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  1. Aishling Morgan's Beastly Behaviour

    Aishling Morgan is one of the few erotic authors worth reading for reasons beyond the obvious - Lindsay Gordon is another. We currently stock Beastly Behaviour, The Old Perversity Shop and Strip Girl, which is a mere sprinkling of titles from an author who now has 25 titles to his credit.

    Penny Birch's In Disgrace

    Penny Birch is one of the few living erotic authors to have built up a genuine cult following, partly from the feel of real experience that comes through reading her stories but also because of her specialist areas, including watersports and pony-carting. As Penny puts it on her website, 'All Penny Birch books focus on female submission and contain a wide variety of kinky behaviour. There's always plenty of spanking, humiliation and anal sex. Some also focus on more specialist areas… The short story collections cover the widest range of all.'

    The Old Perversity Shop, latest in Aishling Morgan's Truscott saga (which began with The Rake), is a marvellously entertaining romp through a foggy Victorian London populated by buxom doxies, shy innocents dreaming of a well-greased cock up the bum, hideous dwarfs and - well, a baboon.

    If that all sounds a bit grotesque, that's because Morgan's work always works that way, whether exploring anything from the half-human, half-animal world of Tiger Tiger (you don't see the line 'Pull my tail' very often in erotic fiction) or the erotic potential of human/cephalopod mating in Deep Blue.

    Most of our Orgasm Army reviewers are so busy fiddling around with sex toys of one sort or another that we don't often see erotic books reviewed on the site. The following review, while not particularly complimentary, is honest and helpful, and the kind of thing we'd like to see more of on the site. Let us know what kind of book rocks your dirty mind, so we can keep feeding you the very best in erotic fiction.

    Amazon Slave

    Lisette Ashton is one of the most popular Nexus authors, with readers thrilling to the adventures of private investigator Jo Valentine in early titles The Black Room, The Black Masque and The Black Widow, and enjoying more exotic locations in novels like Fairground Attractions, Amazon Slave, Forbidden Reading and Hot Pursuit. Lisette got her first break writing for Forum magazine, and is one of the few British erotic authors to make a living from her highly charged erotic fiction, dirty enough to satisfy the most jaded mind, exciting enough to ensure that once you've read the first page you have to know how the book ends, and convincing enough to let you both care about the characters and believe in every step of their filthy adventures.

    Lisette's kindly agreed to an interview with Lovehoney, full of tips for aspiring authors and reasons for you to read her books. If you'd like to know more, buy one of Lisette's books or check out her website.

    Another fruity story from the Erotic Book Club Sex Stories forum. And no, it's not about a boy made out of paper. Because that would be anything but erotic - he'd go all soggy, for a start…

    Penny Birch's Naughty Naughty

    According to a recent survey of 5000 women by, books maketh the man. Or, at least, when asked which book would encourage them to chat up a reader on the tube, the polled women were most likely to be impressed by Romeo and Juliet, suggesting a romantic lover, and Benjamin Graham's The Intelligent Investor, which indicates that the reader has lots of money (no surprises there, then).

    The Orgasm Army Sex Stories Forum is coming up trumps these days, with several full-length stories. Here's Trial by Sperm, another tale from Orgasm Army cadet jallen944, and it's a scorcher!

    Mini Rabbit VibratorFlower Power Lip Balm Orgasm EnhancerI hate mornings like these. I'm incredibly horny, I'm stuck in work and there's absolutely no chance of feigning illness to go home and fuck my neighbour.

    Doc Johnson Strap-On Butterfly G-Spot

    You can't keep a good man down. Not many of Orgasm Army's team of reviewers test sex toys quite as thoroughly as keith.b, or write such filthy stories about their experiences. If you haven't encountered Keith and his girlfriend's very tight vagina before, you're in for a treat…

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