1. May you have a bone shakingly pleasurable and momentus Death by Orgasm this Halloween, from everyone at Lovehoney.

    If you're bored on this spooky, extra long Halloween weekend, it could be the perfect excuse to play our Death by Orgasm game and save your friends from the evil ghouls!


    Halloween draws close, and thankfully you've been having more howling orgasms than horrifying experiences. Read on to find out what has been causing so many little deaths in your sex toy reviews

    This week's sex toy review round up

    Tantus Bend Over Intermediate Vibrating Dildo and Harness Kit

    Taking the Tantus Bend Over Intermediate Vibrating Dildo and Harness Kit firmly in hand, SlipperyWhenWet finally got the beast to behave. "After a shake and a few flicks and the threat to send it back to LH it seems to be behaving for now - I can’t judge it too harshly though - sometimes it takes a shake and a few flicks to get my manhood going (though I don’t know who I’d threaten to send that back to!)… " Read the review.

    Lovehoney 7 Function Magic Bullet 2.0 Mini Waterproof Vibrator

    In White Wolf we discover an intergalactic explorer. Sending his lover to new heights with the Lovehoney 7 Function Magic Bullet 2.0 Mini Waterproof Vibrator, "She says that usually when she cums she travels to Saturn or Jupiter watching stars explode but with this she went to a totally different universe in less than a minute!" Read the review.

    Lovehoney Aquagasm Realistic Waterproof Vibrator

    MrsP saw the sale price and couldn't resist the Lovehoney Aquagasm Realistic Waterproof Vibrator, despite some misgivings! "The thought of playing with something that looks like another mans cock didn't appeal to me or my husband, but I actually think it's tasteful and non-threatening and I think I will enjoy using this with my husband." Read the review.

    Super Flexi Waterproof Rabbit Vibrator

    Enjoying the pleasures of the Super Flexi Waterproof Rabbit Vibrator, freefall gives us an insight into the workings of the vibrator, and her personality too. "It goes from "ooh that tickles" to "Oh My God", which is so much better than having preset speeds if you're a bit of a control freak." Read the review.

    Lelo Nea Luxury Rechargeable Pebble Vibrator

    Eloquent Valentina describes the Lelo Nea Luxury Rechargeable Pebble Vibrator with the misty-eyed affection of new love. "It sits so perfectly in the palm of your hand, it reminded me of a smooth polished pebble, the kind you pick up at the beach. The black version is so beautiful, it looks like its been dipped in black lacquer" Read the review.

    Whether you've been thrilled or terrified by your sex toys, let everyone know about it and add a new review.

    Two luxury sex toy demonstrations and a Will it Blend? Halloween 2010 Special.

    Jimmyjane FORM 3 Waterproof and Rechargeable Vibrator

    The waterproof Jimmyjane FORM 3 rechargeable vibrator is uniquely contoured and designed to deliver intense vibrations to intimate areas as a natural extension of the hand. Perfect for caressing your most intimate spots or for shared stimulation as Lovehoney's Annabelle Knight demonstrates.

    Find out more: Jimmyjane FORM 3 Waterproof and Rechargeable Vibrator

    Climax Twist 7 Function Rechargeable Massager

    The Climax Twist is an ultra powerful massager vibrator with motors in both ends. But that's not all; the Climax Twist is true to its name and has a swivelling head that allows it to be bent to 90 degrees for maximum comfort and easy control. Annabelle Knight is on hand to talk you through the 7 wonders of this luxury massage toy.

    Find out more: Climax Twist 7 Function Rechargeable Massager Vibrator

    Will It Blend? 2010 Halloween Special!

    Will It Blend? Ever wondered what would happen if you were to blend a Death by Orgasm Zombie bullet vibe with a Love Bunny? Wonder no more - just watch and learn as The Professor gets slightly more than he bargained for in this Halloween special.

    If you like putting your own twist on things, why not get creative and adapt an outfit to make a killer DIY Halloween costume? We've got 5 suggestions for costumes that are great if you don't fancy being a sexy witch or vampire.

    1. Roadkill Bunny

    Fever Pin Up Bunny Jumpsuit

    For the perfect rabbit-just-squashed-by-headlights look, we suggest the Fever Pin Up Bunny Jumpsuit in white, to really offset the blood-spatters. If you're feeling artistic, why not stencil some tyre marks up the front (or should that be back?) of the jumpsuit. Match with some shredded white stockings and accessorise with a little trickle of blood at the corner of the mouth.

    2. Asylum Nurse and Patient

    Sweet Streak Sexy Vinyl Nurse Costume

    Will you kiss it better, or will you drive them insane with your sexy wiles? Match a Nurse Uniform with a crazy-eyed look and a lovely syringe to administer your medicine with. We particularly like the Sweet Streak Sexy Vinyl Nurse Costume, because those blood stains are such a pain to get out, right?

    A great costume for a couple, get your other half into the Asylum Patient Straight Jacket and mask and send the jitters down your fellow partygoers.

    3. Dead Riding Hood

    Leg Avenue Sweetheart Red Riding Hood Dress

    We can't resist a pun, and while your Dead Riding Hood outfit might need a little explaining, it'll make everyone groan when they realise! For the look, white out your face with face paint (or talcum powder for the truly thrifty) and add skeleton-esque circles under your eyes with dark eyeshadow. Accessorise the sexy Leg Avenue Sweetheart Red Riding Hood Dress with a psychotic Woodcutter's axe for full effect.

    4. Little Bo Creep

    Fever Bo Peep 4 Piece CostumeLittle Bo Creep has lost her sheep… and they really really don't want to be found by this shepherdess. Add some spook to the Fever Bo Peep 4 Piece Costume with fake blood and some undead make up. Prepare to silence the lambs.

    5. Crafty School Girls - Teenage Witch

    Seven Til Midnight Skull School Girl

    It wouldn't be Halloween without a schoolgirl witch casting her spells and creating havoc. Out of all the schoolgirl costumes on Lovehoney, we reckon the Seven Til Midnight Skull School Girl fits the bill for a Halloween party. Looking most like the girls from The Craft, and with enough fabric not to frighten your mates, the skeletal details are spook-tastic.

    This Halloween we're pitting the vampires against the werewolves in the sexy supernatural stakes, and out of two long lists you chose your favourites.

    Kate Beckinsale (Underworld) won out for the sexy vampires, while we can announce that Taylor Lautner (Twilight) savaged the rest of the competition and is your sexiest werewolf.

    From today, we're pitting the winning sexiest vampire against the sexiest werewolf - just in time for a Halloween showdown. Who will be your supernatural sex champion? Vote on the poll - you decide!

    What Do I Wear to a Fetish Club and What Should I Take With Me?

    So you're taking the plunge and heading out to your first fetish club. Great stuff! Aside from deciding who you're going with (if anyone) and what you're looking forward to when you get there, you need to give plenty of consideration to what you're going to wear and the equipment you're taking with you.

    After all, it won't do to turn up in the heat of the moment, realise you're without some wrist restraints to truss your lover up or a lead to clip onto that new slave's collar.

    To avoid any in-club disappointment, I've prepared my personal guide to fetish club shopping. Offering some examples of everything from outfits and shiner to the best slave collars and spanking paddles, this guide will assist you in buying or remind you to pack those extra things that will make your night much more memorable.

    There are moments in my life where I count my blessings and last night, my Pollyanna moment was being glad for my sex. Having just introduced my boyfriend to the parents, I was staring rather lustfully at Cheryl Cole as she gyrated her… everything in some sexy-as-Hell strapped stockings.

    Proving once again that only good can come from celebrities getting on the fetish fashion kick, I have to give props to the men in the room for exercising some excellent physical restraint, or at least hiding their excitement well. If you missed Cheryl's ensemble, check out today's Metro for a good gander.

    If you fancy recreating Cheryl's sexy look yourself, read on to see Lovehoney's range of look-a-like leg wear.

    How can I achieve multiple orgasms with my partner and vibrator?

    There are plenty of women who can only orgasm with a vibrator. Don't worry about it!

    The countdown is on and Lovehoney has brand new costumes to help you dazzle, spook and seduce for Halloween 2010!

    Dreamgirl Hocus Pocus Witch Costume

    This sexy witch costume allows you to wear the dress in 6 different ways - from halter to strapless, each look is uniquely sexy and perfectly customisable to your spooky desires. Watch Lovehoney's resident witch display the magical powers of this slinky Halloween number.

    Find out more: Dreamgirl Hocus Pocus Witch Costume

    Fever Red Hot Devil Costume

    Work your voluptuous charms in this sexy red Devil's costume. Featuring a sexy ruched dress with a waist cincher, matching Devil horns and a sparkly sequined trident. Prepare for a night of sinful fun and games! Lovehoney's resident cheeky devil Melanie Bartlett models this devilicious costume to give you a taster of the wicked fun you could be having this Halloween.

    Find out more: Fever Red Hot Devil Costume with Sparkly Trident and Headband

    Fever Black Widow Dress with Sleeves Black

    Smoulder, seduce and ensnare your prey as the Black Widow in this sleek spider costume with mesmerising web sleeves. Shimmering diamanté and sequins will help you snare your willing victim, as they submit to your arachnid attraction. Lovehoney's resident spider has come out to catch some prey in this racy number, perfect for mesmerising and capturing the man of your dreams this Halloween.

    Find out more: Fever Black Widow Spider Dress with Cobweb Sleeves

    As Seen On 'The Only Way Is Essex' - Add Some Vajazzle To Your Life!

    Jennifer Love Hewitt has been championing it for months and now our favourite Only Way is Essex girls are on board and adding sparkle to ladies' nether regions all over Essex!

    Vajazzling has long been a big hit in the US – and now it's adding sparkle to the UK in true Essex style. 'The Only Way is Essex' girls opted for a sexy scatter design, but you can find some more unusual Bollywood designs here at Lovehoney.

    The Petit Bijoux Self Adheisive Vajazzling Body Jewellery set can be simply peeled off and pressed into place, adding a beautiful touch of glamour to your most intimate parts. Follow the Essex girls and add some glamour into EVERY aspect of your life!

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