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  1. The Easy Guide To Lubricants

    Lubricants are a great way to enhance your sex life. Whether you're having fun with a partner or enjoying your favourite sex toy, a high-quality lubricant will heighten the experience and guarantee a good time!

    There are numerous brands and types of lubricant available and although there's no right or wrong way to use a lube, we thought we'd point you in the right direction.

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    When you first look at Belladonna's Bitch Fist Dildo, one of two things will come to mind:

    Reaction A - Ouch!
    Reaction B - Wow that looks fun!

    The large length and girth can be very intimidating to those who are new to sex toys, but it can also be very pleasurable, satisfying you in a way no other dildo can.

    BlueBella Helena Padded Satin and Lace BraYou know your luscious lady friend wants some lingerie for Christmas but you have no idea what she'd actually like. Despite what others might say, there is a foolproof way to buy your lover the lingerie they want and reap the rewards that a gorgeous, well-received gift brings!

    Once you finish reading this guide you'll feel enlightened to the world of lingerie and confidently be able to choose underwear that is sure to put a smile on her face…

    With Lovehoney's no-quibble 1 year returns policy and free UK returns, you can shop in total confidence - if it doesn't fit you can always send it back.

    See Giftwrap | See Returns Policy

    My boyfriend proposed to me over a year ago but he hasn't bought me a ring. What can I do?

    You need to know what’s going on here, because your fiance’s lack of action is ultimately going to sour your relationship if you allow it to continue.

    2009 Top Ten Sexy Christmas Gifts Under £10

    Stocking fillers, secret Santa gifts, a final little present to put under the Christmas tree - whatever you’re after, Lovehoney have a range of extra special and amazingly naughty Christmas gifts under a tenner!

    And not only are these sexy gifts cheap but they’re top rated as well, so you know you’re getting something that’ll really make them smile.

    So forget fighting through the crowds in Boots and wrestling that last box of chocolates from some poor old woman’s hands, shop online at Lovehoney and have a hassle free, worry free Christmas - delivered free too!

    2009 Top Ten Sexy Christmas Gifts For Couples

    Whether you're one half of a cute couple or you know some naughty newlyweds, Lovehoney's guide to the top ten sex toys for couples is sure to give you a few saucy ideas on what to buy this Christmas.

    From bedroom bondage to sexy games, from massage to pegging, we've got it all here at Lovehoney at super low prices and with free delivery!

    So avoid the crowds, stay in the warm and choose from these 10 sex toys that will make your other half moan and groan – in a good way!

    2009 Top Ten Sexy Christmas Gifts For Him

    Buying sexy gifts for men is difficult, that’s something we won’t deny.

    With all the thousands of different products on the market, how will you know what he will like? And what happens if he’s never used one before?

    The Lovehoney team are here to answer all your questions, take the guess work out of buying sex toys for men and reassure you that your Christmas will be unstoppably sexy!

    Read on to discover our Top Ten Sexy Christmas Gifts For Him – all delivered free!

    Weekly Sex Blog Round-Up

    Merry Christmas! Too early? Well several popular supermarkets don't seem to think so!

    This week's round-up consists of festive fun and bust enhancement - two things that go together like sherry and Christmas pudding!

    Read on to find out more about everything going on in the sex blogosphere and remember to get in touch with your naughty news stories!

    I hate to scare you, but did you know Christmas is only 45 days away? If you're anything like me then this has just given you a slight panic attack. But do not fret, Lovehoney is here to help! If you're stuck for ideas on what to get your girlfriend for Crimbo then Carly Drew's Top 10 Sexy Christmas Gifts For Her is perfect inspiration. I want everything on this list and may have to add it to my Lovehoney Wishlist in the hope some nice person will treat me! We also have loads of new sexy Christmas Costumes to heat up this years festivities. I have a feeling that Christmas this year is going to be lots of fun!

    I do like the stories people write about their online dating adventures but this site, No First Date, is hands down the funniest dating mockery site I've found yet. This is what happens 'when a 28 year old guy makes a profile of a hot girl on a free dating site' and goes to show you that if you're hot, men will put up with all sorts of crazy to go out with you.

    The Sqweel The Frisky have discovered that Human Beings Did Not Invent Oral sex. Apparently it's also a part of the fruit bats love making escapades! Good for them. It does make me wonder what those cute animals get up to at the zoo when we're not looking though… Best not to think about it, actually! Instead, I propose celebratory Sqweels all round!

    College Humour never fails to put a smile on my face. Here's another example of how the internet should make you want to avoid online sex so no one laughs at your expense. The lesson learned in this post: Make sure your gender and sexuality are clear from the start to avoid disappointment.

    Magic Liftits Self adhesive breast lifting and enhancing pads Ever wished for bigger boobs? Actually, I mean have you ever wished for bigger boobs that don't require painful surgery and a dent in your bank balance? Well the Asylum have got 5 ways to enhance your bust without you having to be cut up. However these alternative methods include hypnosis, chewing a special type of gum and having a breast enhancing ringtone on your phone. I'm dubious. Perhaps I'll just stick with a tried and tested push up bra. Or maybe even some Magic Liftits pads. Seems a hell of a lot easier.

    Last week I wrote about selling your underwear on Craigslist to earn a little bit of extra money. Well I've found someone doing one better by selling their pubic hair on their site Million Dollar Pubes. Why? Because one day this woman would like to have laser hair surgery to be forever smooth. So far she has sold 237 hairs which surprised me seeing as she's selling a single pube for an extortionate $200. And she still has 4763 that she needs to sell. I wish her luck!

    I love the website Cracked and their take on the world. This competition, The Sex Ed Lessons You Wish They'd Taught You is full of entries of pure Photoshop genius. I don't understand the winning entry though. Anyone fancy enlightening me?!

    2009 Top Ten Sexy Christmas Gifts For Her

    If you’re having trouble figuring out what to get your girlfriend or wife for Christmas, don’t panic!

    Lovehoney is here to inspire and enlighten you with this nifty list of the 10 most wanted, best selling and sexiest gifts around.

    But that’s not all! Lovehoney are not only giving out great gift advice but we’re guaranteeing you a festive season that is completely free of hassle, busy shopping centres and postage charges! That's right - Christmas is delivered free!

    Read on to see the Top 10 Sexy Christmas Gifts For Her this year:

    Introduced several months ago, the Lovehoney uploader allows people to submit photos of themselves wearing any underwear available on the site.

    Designed to do away with fake and tarty models and inject some real sexiness into your lingerie shopping, it has been a staggering success thanks to the people who make it so special – you!

    To reward all the people who upload photos, we decided to create Lovehoney’s Next Top Model, a special competition where one real life model is chosen at random and given £100 to spend on naughty goodies.

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