one! Not only do you get two adjustable-pressure nipple clamps with vibrating bullets attached, you also get a separate vibrating bullet to tease your sweet spots with!

    More: More Bedroom Bondage videos

    Double Bunny Rabbit Pearl Three Way VibratorDouble Bunny Rabbit Pearl Three Way Vibrator

    Here's a Rabbit pearl vibrator with a twist or two - a probing pearl shaft, a fantastic clitoral stimulator and a tingling extra stimulator!

    More: More Vibrator videos

    My wife and I enjoy strap-on sex but I worry about the size of the toys she's buying.

    You are part of an increasing number of couples discovering the excitement and satisfaction for both partners that female-male penetration can offer.

    Get Sexy For Summer With Lovehoney - Aeolus Pheromone Spray

    If you fancy getting sexy for summer, then look no further! Our ace team of sex toy testers were each given a different sex life and body enhancing product and asked to record their results so you know which work and which don't…

    Week 2 and our lovely sex toy tester Kaz, has been using the infamous Aeolus 5 Pheromone Spray For Women.

    This special spray is packed with pheromone-like ingredients which work on a base level and subconsciously indicate to the opposite sex that the person using it is attractive, confident and fertile.

    Featured in numerous magazines, the Aeolus 5 Pheromone Spray has a fruity, youthful and exuberant scent that men simply cannot resist!

    Sharon Sloane Latex In and Out Panty This week it's Lovehoney versus Google AdWords.

    In the ongoing oppression by 'the man' we have recently been informed that some of our photographs featuring female models, particularly the Sharon Sloane Latex In and Out Dildo Panty, contain too much nudity.

    So we don't offend anyone, we always try to remove any nipples or genitalia from our product photographs via some very strategic editing and Photoshop wizardry.

    But even though we've removed the nipples (how offensive they are!) our models are apparently still too naked so Google banned our AdWords for those products saying:

    "These pictures would be classified as nude. My advice would be to remove the image completely and find another with no nudity to represent the product."

    Unsure of exactly how much clothing they need to be wearing, we've started designing our own nipple pasties in the hopes of achieving the Google-overlords' approval.

    Optimus Prime Nipple Pasties

    Optimus Prime will protect your baps lovely bondage lady.

    The Queen gives boobs the royal seal of approval

    The Queen adds her royal seal of approval.

    Soon they'll be wanting us to get off their lawn and get a proper haircut…

    (Thank you to the wonderful John Cooper Clarke for inspiring the title.)

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