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  1. Rekindle Your Romance with Supersex for Life

    The season of love isn’t just for new lovers and secret admirers; it’s perfect for long term couples who want to add that spark back into their relationship.

    Buying lots of sensual sex toys and gorgeous lingerie is a good way to kick starting your love life but more lasting help is available in Tracey Cox’s latest book, Supersex for Life.

    Sex expert and relationship coach Tracey, has put together all her knowledge and advice into this one brilliant book, allowing those couples who have already explored the Kama Sutra and the tired 'ice cube blowjob' technique to find something new and exciting to try together.

    Beautifully presented in a gorgeous hardback cover, the full-colour photographs and witty text is sure to make Supersex for Life a great gift for Valentine’s Day.

    Check out our free extract below for some great tips from Tracey for long term lovers:

    Liaisons - A Free Erotic Extract to Warm You Up This Christmas

    As well as the free extract of the Book of the Month we’re also offering a free festive extract from Liasions, a book filled with erotic encounters from the team at Black Lace!

    This sensual short story collection is the perfect antidote to the mood-killing Queen’s speech and boring brussel sprouts! So grab your copy now, curl up on the sofa and get ready to become hot under the collar…

    Free Extract of Book of the Month - Tracey Cox Sextasy

    December's book of the month is Tracey Cox Sextasy - a glorious hard back book packed with gorgeous photos, sexy hints, top tips and great advice on exploring every erogenous zone.

    When you buy Sextasy during December, you'll automatically receive a free Tracey Cox Supersex Vibrating Love Egg - making this a great gift for a flirty friend or lusty lover.

    As well as receiving a great free gift, you're also able to enter our Tracey Cox signed book giveaway to receive one of 15 other books from the Tracey Cox range. Visit this blog post for more details.

    If you're still not convinced by our amazing Christmas giveaway, then check out the free extract of Sextasy below for some hot hints…

    Tracey Cox Sextasy with Free Tracey Cox Supersex Vibrating Love Egg!

    Seeing as its Christmas and we’re feeling ultra festive, we’ve decided that December’s book of the month needs some serious show-stopping appeal.

    Forget short story anthologies, forget epic fairytales with a fetish twist and definitely forget those mini books detailing all the sex positions you already know; we’ve got something that will fill your stockings - and your boots.

    For one month only, you can pick up the luxury hard back better sex guide known as Tracey Cox Sextasy and receive a free Tracey Cox Supersex Vibrating Love Egg worth £12.99!

    But not only that, when you buy Tracey Cox Sextasy during the month of December, you could be in with the chance of winning one of 15 signed books from the Tracey Cox range!

    Fill in the ultra-quick form below with your Sextasy order number and we will pick the winners at random throughout December.

    Tracey Cox Supersex Vibrating Love EggSo you’ll be getting Tracey Cox Sextasy, a free Tracey Cox Supersex Vibrating Love Egg and the chance to win a signed copy of Supersex, SuperHotSex, Tracey Cox Kama Sutra, Pocket Supersex or Hot Sex - all for just £14.99!

    Filled with top tips and lots of ways to spice up your sex life, international sex expert Tracey Cox has created these books with your pleasure in mind.

    A winter bargain, if we do say so ourselves…


    Check out the free extract to find out why Sextasy is the greatest Christmas present!

    Free Sexy Extract of No Reservations - November's Book of the Month!

    As it's coming up to Christmas, we thought we'd offer a very special Book of the Month from Black Lace - No Reservations.

    But what makes this sensual piece of erotica so exceptional? It's written by not just one of the best authors around, but two of them!

    And it comes with a free BASIC Sex Toys Love Bullet Vibrator for one month only!

    Support Breast Cancer Awareness with October's Book of the Month!

    October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and to support this occasion, we’re offering a very special Erotic Book of the Month…

    Ultimate Decadence is a fantastic collection of sexy short stories all about life’s little luxuries. From diamond heists to glamorous group romps – this book is perfect for reading in a bubbly bath surrounded by candles!

    And with stories by all your favourite Xcite authors, you're sure to find an exciting erotic tale that gets your pulse racing and your cheeks blushing.

    As part of the Burlesque Against Breast Cancer campaign, every copy of Ultimate Decadence that is bought will help to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support.

    And if that isn’t enough reason to pick up a copy, how about we throw in a free pack of Durex Play Sensations Personal Lubricant Sachets with every copy?

    Not only do these tasty lubes encourage some naughty couples play but they’re great with sex toys too – try it with a BASIC Sex Toys Lady Lustfinger Mini Vibrator for some smooth and sensual stimulation!

    Durex Play Sensations LubricantLet us know what you think about Ultimate Decadence in the Lovehoney Forums or share your thoughts in the comments box below.

    Remember, Ultimate Decadence with free Durex Play Sensations Personal Lubricant Sachets is only available for one month – so pick up yours now and make a difference during Breast Cancer Awareness month.

    Ultimate Decadence - A Free Extract and Free Lubricant Too!

    Ultimate Decadence is not only an amazing book filled with awesomely erotic stories, it is also part of the Burlesque Against Breast Cancer campaign!

    Check out the free extract below and then pick up your copy.

    As well as supporting Macmillan Cancer Support with this collection of tawdry tales, you'll also receive a set of free Durex Play Sensations Personal Lubricant Sachets worth £3.99.

    You may remember that a short while ago we launched a follow up to our Erotic Story Competition, known as the Lovehoney Jack-Off-Anory Video Competition.

    In this competition, we asked all our talented blog readers, forum members and customers to create a video reading one of the winning erotic stories. The prize being £100 worth of sex toys from the Lovehoney site!

    Not only was this competition an incredible success but it gave the Lovehoney team plenty of laughs, a lot of blushing cheeks and more than a handful of smiles that lasted all day.

    And for those reasons we are pleased to announce the winner as Lady Lubyanka - blogger, musician and woman of many talents!

    Lady Lubyanka’s reading of ‘The Rival’, with acting courtesy of the gorgeous Gertie, gave us all some big laughs and really brought the story to life.

    You can check out Lady Lubyanka’s brilliant winning video on her Spleencast Blog and read along with Jay David’s winning story too.

    Congratulations Lady Lubyanka – we hope to see a lot more of you and Gertie soon!

    Free Vibrating Cock Ring with September's Book of the Month!

    Buy September’s Book of the Month – Sexy Little Numbers Vol 1 - and receive a free Solar Vibrating Cock Ring worth £4.99!

    This brilliant book is packed with 21 of the hottest short stories around, with subjects as wide ranging as sex whilst travelling, secret fantasies and naughty business affairs.

    Free Extract of 'Have Sex Will Travel' by Delilah Devlin from the Book of the Month!

    September's Book of the Month is the fabulous Sexy Little Numbers Vol 1 - Best Women's Erotica From Black Lace.

    This brilliant book is packed with 21 of the hottest short stories from a brilliant range of erotica veterans and new writers from Black Lace.

    One story that particularly caught the eye of the Lovehoney team was 'Have Sex Will Travel' by Delilah Devlin.

    As a first time short story writer for Black Lace, it seems that Delilah has already gotten into her stride, producing one hell of a sexy story that really stands out from the crowd.

    'Have Sex Will Travel' contains every key ingredient needed for some seriously exciting erotica:

    • Attractive characters
    • A driving plotline
    • A unique setting
    • Blushingly erotic sex scenes
    • And in depth descriptions that make you feel like you're right there, enjoying every touch, kiss and thrust!

    Check out our free extract to find out just what awaits you in Sexy Little Numbers Vol 1

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