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  1. Say "hello" to your perfect handbag-friendly sex pal! The new Lovehoney Goldfinger Mini Vibrator is a multispeed vibe with an added twist.

    With its prickly, bobbled sleeve it transports orgasmic, tickly sensations to every pleasure point – truly, the Midas touch.

    Slip off the sleeve and you get a wonderfully smooth vibe topped with 5 ribbed humps – ideal for penetration or a foreplay teaser for couples.

    And the new Goldfinger provides all these sexy thrills at a pocket friendly price of just £7.99. "Double 0 heaven," as someone who might be a bit annoying would say. (Yes, us. Sorry.)

    And judging by your comments, Goldfinger is certainly hitting the right spot.

    "I really do like the bumps, they add a bit of interest and something a bit different," says imeldaimelda. "You don't have to worry about them being too hard at all. They hit the spots just right! All in all, this vibe is really excellent value for money and a welcome addition to any toy box."

    And lickityclit says: "I've used it both with and without the sleeve and personally prefer it without, as I found the sleeve dulled the vibrations slightly. Because of its length and slimness, it would be ideal for clitoral stimulation whilst making love and possibly even anal stimulation."

    Buzz Bunny Silicone Vibrator

    This week at Lovehoney get an orgasmically thick and powerful Buzz Bunny Silicone Vibrator worth £29.99 absolutely free when you spend £50.

    Made from top quality, 100% silicone this multispeed sex toy is cunningly designed to pleasure your every sweet spot.

    Smooth to the touch, the Buzz Bunny delivers rollicking vibrations along its magnificent shaft.

    This offer has now finished but you can read about our new free vibrator offer here.

    Sue Johanson Royal Jubilee G-Spot Vibrator

    This week at Lovehoney get a power-packed Sue Johanson Royal Jubilee G-Spot Vibrator worth £24.99 absolutely free when you spend £50.

    This soft and pliable vibrator has a wondrously thick, dimpled shaft and multispeed vibrations, which are easily controlled using the controller in the base. And it's waterproof, too - knee-trembling fun!
    This offer has now closed but you can find out about our new free vibrator offer here.

    Sue Johanson is Canada's foremost sexual educator and counsellor. For the last 30 years, she has provided frank and honest sexual education to thousands of Canadians through her lectures, radio programmes, and the Sunday Night Sex Show on national television.

    Currently, she offers expert sex advice on the weekly, live Talk Sex With Sue Johanson, which airs in the U.S. and 22 other countries.

    Going on a hen night this year? You need Hen Night HQ!

    Lovehoney's sister site has got everything you need to make the bride-to-be's last night of freedom a party to remember

    Hen Night Costumes and Accessories
    Hen Night HQ has a huge selection of hats, headgear and accessories. Angels or devils, cowgirls or police women, you can take your pick and prepare to put your glad-rags on!

    Whether you want all the girls to wear willy boppers, cowboy hats or angel wings, we've got the outfits for you.

    We've also got more Hen Night Accessories than you can shake a silly willy at. And the good news is, the more you buy, the more you save, so you can kit out all the girls without breaking the bank.

    We've also got the biggest selection of silly willies under the sun. Don't have a hen night without one!

    Plan a hen night and win £10,000 of prizes!
    Use our new hen night planner to set up your own hen night home page and you could win a share of £10,000 of prizes!

    Within seconds you'll have a personalised Hen Night Home Page where you can plan the party with maps, invite and organise friends by e-mail, and discuss your plans.

    It's free and easy to use - start planning your hen night now!

    Tracey Cox's Supersex range of vibrators has just gotten even sexier!

    The new Tracey Cox Supersex Massager is a quiet, powerful, multispeed vibrator – the perfect foreplay sex toy for couples. It's waterproof, too, which makes it an ideal companion for the shower!

    "Use the Supersex Massager directly on the clitoris or your most sensitive parts but if that feels too intense, tease around the sides," says Tracey. "Orgasms with a strong vibrator happen quickly, so stop and start to make the experience last longer."

    As a special introductory offer we're giving away Tracey Cox Supersex Mint Tingle Silicone Lube worth £7.99 free with every Supersex Massager – which adds extra toe-curling sensations to your sexy fun.

    Slim, super-strong and very long… it can only be the new Tracey Cox Supersex Bullet Vibrator! Small enough to take anywhere but packing a punch way above its weight, this stylish and discreet mini vibe is the finest bullet yet.

    "Because bullets are small, they're ideal for multiple stimulation," says Tracey. "Try holding one alongside your partner's tongue during oral sex or on the clitoris while he uses his fingers. The adventurous will also find it perfect for wicked teasing in all sorts of exciting places…"

    And for a limited period we're giving away free Tracey Cox Supersex Love Lube worth £4.99 with ever Supersex Bullet Vibrator.

    Wicked Silicone Ribbed Sex Toy Kit

    This week at Lovehoney get a fabulous 3-piece Wicked Silicone Ribbed Sex Toy Kit worth £19.99 absolutely free when you spend £40.

    The 3-piece kit includes:

    1. Ribbed multispeed vibrator (5 inch) with 18 ribs (yes, we counted) that deliver sensational pleasure.

    2. Mini multispeed bullet vibrator with sleeve attachment and string handle.

    3. Orgasmic Silicone Anal Beads - with 10 different-sized beads.

    This offer has now finished but you can read about our latest free vibrator offer here.

    Lovehoney Head Buyer and star of Sex Toys TV, Bonny Hall, has recently been interviewed by retail careers and recruitment magazine, The Appointment, for its Careers Centre section.

    The interviewer's eyes were the size of saucers when he was given a tour of our magnificent warehouse full of choice goodies.

    You can read the full interview here.

    This Easter at Lovehoney get free delivery on everything when you spend just £10!

    Whether you want to treat yourself to a sexy toy for the Bank Holiday, buy your lover a fantastic gift or simply get your Christmas shopping in (very!) early there's never been a better time than right now!

    But don't delay because this offer must finish at 4pm Tuesday 25 March.

    And that's not all!

    Spend £30 and get a free Super Bullet Sleeve and Tingler Set. This sexy Cal Exotics set has a monster-sized multispeed silver bullet and a super-soft, ribbed sleeve with 4 sensational ticklers.

    The weather forecast isn't fantastic but you can still make it an Easter to remember at Lovehoney.

    This offer has now finished but you can check out our latest free vibrator offer here.

    Getting a link from Reddit or dugged by Digg is the stuff of many a blogger's or webmaster's dream. These social news sites have the power to deliver a torrent of traffic to anyone who creates content good enough to be liked and linked by users.

    It just so happened that last week I uploaded a post called Cock Sucking Customer Care In Action to the Lovehoney Sex Toys blog.

    The post features a genuine (and rather abusive) e-mail from a customer and my almost-straight-laced but definitely helpful response.

    Someone added a link to the post on Reddit and over the next few days the sex toys blog experienced a big spike in traffic. Hurrah! Lots more people finding out about Lovehoney! Reading our blog! Looking at our sex toys! Buying our sex toys!

    At least, that's the theory.

    But a quick probe into our Analytics a couple of days after the spike provides some sobering evidence of the Reddit Effect and should give Webmasters cause to question the value of focusing efforts on (and stressing over) obtaining links from Reddit or Digg.

    ----- Original Message -----
    From: [e-mail address removed]
    Sent: 11 March 2008 18:38
    To: Lovehoney News
    Subject: Re: 1 Week at £1.99 - Toys for Him and Her at Lovehoney

    Stop sending me this fucking shit. Right now, take my off your fucking list you cocksuckers. I'm tired of getting your goddam spam. If you don't stop I'm going to find a way to stop you myself.

    ----- Original Message -----
    From: Customer Care
    To: [e-mail address removed]
    Sent: Wednesday, March 12, 2008 10:18 AM
    Subject: Your message to loveHoney

    Hi [name removed],
    Thank you very much for your e-mail.

    The e-mail address [e-mail address removed] is on our mailing list because a person used it to ask for a free condom on 11 May 2006. That's a long time ago, so maybe you forgot the two were connected.

    Our mailing list is a double-opt-in system which means the owner of the e-mail address has to click on a link in an e-mail we send to prove that they own the e-mail address and to confirm that they want to join the mailing list and receive the free item.

    The owner of [e-mail address removed] clicked the double opt-in link.

    Every e-mail we send to our mailing list has an unsubscribe link at the bottom. I have clicked this for you to remove your address from the list.

    We are sorry if you received e-mail that you think you didn't ask for and understand that it is annoying, which is why we are so careful to run a double opt-in list.

    Do let me know if you have any more questions about our fucking list and I'll be happy to help when I've stopped sucking cock.

    All the best,
    Lovehoney Customer Care

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