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  1. Meeting Her Match by Justine ElyotThe scene I've chosen is from my Xcite novel Meeting Her Match. BDSM erotica is very current, with all the hype surrounding Fifty Shades of Grey, but it's certainly nothing new. Just ask the Marquis de Sade… Anyway, it's long been my favourite erotic sub-genre and I still think you can't beat a good whipping. You can't whip a good beating either. Especially when it's a step on the way to some other intimate pleasures.

    In this scene, our heroine has attracted the attention of a shadowy dominant figure known as His Lordship while attending a fetish party with her kinky friends, Justin and Maz. The quartet have retired to a hotel room, where His Lordship wants to pursue his interest in the heroine by watching her submit to Justin. I love this scene because it mixes all of my favourite elements -spanking, submission, exhibitionism and a whole lot more - into one gloriously lust-drenched episode. I hope you like it too.

    Guest post by Justine Elyot

    Hired by Lily HarlemIn this scene from Hired Logan 'Phoenix' Taylor, the bad boy of the Orlando Vipers ice hockey team, and Brooke, wannabe nurse and believer of all things astrological and karmic, are having some fun with a box of sex toys they discovered at the luxury tropical villa they're staying in.

    I like this scene because it's not just hot, it's also experimental, they are at ease with each other and she is happy to trust him to take her out of her comfort zone. Brooke was a great character to write with her slightly kooky ideas and thoughts, which is ultimately why Logan falls for her, she couldn't be more different from the 'rink bunnies' who normally chase him.

    I also like the fact that here, despite the intensity of the moment, Brook remembers that they've already been snapped by paparazzi in a compromising position and how much worse this one would look splashed across the front of the sports papers!

    Guest post by Lily Harlem

    When Lovehoney asked me to share the hottest, most popular scene I’ve written, I was torn between sharing what I thought was my hottest sex scene (though I have several favourites) and the sex scene that I’ve had the most comments on from my readers, the one I’ve had the most requests to read whenever I do a public reading. That scene was a no-brainer. The scene that has caused the most chatter, and had the most requests is from my first novel, The Initiation of Ms Holly. It involves sex on a Harley Hog while roaring down the A3. I think apart from the fact that the bike’s owner, Morgan, is hot, exotic and nasty, the appeal of the Harley scene is that it is so outrageously dangerous and so public. And I have to be honest, having a giant vibrator between one's legs, well that idea did go far for me when I was writing the scene. The term crotch rocket is often used for small fast bikes. I hope, in this scene, I’ve taken the idea of a crotch rocket to a whole new level.

    I think what happens in this scene could be referred to as hogging, rather than dogging. I have to admit it was one of the most fun scenes in the book to write. Whenever someone approaches me who has read Holly, if they have a favourite scene, I know it will be one of two scenes, but this one is by far the one most talked about. So here is a cut-down version of Sex on a Harley from The Initiation of Ms Holly. Don’t worry, I didn’t cut any of the nasty bits…

    Guest post by K D Grace

    Zoe Margolis with the Lovehoney stand at Eroticon 2012At 6:45am on Saturday, Alice, Gemma and I were bleary eyed and loading ourselves and several cases into a car for a trip to Bristol. We’re not usually awake at that hour or working at the weekend but we made a special exception for Eroticon 2012, the first erotic conference aimed at writers, reviewers and sex bloggers.

    Held in central Bristol, Eroticon 2012 was jam-packed with speakers and delegates from all walks of life, each with their own take on erotica and ideas about how to transform their passion into a career. Photographers, sex toy reviewers, erotic authors, performers, publishers and bloggers convened on both sides of the stage to impart knowledge and share experiences to help delegates hone their skills and spark their imagination in a series of thoughtful seminars.

    As sponsors and dedicated sex toy enthusiasts, we brought along a selection of toys and treats to share with delegates and spent our time chatting to attendees, allowing them to get hands-on with some of our favourite products. Unfortunately this meant that we missed almost all of the talks and demonstrations but we had a great time mingling with delegates and speakers and we definitely enjoyed electrocuting them all with the Neon Wand. Bzzt!

    Zoe Margolis, author of Girl With A One Track Mind

    We brought along two tables filled with fun including Rock Box, the Bedroom Kandi Music-Activated Vibrator, Minna Ola, Sqweel and of course… Baconlube. Our table was rarely quiet and by the end of the day the batteries were running low, the Sliquid lubes were half consumed and our contact book was bulging full with email addresses of future reviewers. We really loved the friendly, vibrant atmosphere and the open attitude everyone had with us and one another. Thank you to everyone who took the time to chat with us…

    Ruby Kiddell organiser of Eroticon 2012Monday mornings aren’t often seen as the most exciting week but, for me, today was the last Monday before Eroticon 2012, which makes it very exciting!

    I came up with the idea for Eroticon in May 2011 and ten months later I’ll see all my hard work come alive on Saturday as I open the doors to the UK’s first conference for sex bloggers and erotica writers and I couldn’t be more excited.

    I’m excited to meet the speakers, some that I’ve never met before or only conversed with over email and many of whom I admire or inspire me in some way and some I’m just plain intrigued by. I’m excited to meet bloggers and writers that I’ve read and only met on social media as well as those delegates who I have never met and know nothing off.

    I’m curious to find out just who comes to a sex blogger and erotica writers’ conference!

    I’m excited to meet our sponsors, not just the friendly and generous Lovehoney and Coco de Mer staff but also the publishers and to discuss with them some of the big issues facing erotica and publishing at the moment; censorship, self-publishing, content and of course the big question “Where next for erotica?”

    I’m excited to meet old friends, some of whom are coming from overseas, that have supported me over the last couple of years, friendships that pre-date but will be strengthened there. I’m excited to see what happens, for all the planning and work that I’ve done, and that’s a lot, it isn’t down to me anymore, it is down to you, the people that are as excited as me about it to take it forward and bring it to life.

    I’m excited to see you learning, making networks and moving forward your writing. And if all the things that excite me don’t excite you, well that’s what Lovehoney are there for, because I know they’ll have plenty of things designed to excite you!

    Ruby Kiddell is an author of erotic fiction and organiser of Eroticon 2012. Ruby blogs at The Erotic Notebook.

    Erotic fictionPersonally, I love erotica. What could be better than a well-written story that gets you in the mood? It doesn’t always have to be fiction, and it definitely doesn’t have to be long. Sometimes a short and subtle erotic poem is much better than a prolonged novel with extensively graphic sex scenes.

    It's International Literacy Day today and in celebration I’ve created a short history of erotica with everything from ancient scripts to semi-autobiographical diaries. They might not all push your buttons, but they have ignited centuries' worth of love, lust and pleasure and are still exciting to read and appreciate today.

    Whether you’re into dominance and submission, seeking tales of debauchery and prostitution or looking for a classic love story there’s something in the genre for you… after all, we have the whole history of the written word to explore.

    Filament magazine wet issueEarlier this year we announced that Lovehoney were sponsoring the first ever Filament Magazine fiction competition. The competition has now closed, all entries have been read and raised pulses as the winners were selected.

    Filament’s fiction editor Megan Lewis had the difficult job of reading over 100 entries from around the world to select the finalists. The crème de la crème of amateur erotic fiction was then sent to one of favourite sex experts and educators - Violet Blue - who selected the winner of a cash prize and coveted publication in Filament Magazine.

    The Initiation of Ms Holly K D Grace was born with a writing obsession. It got worse once she actually learned how to write. There's no treatment for it. It's progressive and chronic and quite often interferes with normal, everyday functioning. She might actually be concerned if it wasn't so damned much fun most of the time.

    Her erotica has been published with Xcite Books, Mammoth, Cleis Press, Black Lace, Erotic Review, Ravenous Romance, and Scarlet Magazine.

    K D's critically-acclaimed erotic romance novel, The Initiation of Ms Holly, published by Xcite Books, is Lovehoney's Erotic Book of the Month for June. Buy the 5 star-rated book by K D Grace and get a Lovehoney Powerful Pocket Vibrator absolutely free - a super-charged erotic evening is practically guaranteed.

    1. K D, tell us about how you got started writing erotica.

    I’ve always enjoyed writing the sex scenes in whatever fiction I was writing. They were actually my favourite parts, and I was good at writing them. Unlike a lot of my writer friends, I didn’t find it hard to write the naughty bits. When I first saw Scarlet Magazine’s section for erotica called ‘Cliterature', I thought to myself, ‘I can write that.’ I sent off a story called ‘The Night Bus’ and Scarlet bought it. That was the beginning…

    The Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica 9

    Everyone is a fan of a naughty bedtime read and here at Lovehoney we have been revelling in the fine selection of erotic literature on offer, taking us into the autumnal months when staying at home with tales of fantasy and sexual adventure with a nice cup of tea is extremely tempting.

    October's Book of the Month is The Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica 9, an unputdownable collection of erotica, featuring 42 new stories of naughty encounters, selected from every corner of the world.

    If the October Erotic Book of the Month tickles your fancy, we have only gone and added to its appeal with the offer of a 10 Function Stimulating G-Spot Wand Vibrator worth £21.99 when you purchase the book. The combination of a fine selection of literature with an extremely fine pleasure toy is certainly one with winning potential you could say!

    We also have lots of new erotic novels including Subduing Jacqueline, an erotic tale of one man's mysterious power over his female staff and Girl Trade, a tale of a captive jewel dedicated to the pleasures of flesh in all its shapes and sizes.

    Have a great October and may it be filled with a great selection of erotic literature to keep you entertained and satisfied!

    Reading To Your Lover In Bed Improves Your Sex Life

    I picked up on this article in The Daily Mail advising that a bedtime story is the perfect aphrodisiac!

    “Seven in ten men regularly read to their wives and girfriends to help them relax before going to sleep, a study found.” Where are these men? I'm jealous! Ah, apparently only 64% of men in the South West of England do this, hmph!

    Well, even if your partner doesn't get Jackanory with you every night, you can still take advantage of the new, steamy erotic fiction we've added to our library.

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