• Have you ever wondered what other people have in their bedside table?

    Come with us, through the keyhole, as one of our sexually confident community members shares the contents of their toy chest with Lovehoney.

    *Emma* is a straight female with a wide and varied collection, who has been in a happy relationship for nearly 18 months.

    Orgasm Army Member *Emma* shows us her toy box

    Lovehoney's 20,000th Sex Toy Review!

    Strike up the band, roll out the red carpet and raise a glass to a nation of sexpert reviewers! Real sex toy and lingerie reviews, written by you are so important to Lovehoney and we're excited to announce we've reached and breached the 20,000 mark!

    Applause to Boobie, whose review of the Lovehoney Jessica Rabbit 2.0 Vibrator was our 20,000th sex toy review! And, phew, we're so pleased that they were a satisfied couple!

    "We love having her in our lives… it has been great."

    It's always great to hear about the fun you've had with your toys, but it's just as important to get feedback about what products aren't doing it for you.

    Your reviews help everyone else decide whether to go for a toy or not, so your honest and detailed reviews are responsible for making sure everyone is having the best sex they can. No pressure there then!

    Each month we give £100 of sex toys to the person who writes Lovehoney's Review of the Month. Check out the recent winners from August, July and June. Let everyone know what you think of your most recent playthings by submitting your own review.

    How to Introduce Bondage to Your RelationshipA lot of the stigma about bondage has evaporated in recent years and there are many curious lovers looking for a new way to enjoy sexual experiences with their partners.

    Bondage can be soft, sensual and romantic - as well as kinky and intensely thrilling. The simple act of restraining your lover offers new physical experiences and an intensified feeling of trust and closeness.

    Seen as an art form by many who practice some of the more elaborate methods of restraint, bondage encompasses a wide range of bedroom activities, from blindfolding your partner to binding their wrists and ankles.

    If you've ever wanted to try light bondage, this guide will show you how to bring up the topic and where to start.

    It seems to have been a week of experimentation in your bedrooms with twirling, sex toy design improvements, a casualty and even someone's mum getting involved.

    Really, it's been one of those weeks…

    Top Five Tips for Getting Your Five-A-Day the Sexy Way!

    The key to finding slightly 'fruitier' alternatives to your standard dildos.

    Zini Deux Luxury Couples Massager SetZini Deux Luxury Couples Massager Set

    Winner of the Red Dot Design Award 2010, Zini Deux is half for him and half for her. His cradles and cups while hers slopes towards her. With 5 speeds and 10 pattern settings to flirt with, this luxury vibe ensures your erotic ecstasy is shared. You'll never want to leave the house again once you have indulged in the intimate pleasures of this well-deserved Award Winner. Watch this video to discover exactly what it is that makes this massager set unique in both design and stimulation.

    Find out more: Zini Deux Luxury Couples Massager Set

    Sinclair Institute Select Invisi VibeSinclair Institute Select Invisi Vibe

    Turn your underwear into a sensational knicker tickler for hands-free titillation. The Invisi Vibe's uniquely contoured curves and soft pleasure bumps nestle securely to your sweet spots for perfectly positioned stimulation. Deliciously discreet and can even be worn without underwear for an extra thrill on a night out. Lovehoney presenter Annabelle Knight reveals the hidden secrets of the Invisi Vibe.

    Find out more: Sinclair Institute Select Invisi Vibe

    New recycling regulations mean that all electrical equipment - including sex toys! - must be disposed of at a designated electrical waste collection centre. This means that you shouldn't just chuck your dead vibrator in the kitchen bin!

    We were wondering…

    How can I uncover the mystery surrounding the art of female ejaculation?

    You’re one of the lucky women who enjoy female ejaculation - also known as ‘gushing’ or ‘squirting’.

    September has arrived and the long, somewhat sunny days of summer are nearly over. Evenings are drawing in, summer breaks are a faint memory and it feels like even more of our time is spent at work than usual. But all is not lost. One glass-half-full Lovehoney reviewer asks "What better way to unwind after a long day at work than with an intense, all-over massage and toe-curling orgasm?!" And we can't argue with that!

    Read on for this week's sex toy reviews highlights, and don't forget to check out the class act that was August's Review of the Month.

    Pin Ups Collectable Bullet and Orgasm Balm SetsPin Ups Collectable Bullet and Orgasm Balm Sets

    Three gorgeous Pin Up tins to choose from, each containing a powerful 3 speed bullet vibe and unique Bombshell Balm. Which one is for you? We'll let you decide with a little help from Hella Rouge.

    Find out more: Pin Ups Collectable Bullet and Orgasm Balm Sets

    Pin Ups 3 Speed Waterproof Glitter BulletsPin Ups 3 Speed Waterproof Glitter Bullets

    Bring glamour back into the boudoir with this deluxe duo. Encased in a beautiful pin-up girl tin you'll find a glitter-finish, 3-speed waterproof bullet vibe and a tin of Bombshell Orgasm Balm. Perfect for sharing, combining and most importantly, climaxing. Lovehoney presenter Annabel Knight reveals the fun you can have with these little beauties.

    Find out more: Pin Ups 3 Speed Waterproof Glitter Bullets

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