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  1. Hello! Welcome to the Lovehoney weekly sex blog roundup. Here are a few of our top blogs with a wide range of topics from flavoured lube to female ejaculation. Check them out!

    Durex Play Flavoured Lubes

    Recently, the team here at Lovehoney asked what was better; sex or chocolate. A tricky question, and although a 'don't think, just do' response was wanted, my rubbish instincts and indecisive mind just couldn't choose!

    I decided to do a little research and came across a brilliant site talking about the pairing of wine with flavoured lube. Personally, I quite like the idea of the Peaches and Cream Oralicious lube and as I've never been one to take much persuading when it comes to a glass of wine, I'm not going to make a decision on chocolate versus sex. I'm just going to drink a bottle of the recommended wine and see what happens. Enough said!

    In a similar, but not quite as tasteful (see what I did there?!) link, I came across this amazing blog called College Candy. I didn't really learn anything apart from the obvious; never fart in bed on the first date. This blog did make me laugh a little and, I'll admit - I can't help feeling better about myself when other people's misadventures are so much worse than mine. Sorry!

    It's back to school time and everyone across the UK is in preparation, especially those about to head off to uni for the first time. I always get a bit nostalgic around this time of year, remembering back to when I was a fresher. If only I'd had the advice of this blog on Facts and Friction - what to take to university, to get laid at university - I may not have forgotten my duvet and had to use makeshift bedding formed from towels and a state of inebriation for the first week of uni. Not that it mattered. I was an 18 year-old with braces. My target market was a little limited for anyone to see my DIY duvet issue!

    Slimline G-Spot vibrator- female ejaculation SQUIRTING! Always a word to grab attention. The mystery of female ejaculation continues and, as someone who has never experienced it, I found this blog on Good Vibrations to be quite interesting reading.

    The Germans, the environmentalist mentalists of the world, now have Eco brothels. Probably the best news I've ever read from the Guardian. And that's a fact!

    Recently launched at Lovehoney is the new range of CB chastity belts. No longer a 19th century method of punishment, a lot of fun can be had with these contraptions. But chastity belts for dogs? Really? Im not sure I agree with the logic here.

    Doc Johnson iVibe pocket rocket And last but not least is this blog written by the Countess. It's a good review on the classic Pocket Rocket sex toy, which you can check out on Lovehoney, that is until you get to the last paragraph. It's not just me that thinks vibrators and cats, in fact any animal, should never ever make contact, right? I have so many questions about this I don't even know where to begin! All I hope is that the Pocket Rocket was thoroughly cleaned after. Along with the cats!

    I don't like the way my husband smells and it's become a major turn-off. What can I do?

    Stress, heavy drinking, smoking, and a lot of spicy, animal or dairy products all affect the way we smell.

    13 Inch Dildo - One Of The Many Search Terms That Leads To Lovehoney

    If you're searching for something naughty on the internet, your search engine will often lead you to the Lovehoney site - after all, we have aisles and aisles of filth here!

    Occasionally, however, Google will throw you a curve ball and you'll end up on Lovehoney when you're searching for something entirely unrelated.

    By using incredible technology and magic squeezed from the udders of a unicorn, we are able to see which search terms land people on the Lovehoney site and if we're doing our absolute best to cater to those lost and forlorn web users.

    By analysing the data, we were able to find the top 500 search terms containing the word 'inch' that sent visitors to Lovehoney during the month of June 2009.

    Extra-Large Durex Condoms Go On Sale At Supermarket

    Condoms are fantastic, especially for those passionate and impromptu sessions that take place at the drop of a hat!

    But condoms that pinch the skin, split and generally feel uncomfortable aren't so good.

    If you find using condoms problematic, it may be due to the fact that you haven't found the right size for you.

    Large and extra large condoms have been around for a while, but supermarket chain Tesco has just started branching into this area of retail due to 'overwhelming demand'.

    Ladies... learn to love your ladybits!

    Many women think their ladybits are ugly or disfigured - let me reassure you that in 99.9% of cases they’re not, and luckily any man, or same-sex partner, who wants to become intimately acquainted with your nether regions is biologically programmed to find the sight, and smell, extremely arousing.

    Lovehoney's Five Second Survey - Win a Mystery Prize Worth £60!

    Instincts are funny things.

    They make us blurt out our undying love at inopportune times and they make us grab that last slice of cake without thinking about who else might want it (seriously, if it's in my fridge, it's my cake – them's the rules).

    We want you to use your instincts to answer the question below.

    Don't think – just do!

    In return for your instant emotional response, we will send one lucky winner a mystery prize worth £60!

    This survey is now closed. The winner will be notified by email on 28 August 2009.

    Win £100 Of Lovehoney Sex Toys For Reading A Sexy Story

    Do you remember the innocent days of watching Jackanory as a child?

    The fun stories, the brilliant imagery and the enthusiastic presenters were like visual crack for kids.

    Now you're older and wiser, there's no reason you can't still indulge in the fun and frolics of Jackanory! In fact, like you, it has grown up and become more adult in nature too!

    Lovehoney Jack-Off-Anory is a series of videos from the team that brought you such televisual delights as Ki-Wi in the dark… and Bondage Tape - The Wrap Party.

    The beautiful Joy, Andy and Rich read out the winning stories from the Erotic Story Competition in classic Jackanory style and perform aural pleasure on you via the medium of YouTube.

    But we couldn't keep all this fun to ourselves so we decided to launch our latest competition with an incredible prize of £100 worth of sex toys!

    From the strange and unusual to the downright bizarre - welcome to Lovehoney's list of the top ten worst sex toys of the past decade!

    Now we all know the phrase 'different strokes for different folks' and we have been known to encourage the more curious fetishes here at Lovehoney, but these sex toys really shouldn't have been made in the first place!

    Check out our list of the top ten worst sex toys of the decade and make sure you avoid them like the plague (or Swine Flu, whichever is more current).

    Ki-Wi 10 Function Light-Up Clitoral VibratorKi-Wi 10 Function Light-Up Clitoral Vibrator

    The Ki-Wi is a body-friendly vibrator with a difference - its entire build, design and function is for the purpose of pleasure! There's no unnecessary buttons or switches, no clunky base, no annoying hard-to-grip twist dial - just pure, simple sex toy.

    More: More Vibrator Videos

    French Letter CondomsKi-Wi in the dark…

    See the Ki-Wi 10 Function Light-Up Silicone Clitoral Vibrator in action… In the dark!!!

    More: More Vibrator Videos

    My partner is 20 years older than me and ejaculates prematurely. What can we do?

    Could it also be that as your partner is 20 years older than you, he may feel a bit insecure or lack confidence when it comes to having sex with you?

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