1. Welcome to 2011 and the first sex toy reviews round up of the year - and what a mixed bag it is. Pleasures, pains and trouble finding just the right words to explain the… whatsit.

    This week's sex toy review round up

    China Brush Delay Solution

    First up this week was cahill87 who gave the highly-rated China Brush Delay Solution a whirl. But maybe it was a little too successful as "40 minutes later, I was exhausted and out of breath and still hadn't climaxed! If I'm honest I was also slightly bored too." Read the review.

    Perfect Ribbed Stroker Sleeve

    New reviewer (with a fantastic username) Jack Doff tried out the Perfect Ribbed Stroker Sleeve, with imperfect results. "My wife nearly died laughing and gave me a BJ as a consolation prize - not all bad then!" Read the review.

    Pharaoh's Foreplay Vibrator 7 Inch

    Another new reviewer, in the shape of Loving Vibes, gave her opinion on the Pharaoh's Foreplay Vibrator 7 Inch. With a voracious appetite for batteries and snazzy colouring, did it hit the spot? Read the review.

    Sweet Streak Underbust Corset Style Waspie SetSara-W had a much better experience with the Sweet Streak Underbust Corset Style Waspie Set and tells "all divine goddesses out there" to "buy this product and watch your tiny waist and gorgeous curves appear like never before." Read the review.

    Ophoria Textured Silicone Kegel Balls

    Excitable ellyyy gave us our one-liner this week with her anecdote-filled review of the Ophoria Textured Silicone Kegel Balls. "I'll share another little story with you as I'm here…" she says. But what was the word she was looking for? Jiggle (of course)! Read the review.

    Did you snap up any bargains in the Salegasm! or get any new toys for the new year? Why not test out some sex toys and let everyone know how it went by adding a new review.

    Sex in the Shower is brought to you by Sportsheets, one of the biggest names in sex in the USA. The range is designed to make it easier for you to have sex in the shower and indulge in some deliciously wet fun, as showcased by Lovehoney's Annabelle Knight in this weeks Sex Toys TV Highlights. Get Free UK Delivery on the complete Sex in the Shower range at Lovehoney.

    Sex in the Shower Knee PadsSex in the Shower Knee Pads

    Fans of slippery sex know all too well the restrictions imposed by wet rooms, bath tubs and shower trays when it comes to positioning. Say goodbye to sore knees and hello to unadulterated wet-room play with these comfortable kneeling rests.

    Find out more: Sex in the Shower Knee Pads

    Sex in the Shower 10 Function Waterproof Vibrator

    Spice up your early morning shower and post-coital clean ups with Sex in the Shower's elegant vibrator. Perfectly balanced and 100% waterproof, this silicone vibe is designed for wild and wet romps.

    Find out more: Sex in the Shower 10 Function Waterproof Silicone Vibrator

    Lovehoney Sponsor Filament's Erotic Fiction 2011 Competition

    Do you think you have what it takes to be an erotic author? Ready to get that filth out of you mind and onto the page? Then Lovehoney's latest collaboration is going to be of interest to you.

    We're proud to announce that we will be sponsoring Filament Magazine's 2011 Erotic Fiction Competition. Launching in issue 8 of Filament, the competition challenges budding writers to get intimate with water in an explosive erotic short story. Submissions are now being accepted by Filament with the entries to be judged by Violet Blue, Sex Educator, Blogger, Author and Editor of an erotic anthology titled Sweet Life: Erotic Fantasies for Couples. First prize is £100 with two runner-up prizes of £50 each. Interested in entering? Read on…

    If you're looking for something new to please you in 2011, chances are that you'll want to read what other people thought to help you choose the right thing for you. Because we know reviews are so important to help you make the right decisions, we give £100 worth of sex toys to the person who writes the Lovehoney Review of the Month. We also choose highly commended reviews and reward them with 2000 Oh! Points a piece.

    Review of the Month

    Getting in early on 1 December and swooping the Review of the Month title was minutehand with his review of Monogamy: A Hot Affair Game. Minutehand's expertly written review was informative, exciting and succinct. Here's a snippet to get you going:

    "What makes it especially great is that with the different levels of intimacy on the cards, your game can be as sweet or as sexy as you desire, depending on your mood. The standard rules progress gradually through all 3 levels as your counters pass along the board - intimate, passionate and steamy, but mix it up how you like. Go through a whole game of "intimate" cards if you're a new couple or just want a honey-sweet time cuddling in pillows, or up the heat on the winter fire with the "passionate" and "steamy" cards if you're up for a raunchier time. If you've managed to hold yourselves back by the game's end, choose yourselves a fantasy from the very well-written black cards and bring things to a climax."

    It gave us here at Lovehoney the inspiration to write a guide to sex games, and we reckon that definitely deserves brownie points (and a £100 shopping spree). Read the fantastic full review here.

    Because there's nothing sexier than real, confident people, Lovehoney encourages all customers to upload photos of themselves wearing gorgeous lingerie and costumes for the chance to win £100 to spend on sex toys, sexy lingerie or sexy costumes.

    Strutting her stuff in the freezing cold and claiming the title of December's Model of the Month is kissy karen. Congratulations on winning the shopping spree! We loved this festive picture of the Christmas Sweetheart Costume and give kissy karen top marks for braving the snow to get this picture perfect shot.

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    It's 2011 and all of the festive over indulgence had me hankering for the first peaceful week of the year, settling back into the mundane predictability of everyday life. It has been nice to go home and relax on my sofa after work with no pressure to find a dress, do yet another alcohol shop for visiting guests or prepare dinner for anyone but myself. Bliss.

    I do get easily bored when I'm home alone though, so I'm turning to the Salegasm! for some new toys to play with. Not quite ready to let the indulgence of Christmas go, like a magpie I've been drawn to the luxury vibrators that have been snuck into our reductions without so much as a whisper, but I'm not letting it slip by unnoticed. I've had my eye on a few of the luxury vibes for some time and now I've found the perfect excuse for treating myself…for once!

    Read on to see my lowdown of the biggest luxury toy bargains available now in the Lovehoney Salegasm!

    As the clock strikes 12 you'll be faced with the same tiresome choices of New Year's resolutions that are admittedly done with a certain amount of lack-lustre intent and will inevitably be broken as soon as the January depression kicks in.

    So why not set yourself on a different path for 2011 and invest in some changes that will improve your sex life and relationship? While everyone else will be suffering with their gruelling detox diets, you'll be kick-starting 2011 with sex-fuelled promise upon reading Lovehoney's Top Sex Resolutions.

    New Year, New Sex! (But get your sex toy bargains while the sale is on)

    I bet that you've got your new year resolutions all planned out, but hopefully you haven't forgotten to include your sex life in your list of things to improve in the coming year. Salegasm! has arrived just in time for you to pick up some incredible bargains that will propel your sex life into the next decade with a seriously satisfying BANG!

    You may be happy and satisfied with your sexual routines, knowing that they're dead certs for sexual satisfaction, but there's a whole world of pleasure out there to experience. If you've never been adventurous with anal or liberal with lube and you're cautious about couple's toys, now is the time to try new things. Spark your own sexual revolution today with the hottest bargains in town from Salegasm!

    Grab a cut-price Fleshlight for a limited period

    Fleshlights have received rave reviews since their release in 1995 and are the best-selling male sex toy in the world. Over two million men worldwide are enjoying the pleasures of the various styles and textures of these innovative male masturbators and now, for a limited time, you can enjoy the Fleshlight experience for even less at Lovehoney.

    From Boxing Day to New Year's Eve, three of our best-selling Fleshlights Girls will be on sale for just £45 each (regular price £62.99). Cheaper still are four of the best Ice Fleshlights, which are just £40 during the same period.

    Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house, not a creature was stirring… not even a Mantric Mouse. (As if!) It's Christmas Eve, so this week's sex toy reviews round-up is taking a totally festive twist, with some seriously sexy Christmas costumes.

    This week's sex toy review round up

    Sexy Santa Christmas Robe

    First up is the rather snuggly Sexy Santa Christmas Robe. Reviewed by two Lovehoney Forum members who sing its cuddly praises, wearing this is a great way to get a Christmas morning kiss under the mistletoe! Read Wizzie86's review and read masterandslave's review.

    The Night Before Christmas BikiniA fantastic freebie with Christmas costumes in 2010 was The Night Before Christmas Bikini, again reviewed by masterandslave and Wizzie86. It seems it certainly got the seal of approval as, "my boyfriend's eyes nearly popped out of his head when he first saw me in this".

    Christmas Sweetheart Costume

    So popular it has now sold out, the Christmas Sweetheart Costume received a glowing review from mish1611. We loved the idea that you could wear the sexy cropped jacket to instantly add festive cheer to any outfit! Read the review.

    Temptress Long Gloves

    Because it's all about the accessories, juiceelucee reviewed the luxurious Temptress Long Gloves. "Great for adding to sexy outfits and stripteases!" Why not add to any other Christmas outfit for the complete look? Read the review.

    Naughty Knot Sexy Body Bow

    All across the country, people will be waking up tomorrow to their partner dressed in the Naughty Knot Sexy Body Bow. As smileyy_b points out in her review, giving yourself for Christmas is a brilliant gift. Read the review.

    Are you expecting some seriously sexy Christmas presents? If so, let everyone know how you got on with your sparkly new toys by adding a new review.

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