1. Lovehoney Head Buyer and star of Sex Toys TV, Bonny Hall, has recently been interviewed by retail careers and recruitment magazine, The Appointment, for its Careers Centre section.

    The interviewer's eyes were the size of saucers when he was given a tour of our magnificent warehouse full of choice goodies.

    You can read the full interview here.

    This Easter at Lovehoney get free delivery on everything when you spend just £10!

    Whether you want to treat yourself to a sexy toy for the Bank Holiday, buy your lover a fantastic gift or simply get your Christmas shopping in (very!) early there's never been a better time than right now!

    But don't delay because this offer must finish at 4pm Tuesday 25 March.

    And that's not all!

    Spend £30 and get a free Super Bullet Sleeve and Tingler Set. This sexy Cal Exotics set has a monster-sized multispeed silver bullet and a super-soft, ribbed sleeve with 4 sensational ticklers.

    The weather forecast isn't fantastic but you can still make it an Easter to remember at Lovehoney.

    This offer has now finished but you can check out our latest free vibrator offer here.

    Getting a link from Reddit or dugged by Digg is the stuff of many a blogger's or webmaster's dream. These social news sites have the power to deliver a torrent of traffic to anyone who creates content good enough to be liked and linked by users.

    It just so happened that last week I uploaded a post called Cock Sucking Customer Care In Action to the Lovehoney Sex Toys blog.

    The post features a genuine (and rather abusive) e-mail from a customer and my almost-straight-laced but definitely helpful response.

    Someone added a link to the post on Reddit and over the next few days the sex toys blog experienced a big spike in traffic. Hurrah! Lots more people finding out about Lovehoney! Reading our blog! Looking at our sex toys! Buying our sex toys!

    At least, that's the theory.

    But a quick probe into our Analytics a couple of days after the spike provides some sobering evidence of the Reddit Effect and should give Webmasters cause to question the value of focusing efforts on (and stressing over) obtaining links from Reddit or Digg.

    ----- Original Message -----
    From: [e-mail address removed]
    Sent: 11 March 2008 18:38
    To: Lovehoney News
    Subject: Re: 1 Week at £1.99 - Toys for Him and Her at Lovehoney

    Stop sending me this fucking shit. Right now, take my off your fucking list you cocksuckers. I'm tired of getting your goddam spam. If you don't stop I'm going to find a way to stop you myself.

    ----- Original Message -----
    From: Customer Care
    To: [e-mail address removed]
    Sent: Wednesday, March 12, 2008 10:18 AM
    Subject: Your message to loveHoney

    Hi [name removed],
    Thank you very much for your e-mail.

    The e-mail address [e-mail address removed] is on our mailing list because a person used it to ask for a free condom on 11 May 2006. That's a long time ago, so maybe you forgot the two were connected.

    Our mailing list is a double-opt-in system which means the owner of the e-mail address has to click on a link in an e-mail we send to prove that they own the e-mail address and to confirm that they want to join the mailing list and receive the free item.

    The owner of [e-mail address removed] clicked the double opt-in link.

    Every e-mail we send to our mailing list has an unsubscribe link at the bottom. I have clicked this for you to remove your address from the list.

    We are sorry if you received e-mail that you think you didn't ask for and understand that it is annoying, which is why we are so careful to run a double opt-in list.

    Do let me know if you have any more questions about our fucking list and I'll be happy to help when I've stopped sucking cock.

    All the best,
    Lovehoney Customer Care

    The world's first sex toy recycling scheme, Lovehoney's Rabbit Amnesty, has been running for more than six months now and it's going stronger than ever.

    Your tremendous recycling efforts have ensured that we've been able to contribute to the success and development of the World Land Trust's Carbon Balanced programme, which is recognised as hugely important by its patron, Sir David Attenborough: "I welcome World Land Trust's new Carbon-balancing programme as a way of helping put back what we are taking away… Balancing your carbon emissions with the WLT means that we are able to put even more back in to our key objectives – acquiring land for conservation."

    Lovehoney's offset has been allocated to the Sierra Gorda project in Mexico, which is a broad-based conservation programme with a strong social element.

    Not only does the project help conserve the area's complex ecosystem, it provides incentives to local small-holders who receive financial incentives for environmental services – essentially planting up plots to help stabilise slopes and watersheds on over-grazed and eroding pastures.

    So, we'd like to say a big "thank you" to you all from everyone here at Lovehoney. You can see how your sex toys are recycled by Rabbit Amnesty here.

    And keep up the good work!

    This week at Lovehoney we've got a range of great sex toys for Him and Her for only £1.99 while stocks last, or until 4pm 17 March – whichever comes first. Get 'em while they're hot!

    For Her Chix Stick Mini Vibrator with Case £1.99

    For Him Instant Sex Male Masturbator £1.99

    For Her Pearl Shine Mini Smoothie 5 Inch Vibrator £1.99

    For Him Cock and Ball Triple Rings Set £1.99

    For Her Sorbet Delight Vibrating Bullet £1.99

    You can view the complete selection of £1.99 sex toys here.

    If, like us, you're at work all day long, you probably don't often get the chance to catch The Alan Titchmarsh Show on ITV on weekday afternoons. That's a real shame because Alan has taken it upon himself to explore the exciting world of sex toys.

    With resident sex expert Julie Peasgood, Alan has tackled sex games, saucy gifts, erogenous zones, sexercise and saucy gifts. In one memorable episode, he even discussed olive oil and breasts - and all before teatime.

    Lovehoney is happy to keep Alan and Julie (and house hunk Tommy) supplied with a fun variety of sex toys and naughty games. If you've seen something on the show that you like the look of, you can see it on our special Alan Titchmarsh sex toys page.

    And if you've never seen The Titcher tickling someone with a feather duster, head over to the Alan Titchmarsh TV Show Web site without further ado. (But don't forget to come back and buy something.)

    Durex Play Charm Massager Wand

    After the phenomenal demand for last week's once-in-every-four-years Leap Year Love Bundle (and we know many of you were disappointed to miss out) we've put together another fantastic 2-for-1 deal.

    Buy the wonderfully smooth and stimulating Durex Play Charm Massager Wand for £19.99 (it was previously £49.99) and get a devilishly orgasmic Durex Play Little Gem Clitoral Stimulator (was £44.99) absolutely free!

    But don't hang around because there are only 100 available.

    Find out more about this incredible 2-for-1 deal here.

    The Lovehoney Sex Tips Giveaway is back by popular demand. Once again we've got £1,000 of sex toys, sex furniture, lubricants, books and erotic gifts to give away to the people who share their best sex tips with us.

    Have you got some red-hot advice for going giving a blow job or going down on a girl? Or perhaps you've got some erotic advice involving various items of fruit, chocolate and Champagne?

    Share your tip with us and the best ones will win a prize from our £1,000 sex toy selection! You can enter as many times as you like.

    Leap Year Sex Toy Bargains Quick! Get your credit card out! It's a once-in-every-four-years opportunity to bag some cheap sex toys in the Lovehoney Leap Year special offers

    We've got a bargain Leap Year Love Bundle which has 4 sex toys for just £29, including a Durex Play Explore gift set which was recently selling for £54.99.

    And to complete the Leap Year sex toy bargains there are four vibrators for just 29p each - how's that for fun?!

    Ooooh, and BTW - you get free UK delivery when you spend £30 so whack 'em all in your basket and laugh all the way to the next leap year!

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