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  1. Back into the breach, dear friends. I've wiped the steam off my glasses and had another dip into the world wide web to look at who's giving what out for free in the wild world of erotic fiction. And these are today's findings…

    - www.adultstorycorner.com looks like it was designed by a hobbit freak - sorry, a fantasy fan - covered as it is with pictures of 'enchanted faeries' and the like. It has submission guidelines, unusually for sites of this type, so no frolics with Fido here, and is also at pains (despite the kitsch decoration) to point out that it '110% endorses the USA and its allies', with a 'special corner dedicated to veterans of the USA military and its allies'. A curious mixture, to be sure.

    - www.heatherssecretplace.com is a neatly designed site with near-exhaustive categories, plus an array of blog links that makes this the perfect place to dip a toe in the erotic story blogosphere.

    - storiesonline.net is exactly what it says, a free and large archive of all kinds of stories, not just dirty ones. You'll need to register, but it's free and easy.

    As ever, please leave comments if there are any free story sites you'd like to recommend!

    More top tips from the heady world of free online smut - please feel free to leave comments or suggestions for your favourites, looking through all these sites has plenty of - um - distractions that can easily lead to sore wrists and general lethargy. Ahem! Right, so onto the next batch of story sites:

    - www.lustylibrary.com is a neatly laid out site billing itself as 'stories for the sexual intellectual', which means it may not host the down'n'dirty smut we all secretly crave occasionally. But if style and a cool, distanced tone are your thing, this is the place for you! The stories are free but there's also a special member's area.

    - www.sexstoriespost.com features a vast archive of stories with a full range of highly specific categories, from 'slut wife' to 'smut diaries'. Truly something for everyone.

    - XNXX.com is a well-established site for reader-ranked stories of all categories. And we do mean all - no guidelines here! There's even a 'Mind Control' category for those of you who like to fantasise about what celebrity hypnotists get up to in their spare time.

    More coming soon…

    Punished in Pink

    Taking the tawse at a finishing school? Jolly hockey sticks japes that end up with reddened rears upended in the shrubbery? You must be reading a Yolanda Celbridge book. Yolanda's one of the most prolific erotic authors on the scene, with Punished in Pink, Slave of the Spartans and The Smarting of Selina just a tiny selection from her vast back catalogue. And yes, before you ask they do often have alliterative titles! If Penny Birch writes a kind of pimped-up, anarchic Just William, Yolanda's speciality is more Enid Blyton with canes, all polite girls vying with each other to see who can take twenty on the bare without crying. We've heard a rumour that Yolanda may have hung up her pen for good (gasp!) but before she vanishes into the ether (or wherever erotic authors go when their creative juices have run dry), we asked her to share some of her thoughts on writing, reading and the judicious use of the
    Tantus FeelDoe Vibrating Silicone Double Dildo. To find out more, read on…

    Now that we've just launched our Erotic Story Competition, I thought it would be timely to mention a post from a couple of months back entitled How to write your first sexy story. We interviewed erotic author Mathilde Madden who's had stories published in the Black Lace books - she had plenty of tips but budding erotic writers. Happy reading! And happy writing!

    There are more sex story sites online than you can waggle a stick at, from writer-generated hobby sites to commercial pages using the lure of free stories to get you to sign up for costly Camel Toe and MILF sites. Honestly, the tricks some people use…

    Keeping tabs on the slippery world of the web is a tough job, but the sites we're mentioning are well established and aren't irritating pay sites trying to jump on the free story bandwagon.

    The Island of Dr Sade

    If you like your smut on the strange side, you won't find it much stranger than Wendy Swanscombe. Nexus has never been afraid to mix the bizarre with the erotic, but Wendy's world pips even Aishling Morgan for out-and-out weirdness. You want tulip girls? Read The Island of Dr Sade (and spare a thought for poor old HG Wells). You want anaemic sisters trapped in the vicelike grip of a Teutonic master? Try Disciplined Skin. And if you want fresh flesh… well, see what Fresh Flesh holds in store for you.

    We asked Wendy a few questions about her smut-peddling activities, and true to form she's thrown us some intriguing and bizarre answers. We wouldn't have it any other way…

    Win £500 in the Lovehoney Erotic Story Competition Attention all budding erotic writers!
    While we know there's nothing quite as satisfying as finding the perfect sex toy, we think that writing a story you're proud of comes pretty close. It can be hard work, but there's not much that can touch it for the warm glow of a job well done, and even more so if you see your work in print. So imagine how good it feels if you've managed to turn people on at the same time!

    Enter our Erotic Story Competition and you could win the first Lovehoney Vulgari Award for Erotic Fiction and a cash prize of £500! Plus you could have the chance to see your story published!

    Lisette Ashton's The Black Masque

    The third in Lisette Ashton's hugely entertaining series of novels featuring private investigator Jo Valentine pits her against a vampire coven who seem more interested in other bodily fluids than blood.

    As if that weren't enough, Jo has problems at home, which she tries to deal with by taking her cheeky business partner Sam in hand - but has she underestimated Sam's masochistic tendencies?

    Aishling Morgan's Beastly Behaviour

    Aishling Morgan is one of the few erotic authors worth reading for reasons beyond the obvious - Lindsay Gordon is another. We currently stock Beastly Behaviour, The Old Perversity Shop and Strip Girl, which is a mere sprinkling of titles from an author who now has 25 titles to his credit.

    Penny Birch's In Disgrace

    Penny Birch is one of the few living erotic authors to have built up a genuine cult following, partly from the feel of real experience that comes through reading her stories but also because of her specialist areas, including watersports and pony-carting. As Penny puts it on her website, 'All Penny Birch books focus on female submission and contain a wide variety of kinky behaviour. There's always plenty of spanking, humiliation and anal sex. Some also focus on more specialist areas… The short story collections cover the widest range of all.'

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