1. If you want the most lifelike sensations, choose a realistic feel sex toy for your solo sex. These high-end toys are made from a variety of trademarked materials that have been engineered to feel just like human skin and flesh. Soft to the touch, stretchy, quick to warm and certain to retain their shape, realistic vaginas and lifelike dildos are a wonderful innovation that will vastly improve the authenticity of your experience.

    Realistic sex toys are made from a mix of plastics, rubbers and silicone and need care to keep them feeling incredible. Without due care rubbers can deteriorate and silicone can melt, meaning your toy can become a sticky mess with a future at Rabbit Amnesty - such a shameful waste.

    To check if your fake vagina, lifelike sex doll or realistic dildo is made from realistic feel material and needs special attention, go to the product page on Lovehoney. You can easily see that this toy is made from Realistic Feel material, and the type of real feel material is specified in brackets.

    Realistic Feel

    ruffledsheets wears PPU Underwear Cotton Lycra Thong with Elasticated WaistbandWe love seeing real people wearing sexy lingerie and clothes they've found at Lovehoney, and anyone can upload a picture of themselves modelling our fantastically sexy range. From the pictures uploaded each month, we choose one 'Model of the Month' who wins £100 to spend on sex toys, sexy lingerie or sexy costumes.

    Winning the title of April's Model of the Month, and the £100 shopping spree, is ruffledsheets who we felt did an even better job of modelling the PPU Underwear Thong than the official model in the product shots. Suckers for excellent composition, lighting and black-and-white photography, this picture ticked all our boxes. Bravo and congratulations on a stunning picture.

    If you want to be in with a chance to win a £100 shopping spree on Lovehoney, just upload a picture of yourself wearing sexy lingerie or costumes and check back next month.

    Luxe Massager Replenish Clitoral VibratorThis week on Sex Toys TV, Lovehoney presenter Annabelle Knight introduces the Luxe Massager Replenish Clitoral Vibrator and Luxe Massager Rejuvinate Clitoral Vibrator - two welcome additions to Lovehoney's collection of Clitoral Vibrators.

    Featuring smooth and ergonomic curves for maximum pleasure and stimulation, these two vibrators from Luxe boast 7 functions, with 3 speeds and 4 patterns of vibration for waterproof, solo or shared pleasure. You also get Free UK Delivery on all Sex Toys at Lovehoney.

    Luxe Massager Replenish Clitoral Vibrator £39.99

    Sleek curves and smooth materials combine to make this an ergonomic massager that works perfectly whether used for solo play, foreplay or rested between you for extra clitoral stimulation during sex.

    Find out more: Luxe Massager Replenish Clitoral Vibrator

    Luxe Massager Rejuvenate Clitoral Vibrator £20.00

    With its satin soft touch and clever shape, this waterproof massager is a perfect toy for couples as well as solo play. Shaped to direct powerful vibrations to the clitoris as well as ergonomically designed so it can be used discreetly during sex.

    Find out more: Luxe Massager Rejuvenate Clitoral Vibrator

    Featured in this blog post:

    If you don’t feel like your solo sex life is WINNING enough, what you need is your own personal goddess. Can't handle a whole goddess? What about just her head?

    Bree Olson (also known as Rachel Oberlin - one of Charlie Sheen’s girlfriends) has lent her likeness to this lifelike male masturbator. Made from Cyberskin, the Bree Olson Deep-Throat Sex Doll Head feels soft and squishy just like real flesh and skin and is capable of swallowing down an impressive 6.5 inches.

    As it’s cast from a mould taken directly from Ms Olson’s face (there are even pictures of the process on the side of the box) this is one of the most realistic sex doll heads on the market. We do feel that they could have taken the time to give her hair a flash of flaxen blonde, though.

    I am worried that my boyfriend is anorexic and is denying he has a problem. What can I do?

    I realise how concerned you are, but nagging him to eat will only continue to be counter-productive.

    Classified French Maid DressIt's official. Slipping on a French Maid costume is Britain's favourite way to play sexy dress up in the bedroom (or kitchen, or living room!). Nevermind naughty nurses or school girls, it's the raunchy French Maid that outsells every other sexy costume available at Lovehoney.

    Whether it's bending over to dust the skirting boards in front of the master of the house, or being caught having a tipple out of the family's drinks cabinet, the upstairs/downstairs roleplay potential is huge - and a huge turn on.

    Carry on reading to find out which are the crème de la crème, and choose your own costume from the most popular French Maid outfits we sell.

    Cock rings that look like DIY hardware. I don’t know which I prefer, these or the Dirk Yates toys that look like weapons - I just can't decide. There is something to be said for inventively-shaped sex toys, I find them infinitely more interesting than the often neon-coloured types and they function just as well. They also help to take some of the scariness away if you’re suffering from first-time nerves.

    These are made from firm but stretchy TPR that has been coloured to emulate metal. The smaller Hardware Coupling Hex Nuts cock ring set can be worn together with the larger sitting around the cock and balls and the smaller at the base of the shaft. The larger Hardware Rapid Mounting Hex Nut vibrating ring is also for wearing around your cock and balls but has a bullet vibrator mounted at the top making it ideal for shared stimulation. Both sets are completely waterproof too, so they’re simple to clean and can be enjoyed in the bath and shower. Awesome!

    Hannah Harper Authentic Vibrating Realistic Sex Doll Ever wondered why people use sex dolls? From the blow up dolls we usually see on hen or stag dos to the beautifully crafted and most lifelike sex dolls, these artificial companions can leave some people asking, "why?"

    Whether you're thinking about choosing a sex doll yourself or are just curious about what people see in an inflatable companion, we explain the benefits of sex doll ownership and why they're a great sex toy.

    I've got no confidence in the bedroom - any advice on how to change this?

    Sexual confidence is something that all couples have to create together.

    "I was looking for a cheap and cheerful treat for my boyfriend and came across TENGA Eggs. They beat any Cadbury treat."

    Want a delectable treat that's as sexy as it is seasonal? Look no further than the brilliant TENGA Eggs. Transforming the sensations of a hand job, these handy eggs add a whole new dimension to manual stimulation, whether he's using it alone or as part of foreplay with a partner.

    Here are our top 5 most popular TENGA eggs, complete with comments from real customer sex toy reviews so you know exactly what's so great about each style of egg.

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