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  1. So I was sitting in the opera box at this chic fetish club last night, drinking Black Tooth Grins and trying not to faint in my ultra-clingy PVC baby doll corset dress. He was sitting in the box next to ours and making it blatantly obvious that he was interested in what was underneath my slinky, shiny PVC.

    An old friend of mine came round last night with a bottle of wine, some body paints and a naughty selection of painting tools. At first I laughed out loud at his suggestions of painting each other using chocolate body paint and tickling feathers, paint brushes and different fruits, but when he described in immense detail exactly where he would concentrate his artistic efforts, I soon took him seriously.

    I've been feeling really horny for dripping wet pussy lately. I can't explain it, I've just been overwhelmed by the need to suck on a pink, juicy clit and have its juices drip all over my face.

    Tonight it was within my grasp. It was more or less offered to me on a silver platter. Or so I thought…

    Just down the road from my flat is a really funky new florist, which I can't name for obvious reasons. It's only been open three months, but the owner has already made a name for herself. Not so much for the flowers she sells, but for the fact that she's a raging lesbian with a wandering eye. In fact, some of my friends who buy flowers from her will go as far as to say that she'd give you a beautiful tulip posy in exchange for a quick fingering out the back room. Their full of shit and exaggerating horrendously: it's £10 for a tulip bouquet and then she'll take you out back and finger you like a jackhammer.

     More Wicked Words: An Erotic Short Story Collection Fuck me! I thought I liked it rough, but the woman in this story is a right kinky bitch. I've just come out of a long, hot bubble bath and I've read a rather dirty short story, taken from Black Lace's More Wicked Words: An Erotic Short Story Collection about a woman who becomes her lover's bitch for the evening. In fact, she becomes his dog. He shoves a 'pony tail' butt plug in her ass (much like the Doc Johnson Pony Play Butt Plug) and begins his series of mental, physical and sexual commands. If you like the idea of being dominated, you'll love this…

    The following is excerpt is taken from an erotic short story called Bitch For An Evening written by Rowan Michaels and is featured in the Black Lace book More Wicked Words: An Erotic Short Story Collection.

    'Bitch!' I heard. 'Come here and leave that damn tail alone!'

    I blushed again, feeling like I had been caught doing something forbidden and hurried over to you once more. I noticed your pants had the button down and your hands were on your thighs…

    I Rub My Duckie Paris EditionI'm sitting on my bathroom floor, my laptop infront of me and writing to you about what a bad kitty I've just been. My little I Rub My Duckie seems to be looking over with a shameful but naughty grin from the side of my bath. And if it were real and actually witnessed what just happened, I imagine it would have good reason to grin.

    It's been a while since I fucked a random stranger. I'm not a sex addict or even somewhere who loves to fuck strangers on a regular basis, but I appreciate the excruciatingly horny thrill of meeting someone for the first time then having my mouth wrapped around their cock a few minutes later. That is exactly what just happened. Except it was their mouth over my pussy.

    Buying something expensive and decadent just because you want to experience the thrill of buying it even though you can't afford it is something we've all done at least once in our lives.

    When I was in university I rinsed my student loan for £ 1,900 to spend on a summer ball gown, only to take it back the following week because I couldn't afford to spare that much cash and make it to the end of term without dying of malnutrition.

    The reason I bought the dress in the first place – and the reason why so many people go on lavish shopping sprees when they can't afford them – is to experience the thrill of buying something utterly decadent and frivolous, but more importantly to experience that feeling of power that comes with having tons of money to spend.

    Searching for sexFollowing on from the huge response on this site from the recent posting of an excerpt from Mathilde Madden's short story Wheels On Fire (published as part of Black Lace's Wicked Words 10 and developed into a beautiful and engaging novel called Equal Opportunities), who better than Mathilde to advise you on how to write your first erotic short story?

    Whether you want to try your hand at writing a sexy short for your partner as a kinky present, or whether you have always fancied trying your hand as an erotic writer but have never known where to start, Mathilde's immense experience at writing erotic stories and novels will be a great asset in helping you begin your first story.

    Read Mathilde's six steps to writing your first erotic short story below, then get writing!

    Fukuoku Massage GloveI'm being totally honest when I say that I've got a drawer full of vibrators. From the massive to the mini, the battered to the beautiful, the powerful to the paltry (yes, even I have made some mistakes when it comes to buying the right vibe), there aren't many vibrators I haven't rubbed all over my clit. But I just couldn't get myself off this morning no matter which one I switched on.

    I woke up early feeling really horny from a particularly sexy dream about Johnny Depp, and I knew that getting back to sleep wasn't an option unless I got myself off quick. Hell, I was so horny I was practically humping the fold of quilt trapped between my legs. Anyway, my vibes weren't doing it so I thought I'd try out my new toy, the Fukoku Massage Glove.

    Balls to normal vibes, because this baby has got tiny vibrators in each fingertip and pumps out a buzz-tastic 45,000 vibrations per minute! Not only did it feel amazing when held against my pussy or when I used it to pull and flick my clit, but it also worked wonders on my already hard nipples and wet ass. I came in less than a minute after a really intense and juicy orgasm, which was so powerful that I had just enough time to pull my tiny microfibre panties on before crashing out.

    By the time I woke up when my alarm actually went off I was still dripping wet, so I pulled my glove back on for another quickie before jumping in the shower…

    If you've ever wanted to know how big Jay-Z's dick really is, or how crap some of the world's biggest rappers are in bed, read this article. I couldn't stop laughing!

    Black Lace Wicked Words 10

    If you have an iBuzz vibrator, get it out now, connect it to your iPod and let it pump away to your favourite dance song, because this wicked story about a horny girl called Jo at Reading festival will make you orgasm before the song is even over.

    The following excerpt is taken from a short story called Strawberry Sunday, written by Maria Eppie and published as part of Black Lace Wicked Words 10.

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