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    I have been with my partner for 4 years and never orgasmed. What is wrong with me?

    How much stimulation is your partner giving to your clitoris? Most women need this in order to climax.

    A wildly wet and windy week has kept you indoors with a host of sexy gadgetry to keep you occupied. But what were the hits and misses this week in your sex toy reviews? Read on to find out.

    This week's sex toy review round up

    Amorous Large 10 Function Remote Control Love Egg

    MsEllie gave use the blog title's one-liner this week when reviewing the less than discreet Amorous Large 10 Function Remote Control Love Egg. "My husband imagined that having to run across the room and point the remote up my skirt rather destroyed the mystique of this product." Read the review.

    Rends R-1 Controller with USB Vibrating Egg Bullet

    High praise indeed for the Rends R-1 Controller with USB Vibrating Egg Bullet. With a reputation for power, it certainly lived up to the hype according to Lady Glory."If your old bullet/egg or the clit stim on your rabbit just doesn't do it for you anymore, then this WILL." Read the review.

    SI-X Type R Realistic Male Masturbator

    Joystick found a unique positive for the SI-X Type R Realistic Male Masturbator. Mainly that it isn't one of "those big torso models which just freak me out as it looks like you dismembered someone's crotch area! " Read the review.

    MTX Auto Robotic Mouth Blow Job Masturbator

    Stepping into the unknown was 007sex, trying the MTX Auto Robotic Mouth Blow Job Masturbator. Was this motorised gadgetry worthy of James Bond? "It basically felt like rubbing a bag of ball bearings up and down your penis." We'll take that as a 'no' then. Read the review.

    Whether your toy has been a high-tech delight or a defunct loser, let everyone know about it and add a new review.

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    An avid sex toys reviewer, masterandslave has just written her 100th review. "It’s only been during my time on the Lovehoney Forum that I have begun to write reviews regularly. In doing so I have discovered an enjoyment for writing about items I feel passionately about."

    With her new found-passion for writing we asked masterandslave, a straight female who has been with her other half for nearly 10 years, to tell us all about her sex toy collection.

    Masterandslave sex toy box

    Sex toys have a lot to answer for; they have helped spice things up, but they have also helped my partner and I to discover new pleasures that are just impossible to achieve with the human body. Toys for me have never been a replacement for my other half, but something we use together to explore pleasure further. Even when used on our own they then become a stepping-stone when we have been frustrated, waiting to see each other again! The world of sex toys also encompasses sexual comfort. Whilst going au naturale does have its perks it's also an uncomfortable truth for me. I have never had an orgasm without using some form of lubricant, and without this assistance things are just too painful and never enjoyable.

    Lelo Insignia Waterproof Vibrators

    Renowned for an advanced range of rechargeable luxury sex toys, Lelo have now launched a range of waterproof vibrators so you can enjoy a more relaxing bath or stimulating shower. The new Insignia range consists of Alia (a versatile clitoral vibrator), Isla (an elegant mid-sized vibrator) and Soraya (a dual action vibrator with external stimulator).

    Each has a finger loop incorporated into the design, making them easy to hold on to underwater. Like all other Lelo vibrators, the Insignia range is rechargeable and a 2-hour charge provides approximately 4 hours of play.

    Lelo always deliver gratifying pleasure objects served in luxurious packaging that make an ideal treat for your lover (or yourself) and the new waterproof Insignia range is no exception.

    Can food influence the gender of your baby?

    Eat certain foods and amounts to influence your baby's gender.

    How to Be a Submissive Lover

    Just like domination, submission also carries its stigmas and clichés that would have us believe all manners of mythical nonsense. Being atypically dominant, writing this piece did not come naturally to me. I've had very little experience in submitting to a lover and I wanted to seek out further information to assist me. I was staggered upon conducting my research to find that there is a distinct lack of information on the subject. I could regale you with tales of those who submit to professional dominants, give you insight into lifestyle submission and shock you with extreme pornographic episodes. But even with the wealth of knowledge open to the public domain online, I could barely find a useful sentiment on purely sexual submission.

    I'm not ashamed to admit that I have submissive sexual desires, but in no way do these desires resemble the extreme portrayals I've stumbled across researching this piece. I don't want to confuse what is in essence an achievable sexual fantasy with a much deeper and more involved form of submission that I've come across in my time as a professional dominatrix. Although the two can be intrinsically bound for those who crave sexual submission, the majority of us are seeking nothing more than some between-the-sheets action with little or no desire for it to infringe on our day-to-day lives.

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