If you're one of the many people who looks at bondage category of Lovehoney as if it's written in an alien language, you're not alone. There are so many tools and terms to get to grips with that even understanding the purpose of some of the equipment can take considerable effort, let alone using it. Here are the definitions of our bondage categories to provide you with an insight into what the tools we sell are used for.

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    The sex isn't great, it's not passionate and can feel uncomfortable - what can I do?

    My feeling is that you’re not getting fully aroused. This means that your own natural lubrication isn’t getting a chance to kick in, and it’s no wonder that it’s dampening your lust if you’re in pain.

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    The Lovehoney sale has launched and we've got brilliant bargains on lingerie, sex toys for men, sex toys for women, anal sex toys, bondage and much much more.

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    Liquid Silk Lube 250mlSubmit your sex toy reviews to Lovehoney and you could win a whopping £100 to spend on whatever you like! Each month we bestow the crown (and the cash) on one reviewer who surpasses themselves and writes the best Lovehoney Review of the Month.

    Review of the Month

    There's usually not much to say about lube, but mistresslucille covered every aspect of Liquid Silk Lube in a well-written and concise review. We thought this review was brilliant because it told you everything you would need to know about this fantastic lube, and yet managed to do it in fewer than 250 words. Congratulations!

    "I tried Durex lubes before Liquid Silk, but found them to be a bit sticky and they left residue behind. I thought I'd try a new one, and having read the Liquid Silk reviews got a 50ml bottle to try. That was nearly three years ago, and I haven't bought a different brand since!

    Liquid Silk is odourless (which is a blessing; I don't like scented/flavoured lubes) and mostly flavourless. The taste in large amounts isn't great - but then it's not a lube intended for that sort of use. I love how inconspicuous the bottles are (my partner's mother thought it was a travel shampoo bottle!) and even in the 250ml size I have no qualms about keeping it on my bedside table. The colour is pleasantly reminiscent of cum, too ;) It doesn't leave any stickiness or residue, and any 'left over' wipes off easily. Plus, as Lovehoney says, it leaves your skin lovely and soft!

    Most importantly: it works. I am lucky enough to have a partner who is very well endowed, and we very rarely have to reapply. Plus a very little goes a long way! You do have to be a little careful about the pump on the bottle; don't hit it too hard or it has a tendency to shoot out.

    I also love that Liquid Silk is bio-static. I know people who've had problems with yeast infections etc. after using lubricants, and I love that it's something I don't have to worry about with Liquid Silk."

    Each month we also choose a selection of highly commended reviews and reward them each with (count 'em) 2000 Oh! Points to spend as they wish - or perhaps save up for a luxury toy.

    Read on to find out who was highly commended and earned the points this month, and make sure you write a sex toy review so you can be in with a chance in July!

    Each month we review all the photos of customers modelling Lovehoney lingerie and go through the arduous process of choosing one Model of the Month to win £100 to spend on sex toys, sexy lingerie or sexy costumes.

    We always look for images that have excellent composition and show off the clothes in a fun, playful and helpful way for other customers to appreciate.

    Winning the title of June's Model of the Month, and the £100 shopping spree, is sorriso who modelled the Classified PVC Thong and, we think, the Latex Gloves and Latex Stockings too! We love the teasing pose and feel that the slick, reflective nature of PVC lingerie and latex underwear really lends itself to black-and-white photography. Congratulations!

    If you want to be in with a chance to win a £100 shopping spree on Lovehoney, just upload a picture of yourself wearing sexy lingerie or costumes and check back next month.

    1. ^ Lovehoney Desire Clitoral Vibrator
    2. Up to 50% off sale on vibrators

    Bullet vibrators are extremely simple to use, they’re discreet and easy to clean - not to mention being cheaper than most other toys. These small vibrators can be stored or taken anywhere without anyone realising.

    These bullet vibrators are Lovehoney customer favourites:

    Don’t let their petite size fool you though, they’re renowned for achieving some of the most intense climactic experiences around. In the case of bullet vibrators it’s true that the best things come in small packages!

    Shower dongThe shower head is one of our favourite household objects to misuse (along with electric toothbrushes, hairbrushes and the spin cycle of our washing machines) so it should come as no surprise that sex toy brand Toy Joy have come up with something to make abusing the shower cubicle extra easy.

    The Toy Joy Pleasure Fountain is a shiny purple cock with its own length of hose that attaches directly to the shower fitting to make getting clean feel delightfully dirty.

    The 6.75-inch shaft of this sub-aquatic dildo is punctured with holes, allowing the full force of your power shower to blast its way through the shaft in every direction. It may be an experience that only the most pierced man on Earth can empathise with, but being on the receiving end of this fountain of cock is a uniquely pleasurable experience that your shower head can’t compete with.

    For fans of douching, the Pleasure Fountain Shower Attachment Dildotakes all of the hard work out of the process and turns it into hard cock.

    1. Up to 50% off sale on cock rings
    2. Bionic Bullet Vibrating Cock Ring

    Cock rings are simple devices that help to maintain a harder and longer-lasting erection by restricting the blood flowing back down your penis, which in turn makes your enjoyment last longer and orgasm more likely. Some people choose a cock ring that is worn on the shaft, others like the feeling of a cock ring that goes around the penis and the testicles. This guide will tell you how to measure yourself for both kinds.

    Cock rings are measured by diameter. This is the measurement across the widest part of the hole in the ring. You want a cock ring with a diameter that's smaller than your personal measurements - this will ensure you have the constriction that you need. Start with something just a little smaller than your measurements, because the smaller you go the tighter the cock ring will be.

    Most cock rings are adjustable or have stretch to them to ensure a good fit, but to be sure it will fit perfectly you need to find out the diameter of your cock or cock and balls. You may be wondering how that’s translatable to your very 3D penis, but it’s easy to calculate and we'll show you how.


    This week on Sex Toys TV, Dean Elliot, Creator and Founder of Sliquid Natural Lubricants is interviewed by Lovehoney's Hella Rouge, talking her through the full range of water-based lubes, flavoured lubes and anal lubes in the Sliquid collection at Lovehoney.

    Plus Free UK Delivery on all lubricants at Lovehoney.

    Sliquid H2O Original Glycerin & Paraben-Free Lubricant 255ml A Guide to Sliquid Lube with Hella and Dean

    Learn about the benefits of the certified organic, 100% vegan range of Sliquid lubes in this Lovehoney exclusive with Dean Elliot, and indulge in some flavoursome Sliquid lube action when you choose any 3 Sliquid Swirl lubes for just £15, saving £9!

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