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  1. There are moments in my life where I count my blessings and last night, my Pollyanna moment was being glad for my sex. Having just introduced my boyfriend to the parents, I was staring rather lustfully at Cheryl Cole as she gyrated her… everything in some sexy-as-Hell strapped stockings.

    Proving once again that only good can come from celebrities getting on the fetish fashion kick, I have to give props to the men in the room for exercising some excellent physical restraint, or at least hiding their excitement well. If you missed Cheryl's ensemble, check out today's Metro for a good gander.

    If you fancy recreating Cheryl's sexy look yourself, read on to see Lovehoney's range of look-a-like leg wear.

    How can I achieve multiple orgasms with my partner and vibrator?

    There are plenty of women who can only orgasm with a vibrator. Don't worry about it!

    The countdown is on and Lovehoney has brand new costumes to help you dazzle, spook and seduce for Halloween 2010!

    Dreamgirl Hocus Pocus Witch CostumeDreamgirl Hocus Pocus Witch Costume

    This sexy witch costume allows you to wear the dress in 6 different ways - from halter to strapless, each look is uniquely sexy and perfectly customisable to your spooky desires. Watch Lovehoney's resident witch display the magical powers of this slinky Halloween number.

    Find out more: Dreamgirl Hocus Pocus Witch Costume

    Fever Red Hot Devil Costume with Sparkly Trident and HeadbandFever Red Hot Devil Costume

    Work your voluptuous charms in this sexy red Devil's costume. Featuring a sexy ruched dress with a waist cincher, matching Devil horns and a sparkly sequined trident. Prepare for a night of sinful fun and games! Lovehoney's resident cheeky devil Melanie Bartlett models this devilicious costume to give you a taster of the wicked fun you could be having this Halloween.

    Find out more: Fever Red Hot Devil Costume with Sparkly Trident and Headband

    Fever Black Widow Spider Dress with Cobweb SleevesFever Black Widow Dress with Sleeves Black

    Smoulder, seduce and ensnare your prey as the Black Widow in this sleek spider costume with mesmerising web sleeves. Shimmering diamanté and sequins will help you snare your willing victim, as they submit to your arachnid attraction. Lovehoney's resident spider has come out to catch some prey in this racy number, perfect for mesmerising and capturing the man of your dreams this Halloween.

    Find out more: Fever Black Widow Spider Dress with Cobweb Sleeves

    As Seen On 'The Only Way Is Essex' - Add Some Vajazzle To Your Life!

    Jennifer Love Hewitt has been championing it for months and now our favourite Only Way is Essex girls are on board and adding sparkle to ladies' nether regions all over Essex!

    Vajazzling has long been a big hit in the US – and now it's adding sparkle to the UK in true Essex style. 'The Only Way is Essex' girls opted for a sexy scatter design, but you can find some more unusual Bollywood designs here at Lovehoney.

    The Petit Bijoux Self Adheisive Vajazzling Body Jewellery set can be simply peeled off and pressed into place, adding a beautiful touch of glamour to your most intimate parts. Follow the Essex girls and add some glamour into EVERY aspect of your life!

    Buying sexy underwear and costumes online can be a bit of a risk because you don't have a chance to try anything on before you buy.

    Don't worry! Lovehoney has free 1 year extended returns so you can shop in complete confidence. If it doesn't fit, just send it back.

    It doesn't matter if you don't like the style or colour, or whether it just didn't feel right when you put it on. You can try on your new lingerie, costumes and clothing to see if it fits and feels sexy (but please keep your own undies on!). And if you don't like it? Just return it to us, using our UK freepost returns address, for free.

    At Lovehoney, if you're not happy, we're not happy. It really is that simple!

    What if it doesn't fit? Free returns from Lovehoney

    London Fetish Weekend 2010 - A First-Time Fetish Club Experience

    October is my favourite time of year. Aside from the joys of Halloween, which I think is better than Christmas, I also look forward to my annual voyage to London Fetish Weekend. Arguably the biggest event in the UK fetish calendar, it's an opportunity to pull out all of the stops and go sexually wild as our fair capital embraces everything BDSM for three days and nights of kink. But this year I didn't take my usual role as a model. Instead I was on a mission for Lovehoney. Armed with a pen and paper and a top scene photographer, I documented a vanilla couple's first tentative steps into the Bacchic world of the London fetish scene.

    From pre-club jitters to end of night epiphanies, read on to discover first hand what my vanilla couple thought of their first fetish scene experience.

    Your Sexiest Vampire!

    This Halloween we're pitting the vampires against the werewolves in the sexy supernatural stakes, with the first round of voting for sexiest vampire now closed.

    It was a close call, with a respectable fight from David Boreanaz and Robert Pattinson, but winning out for the sexy vamps was Kate Beckinsale.

    From Monday 18th October (today), you can vote for the sexiest werewolf on the poll and in the ultimate showdown on Monday 25th October, we'll pit the winning sexiest vampire against the sexiest werewolf - just in time for a Halloween showdown.

    Who will be your supernatural sex champion? You decide!

    Seven Health Benefits of Sex

    Increased life expectancy, health and fitness - sex just keeps getting better!

    A flurry of superb sexy toy reviews have been landing at Lovehoney in the past week - and nearly all of them from very happy and fulfilled people! We're always pleased to have such great feedback and when you pair it with funny and clever writing, it makes us all warm and fuzzy here at Lovehoney HQ.

    This week's sex toy review round up

    Sliquid Organics Natural Warming Lubricant 125ml

    Kicking the tingles off was Tjejen with a review of Sliquid Organics Natural Warming Lubricant 125ml. "It did something all right, because afterwards my nether regions were tingling with afterglow. It felt great – I think I am going to become addicted to this stuff." Read the review.

    Sinclair Institute Select Crystal G CyberGlass Dildo

    Pyjamaparty had found a "new friend for life (or certainly many years!)" in the Sinclair Institute Select Crystal G CyberGlass Dildo. But what's this sad face we see, and why? "I have to leave it behind when I go to work :(" Read the review.

    Tracey Cox Supersex Love Lube 100mlWe welcomed back flamingdiceto the fold, who reviewed the Tracey Cox Supersex Love Lube 100mland managed to slide in a little pun (see what I did there…?). "For us men who lack a foreskin, this provides a lovely slick feeling when you're doing a bit of D.I.Y. (though I don't recommend using it to put shelves up with…)" Read the review.

    DevineToys Lockable Sex Toy Play Chest

    Getting all Gollum-like was Tupperwareheartwith her brand new DevineToys Lockable Sex Toy Play Chest. "OK yes, I did caress the chest when I first got it, rocking back and forth whispering “My preeecious” as I stroked it. It’s THAT pretty." Read the review.

    Liquorice Willies

    So it was BashfulBabe with the incredible one-liner this week in her review of Liquorice Willies. "My only complaint is that my daughter decided she liked them, too, and not only stole half the box, but was very upset that I wouldn't put a handful in her lunchbox." Read the review.

    Whether you've been feeling warm and fuzzy about your recent purchases, or whether it wasn't quite to your liking, let everyone know about it and add a new review.

    Halloween Special 2010 - the countdown is on and Lovehoney has brand new costumes and sex toys to help you celebrate all things pleasurable and spooky!

    Death By Orgasm 10 Speed Scorpion Bullet VibratorDeath By Orgasm 10 Speed Scorpion Bullet Vibrator

    Invite a creepy crawly between the sheets and let him pince, sting and tickle you in the most terrifyingly tantalising way. Powered by a 10-speed bullet, the scorpion's jelly rubber sleeve is ridged, noduled and tapered for exquisite vibrations. Lovehoney's resident sex toy expert Annabelle Knight demonstrates how this deadly vibrator is more than capable of delivering vibrations packed with a pleasurable sting!

    Find out more: Death By Orgasm 10 Speed Scorpion Bullet Vibrator

    Dreamgirl Which Witch Reversible CostumeDreamgirl Which Witch Reversible Costume White

    Shazam! This super stretch knit dress is fully reversible to suit your mood - good or bad! Includes reversible hat and 2 sets of sheer puff sleeves. The dress is available in white or black, as modelled by Annabelle knight.

    Dreamgirl Which Witch Reversible CostumeDreamgirl Which Witch Reversible Costume Black

    Find out more: Dreamgirl Which Witch Reversible Costume

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