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  1. Succu Dry Vampire Awesome Sex Toy of the WeekI have a soft spot for sex toys that are designed to indulge a specific kink, especially if that kink is a little unusual.

    You’d be forgiven for thinking that in this day and age vampire fetishists are all drippy girls with a thing for guys with sparkly skin, but in truth getting jiggy with a bloodsucker is a classic fantasy for guys too.

    If you fancy driving your stake between the eager chops of a ravenous vamp then the Fleshlight Sex in a Can Succu Dry (£39.99) is the only way to avoid it being your last great thrill.

    The Lovehoney Bedtime Bullets are new to Lovehoney's collection of own brand toys, and they're ideal for almost anyone. The Bedtime Bullet's range from Twin Vibrating Cock Rings, Twin Bullet Vibrators, and a Rabbit Vibrator Set, all of which have been carefully crafted for amazing satisfaction and stimulation. In this week's Lovehoney TV, we're focusing on the Lovehoney Bedtime Bullet Vibrating Butt Plug, which is perfect for anal sex toy beginners.

    Annabelle shows off the 10 vibrating functions, suction base and smooth tapered shape in this Lovehoney TV video:

    The plug recently received a 5 star review from Lovehoney Community member, innocent-on-the-outside, who said, "Power-wise, the first time I used it it went straight onto its highest setting - much more powerful than I was expecting - very nice!"

    My guy's come tastes awful - what will make it better?

    Get him eating celery and strawberries, and try giving him a big glass of pineapple juice around 3-4 hours before you go down on him again – with that and upping the water you should definitely notice an improvement!

    Are you ready to fly first class? Flight by Fleshlight is a discreet and fantastically textured masturbator with an aerodynamic exterior and incredibly bumpy canal to take you to new heights of pleasure. Prepare for extreme turbulence!

    Compact and ergonomic, the Flight has been redesigned to have a sleeker and more modern appearance overall.

    At £42.49 it's an affordable way to experience the legendary Fleshlight - the world's #1 selling male sex toy.

    So how does the Fleshlight Flight compare to other Fleshlights? What exactly is the case like, how does the opening look, and what does the texture feel like? Read on for the answers to all these questions and more…

    Lovehoney is the first shop in the UK to have theFleshlight Flight. Get yourFleshlight Flight today!

    Hired by Lily HarlemIn this scene from Hired Logan 'Phoenix' Taylor, the bad boy of the Orlando Vipers ice hockey team, and Brooke, wannabe nurse and believer of all things astrological and karmic, are having some fun with a box of sex toys they discovered at the luxury tropical villa they're staying in.

    I like this scene because it's not just hot, it's also experimental, they are at ease with each other and she is happy to trust him to take her out of her comfort zone. Brooke was a great character to write with her slightly kooky ideas and thoughts, which is ultimately why Logan falls for her, she couldn't be more different from the 'rink bunnies' who normally chase him.

    I also like the fact that here, despite the intensity of the moment, Brook remembers that they've already been snapped by paparazzi in a compromising position and how much worse this one would look splashed across the front of the sports papers!

    Guest post by Lily Harlem

    Lovehoney Waver Orgasmic Glass Dildo 8 Inch

    If you haven’t tried a glass dildo you might wonder what the appeal is. If you’re umming and ahhing about getting to grips with glass, take a look at our top tips to see if your bedside drawer would benefit from a glassy shaft.

    Don’t be afraid to buy one because you think it might break. All of the dildos we sell are incredibly durable and are made from toughened glass to ensure they’re completely safe.

    If you use glass cookware in your kitchen then you’ll know the sort of glass we mean. So long as you don’t drop or hit it on a hard surface, your dildo should withstand whatever you have to throw at it.

    What Do People Click On When They're Shopping For Sex Toys?What Do People Click On When They're Shopping For Sex Toys?At Lovehoney we use technology called heatmapping to show us the most popular areas of pages. Heatmapping places little coloured areas across a page, corresponding to how frequently they are clicked. Using this information, we can see how the layout of a page or list can be improved.

    So for example, a heatmap of the left-hand navigation on our homepage looks something like the picture on the left.

    However, recently, I was running a heatmap of our Sexy Lingerie page, and noticed something odd. People clicking on the pictures were clicking in, let’s say, rather specific areas of the image. It looked to me that the most popular areas of the image were either the boobs or crotch (see right).

    Now, this could have just been a function of the type of lingerie being modelled - so I decided to test it!

    Antique Dildo on Four Rooms

    Channel 4's Four Rooms is not your usual antiques programme, and last night alongside the score from Psycho and the chair J K Rowling sat on while she wrote Harry Potter, was an antique dildo dating from 1893. It stumped the group at first, till antiques dealer Celia Sawyer explained, "it's a dildo… quite a small one."

    Complete with a US patent and a hollow centre for hot or cold water, this steel dildo is the ancestor of modern metal dildos and glass dildos used for sensory play.

    A hand-me-down from her grandmother, the seller had high hopes of selling the dildo-cum-heirloom for a whopping £4,000. But alas, her resolve was not as steely as her dildo, as Jeffrey Salmon's offer of £1,111.11 was accepted - and sealed with a kiss! (No tongues though.)

    Unfortunately, the deal was done before Gordon Watson could get a look in. Perhaps an unlikely admirer of the dildo, he said, "every fibre of my being, every single nerve-ending is ready to do whatever it takes to get the piece." Despite being "not quite my thing" Gordon Watson would have offered £3000, as a client of his is Belgium's largest collector of dildos.

    Now, that's someone we'd like to meet…

    When Lovehoney asked me to share the hottest, most popular scene I’ve written, I was torn between sharing what I thought was my hottest sex scene (though I have several favourites) and the sex scene that I’ve had the most comments on from my readers, the one I’ve had the most requests to read whenever I do a public reading. That scene was a no-brainer. The scene that has caused the most chatter, and had the most requests is from my first novel, The Initiation of Ms Holly. It involves sex on a Harley Hog while roaring down the A3. I think apart from the fact that the bike’s owner, Morgan, is hot, exotic and nasty, the appeal of the Harley scene is that it is so outrageously dangerous and so public. And I have to be honest, having a giant vibrator between one's legs, well that idea did go far for me when I was writing the scene. The term crotch rocket is often used for small fast bikes. I hope, in this scene, I’ve taken the idea of a crotch rocket to a whole new level.

    I think what happens in this scene could be referred to as hogging, rather than dogging. I have to admit it was one of the most fun scenes in the book to write. Whenever someone approaches me who has read Holly, if they have a favourite scene, I know it will be one of two scenes, but this one is by far the one most talked about. So here is a cut-down version of Sex on a Harley from The Initiation of Ms Holly. Don’t worry, I didn’t cut any of the nasty bits…

    Guest post by K D Grace

    Sex Bag in the CityLast week I introduced you to the Angel of Passion Sex Machine, a high-powered humping heart with unbelievable shafting speeds.

    This week I’m going to slow it down a few notches and wow you with yet another fantastic sex machine, the Erotic Dream Bag (£350.00).

    At first glance this covert cock thruster looks like a swanky designer weekend bag but inside the you’ll discover a fully functioning sex machine which requires a little assembly for a lot of gain. If you’re looking for a sex machine that isn’t obvious in operation or appearance then this is the sex toy you’ve been waiting for.

    It might not be the most travel-friendly machine (it’s rather weighty), but pop this next to your bedside table and no one will suspect it’s hiding a sexy secret.

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