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  1. Red Hot Vibrating Nipple Clamps and Bullet SetRed Hot Vibrating Nipple Clamps and Bullet Set

    Two toys in one! Not only do you get two adjustable-pressure nipple clamps with vibrating bullets attached, you also get a separate vibrating bullet to tease your sweet spots with!

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    Double Bunny Rabbit Pearl Three Way VibratorDouble Bunny Rabbit Pearl Three Way Vibrator

    Here's a Rabbit pearl vibrator with a twist or two - a probing pearl shaft, a fantastic clitoral stimulator and a tingling extra stimulator!

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    My wife and I enjoy strap-on sex but I worry about the size of the toys she's buying.

    You are part of an increasing number of couples discovering the excitement and satisfaction for both partners that female-male penetration can offer.

    Get Sexy For Summer With Lovehoney - Aeolus Pheromone Spray

    If you fancy getting sexy for summer, then look no further! Our ace team of sex toy testers were each given a different sex life and body enhancing product and asked to record their results so you know which work and which don't…

    Week 2 and our lovely sex toy tester Kaz, has been using the infamous Aeolus 5 Pheromone Spray For Women.

    This special spray is packed with pheromone-like ingredients which work on a base level and subconsciously indicate to the opposite sex that the person using it is attractive, confident and fertile.

    Featured in numerous magazines, the Aeolus 5 Pheromone Spray has a fruity, youthful and exuberant scent that men simply cannot resist!

    Sharon Sloane Latex In and Out Panty This week it's Lovehoney versus Google AdWords.

    In the ongoing oppression by 'the man' we have recently been informed that some of our photographs featuring female models, particularly the Sharon Sloane Latex In and Out Dildo Panty, contain too much nudity.

    So we don't offend anyone, we always try to remove any nipples or genitalia from our product photographs via some very strategic editing and Photoshop wizardry.

    But even though we've removed the nipples (how offensive they are!) our models are apparently still too naked so Google banned our AdWords for those products saying:

    "These pictures would be classified as nude. My advice would be to remove the image completely and find another with no nudity to represent the product."

    Unsure of exactly how much clothing they need to be wearing, we've started designing our own nipple pasties in the hopes of achieving the Google-overlords' approval.

    Optimus Prime Nipple Pasties

    Optimus Prime will protect your baps lovely bondage lady.

    The Queen gives boobs the royal seal of approval

    The Queen adds her royal seal of approval.

    Soon they'll be wanting us to get off their lawn and get a proper haircut…

    (Thank you to the wonderful John Cooper Clarke for inspiring the title.)

    Durex Extra Safe CondomsNational Condom Week is approaching fast and although it may not be recognised as a national holiday on most calendars, it's certainly worth celebrating.

    If you've ever struggled to get a condom on only to have it ping back and hit you in the testicles, National Condom Week is for you!

    If you've ever tried to roll a condom down with your mouth and needed the Heimlich manoeuvre performed on you after, National Condom Week is for you!

    If you've ever had to put a condom on a cucumber in front of several TV cameras and a local news crew, National Condom Week is for you (or just me then…)!

    Everyone can get involved with National Condom Week from May 18th - 24th, even if it's just by learning the facts that may save your life.

    Lady Lustfinger Mini VibratorLady Lustfinger Mini Vibrator

    A smooth 5-inch mini vibrator with twist-operated base control and multispeed motor. Powerful internal and external stimulation from a simple, but very (very) effective vibrator…

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    Screaming O FingOScreaming O FingO

    No finger goes like a FingO goes! Simply slip it on your finger, push the button and enjoy orgasmic vibrations as you explore all your pleasure points…

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    Lick it better! 5 Ways To Give Her Great Oral Sex

    A man that can give his lover amazing oral sex will have a partner that's putty in his hands. Here's 5 simple tips to make her purr with pleasure.

    My partner and I have trouble achieving orgasms. What can we do?

    Firstly, you're not alone - so please don't worry. There are so many variables that affect whether or not a women can orgasm - we're a lot more complex than men when it comes to climaxing.

    Mango Juicer Double Ended G-Spot Dildo Ever since the Mango Juicer arrived at Lovehoney a few weeks ago, everyone in the office has been obsessed with it - and not just because we're big mango fans.

    The smooth lines and fluid curves mean that it has become a favourite fondling toy for the creative team - beats having a squeeze of the breast ball.

    The IT nerds are confused by it though: "Why does it look like a kitchen utensil?" they ask through a fug of XHTML and SQL queries.

    Well boffins, it's designed to look like that so it can be sold in the parts of the world where sex toys are illegal, which also happen to be the places where women are oppressed and victimised.

    Which is also why it's the world's first charity dildo - a proportion of the profits from every one sold goes to charity: the Waris Dirie Foundation which campaigns against female genital mutilation, and Forward UK, a women's rights organisation.

    Here's a closer look at it:

    Get Sexy For Summer with Lovehoney - Sex Counter Cock Ring

    It's getting to that time of year where everyone wants to flaunt it on the beaches and be as sexy as possible. But where do you start? You could go to the gym… or you could indulge in a little sexercise like our sex toy testers!

    Every week throughout May, we are getting one of our fabulous sex toy testers to try out a sexy product that will improve their sex lives in time for summer.

    Some are trying to tone their thighs using the latest and greatest sex toy; others are trying to attract a partner through the power of pheromones… But this week is all about stamina and how you can learn to improve yours for the best sex ever!

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