1. IOUs For a Sexy Advent - Festive Sex Toy of the WeekIt’s bizarre how many Christmas traditions we carry into adulthood. The idea of grown men and women opening their advent calendars, scoffing the chocolate and waiting in anticipation for their Christmas stocking makes me giggle with… well, jealousy.

    If like me your childhood Christmas joy has long since burned out and faded away, perhaps you’d like to join me in festifying your fun in the bedroom instead? You can’t really ‘Bah, humbug!’ that sentiment, can you?

    My first ‘Festive Sex Toy of the Week’ is appearing well in advance of Crimbo. Why? Because you won’t want to miss the opportunity to breathe fresh life into an old Christmas tradition you may have left in your past.

    Instead of stuffing your face this advent, or ignoring it all together, pick up some IOU A Merry Christmas Sex Vouchers (£3.99)…

    My wife of 17 years and I used to have a great sex life, but now any sex I feel is out of pity.

    I can understand your frustration, especially as you have tried talking to her about the situation, but how about now diffusing the situation entirely and just offering whatever support you can – especially with your kids?

    Lovehoney Mains Powered Magic Wand Vibrator

    If you’ve bought yourself a magic wand vibrator, or are thinking of treating yourself or your partner to one, you might be wondering how to get the best use from it.

    There are loads of ways to enjoy these powerful sex toys no matter what your pleasure preference.

    By using your imagination and trying out some new techniques with your massager, you can make sure you enjoy varied stimulation and reight new orgasmic heights time after time.

    Here are my top 10 tips for using your magic wand vibrator - enjoy!

    Hella Dildo Ball

    Each week, hundreds of people find Lovehoney after searching the internet for solutions to their sex problems.

    Our alternative agony aunt Hella answers the questions you were too shy to ask anyone (except Google).


    How to strap a dildo to a chair

    You may be making life harder for yourself than it need be. You can pick up a ready-made chair dildo for hands-free thrills on your favourite furniture.

    If you’re really, REALLY fond of a particular dildo and want to adapt it, you have a few choices but many of them are going to involve some DIY.

    If you have a flared-base dildo, you may be able to get it to stick to your chair by licking the bottom and forcefully slamming the base onto the chair. Simple! If your dildo doesn’t have a flared base that sticks, you’re in for some graft…

    Metal Worx Medium Metal Cock RingA cock ring is a simple device that works wonders in the bedroom. Designed to sit tightly around the penis or penis and testicles, they tend to be relatively nondescript in fashion. Stimulating and vibrating cock rings tend to be a little more interesting, but their curio-rating has nothing on this week's Awesome Sex Toy.

    The Metal Worx Medium Cock Ring (£26.99), Metal Worx Large Metal Cock Ring (£31.99) and Metal Worx Extra Large Metal Cock Ring (£20.00) are more than a functional cock ring, they’re also a tool of chastity… of sorts.

    These metal cock collars close around both the cock and balls, locking shut with a small-but-sturdy padlock to prevent removal. Of course, this allows you to still enjoy your sexual freedom, but not with anyone but your lover and yourself.

    When it's my turn to go on top during sex I lose all my confidence and I freeze.

    Don’t compare yourself to porn stars - remember, they’re acting, and when they perform, there’s no emotional connection. Instead, look your man in the eyes as you move, and the chances are he’ll find it a huge turn-on.

    There’s no denying that Christmas is an expensive time of year. Finding the balance between the ‘hint list’ your partner has been dropping for months and affordable romantic, sexy gifts can be hard.

    Here at Lovehoney we want to take the stress out of Xmas sex, so we’ve put together a list of our Top 10 Sexy Christmas Gifts for under £10 to help you find the perfect gift for your lover without breaking the bank.

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    Start the Christmas season as you mean to go on by slipping some of our erotic gifts into your partner’s stocking for them to open on Christmas morning.

    Whether you're after some sexy suggestions, naughty nibbles or a little bit of romance, these sexy xmas gifts are perfect for enjoying over the holidays and beyond - leaving you raring to kick-start a sexier 2012.

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    If you want to add some extra thrills to your relationship, why not choose a gift you can share this Christmas? Our top couple's toys are great for playing with on Christmas day and beyond. All of our top couple's toys can be gift wrapped too, to make that present extra special.

    Read on to discover our top toys for Christmas 2011 or browse Lovehoney's Christmas Gift Guide 2011 and delight that special person with a perfect gift.

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    Give him a treat this Christmas with Lovehoney's range of sexy toys that he can use or - better still - you can use on him. Create orgasmic sensations and improve his libido with our pick of the crop for men. All of our top toys for him can be gift wrapped too, to make that present extra special.

    Read on to discover our top toys for Christmas 2011 or browse Lovehoney's Christmas Gift Guide 2011 and delight that special person with a perfect gift.

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