1. Whilst You're Shopping On Lovehoney, We're Hugging Trees

    Here at Lovehoney we're constantly thinking of new and innovative ways that we can minimise our impact on the environment.

    We have already launched the world's first sex toy recycling scheme, Rabbit Amnesty, which encourages you to send back your clapped out vibrators – and in return you get money off a sparkly new one! We take the vibrators to SWEEEP who recycle them for us, and for every one that's sent in, we donate £1 to our friends at the World Land Trust, who save threatened tropical rain forests.

    It can take planes, trains, cars and sometimes even boats to make sure we get the right sex toys to you on time. All this global galavanting can lead to quite a large carbon footprint, so we make sure that we offset our emissions annually with the World Land Trust Carbon Balancing Scheme.

    Our newest friends are the International Tree Foundation, a UK-based tree charity that plants and protects trees in the UK and overseas to offset the carbon emissions generated by our servers. ITF will be planting native British tree species, such as Beech, Oak, and Ash through out the winter period on behalf of Rackspace and Lovehoney.

    Has it really been a whole week since the last sex toy reviews round up? Even though the week has flown by, you've managed to pack the orgasmic experiences in and report back with vim and vigour.

    So what has been turning great sex into the "corr-blimey-hell-yeah-woocha" variety? And what's "not for use with windows open"? Read on…

    This week's sex toy review round up

    Evolved Fleur De Lis Pure Waterproof Vibrator

    The beautifully thick Evolved Fleur De Lis Pure Waterproof Vibrator brought such pleasure to suze09 that she declares: "This is not for use with windows open (neighbour was watering his plants!)." Unfortunately, it was the vibe making most of the noise. Read the review here.

    Mini Flower Power Body Balm Orgasm Enhancer

    The ever-popular, and delightfully gentle Mini Flower Power Body Balm Orgasm Enhancer won over another fan in Rowan who notes that "'Tingle' to many companies (that shall remain nameless) seems to translate as 'burns like the fire of a thousand suns'. Not this." Read the review here.

    Love Light Glow In The Dark Condoms

    A flurry of first reviews was submitted by new member timid-adventurer, who shed some light on their sex life with the Love Light Glow In The Dark Condoms that "make any man's member look pretty impressive… and a little bit like a sexual light saber." Mmmmnaummnnnmmm. Read the review here.

    Monogamy: A Hot Affair Game

    It wasn't a sex toy that made MrsP turn "great sex into corr-blimey-hell-yeah-woocha sex!" - it was the Monogamy: A Hot Affair Game. If you're looking to regain lost spice, have a go and see what it can do! Read the review here.

    Doc Johnson Vac-U-Lock Classic Dildo 8 Inch

    A great one-liner from telemachus on the "frack-tastic" Doc Johnson Vac-U-Lock Classic Dildo 8 Inch. "It looks on the website like some sort of mutant purple crayon from outer space." But, thankfully, feels a darn sight better. Read the review here.

    If you've had out-of-this-world orgasmic times, let everyone know and add a new review.

    Close2you Legamento Silicone Clitoral Vibrator

    A great-looking clitoral vibrator, the Legamento (that's Italian for "ligament", romantically) is a powerful 8-function toy. The innovative massager gives incredibly intense vibrations for clitoral stimulation, easily controlled by the soft-touch buttons. Lovehoney's resident sex toy expert Annabelle Knight talks us through the clitoral vibrator's 8 different modes, 3 speeds and 5 patterns of vibration. Phew! And yes, there's more…

    Find out more: Close2you Legamento Silicone Clitoral Vibrator

    Vibrating Groovy Chick G-Spot and Clitoral Vibrator

    Get your rocks off with the Groovy Chick, a vibrator designed to have you rocking 'n' rolling inside and out. Made from flexible, soft silicone and powered by an RO-80 bullet, the Groovy Chick stimulates the clitoris while providing G-spot thrills. Perfect for those of you planning a night of pure indulgence, as Lovehoney's Annabelle Knight reveals.

    Find out more: Vibrating Groovy Chick G-Spot and Clitoral Vibrator

    Is it safe to use cooking oil as a form of lubrication during sex?

    The ancient Greeks used olive oil as a sexual lubricant, but we really don't need to resort to it today!

    The Benefits of Dating Younger Men

    Men have been dating much younger women for years now - why don't we try a little role-reversal?

    Cillit Bang, hippies and caravans have managed to make their way into your sex toy reviews this week - not forgetting, of course, the live-eel wannabe.

    "This is insane, seriously." Says one reviewer, and we can only agree! Read on to find out what's been going on in bedrooms (and caravans) across the country.

    Cheeky Boy Prostate VibratorCheeky Boy Prostate Vibrator

    Combine the joys of an anal dildo, a prostate massager and anal beads with the Cheeky Boy Prostate Vibrator. Designed for hands-free stimulation, this bulbous vibe stimulates you inside and out with its deep ridges and powerful vibrations. Discover how this 3-in-1 prostate vibrator can give you the ultimate in anal satisfaction by watching this presentation video with Lovehoney's Annabelle Knight.

    Find out more: Cheeky Boy Prostate Vibrator

    Big Boy Prostate VibratorBig Boy Prostate Vibrator

    The Big Boy Prostate Vibrator is for big boys who like to play with big toys. Designed to stimulate the prostate and perineum, the stimulation is entirely hands free allowing you to lie, sit or stand. Waterproof with powerful vibrations for deep thrills, as Lovehoney's sex toy expert Annabelle Knight demonstrates.

    Find out more: Big Boy Prostate Vibrator

    Have you ever wondered what other people have in their bedside table?

    Come with us, through the keyhole, as one of our sexually confident community members shares the contents of their toy chest with Lovehoney.

    *Emma* is a straight female with a wide and varied collection, who has been in a happy relationship for nearly 18 months.

    Orgasm Army Member *Emma* shows us her toy box

    Strike up the band, roll out the red carpet and raise a glass to a nation of sexpert reviewers! Real sex toy and lingerie reviews, written by you are so important to Lovehoney and we're excited to announce we've reached and breached the 20,000 mark!

    Applause to Boobie, whose review of the Lovehoney Jessica Rabbit 2.0 Vibrator was our 20,000th sex toy review! And, phew, we're so pleased that they were a satisfied couple!

    "We love having her in our lives… it has been great."

    It's always great to hear about the fun you've had with your toys, but it's just as important to get feedback about what products aren't doing it for you.

    Your reviews help everyone else decide whether to go for a toy or not, so your honest and detailed reviews are responsible for making sure everyone is having the best sex they can. No pressure there then!

    Each month we give £100 of sex toys to the person who writes Lovehoney's Review of the Month. Check out the recent winners from August, July and June. Let everyone know what you think of your most recent playthings by submitting your own review.


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