1. Erotic Author Interview: Donna Storey, Author of Amorous Woman

    The erotic secrets of one woman's sexual awakening and her subsequent passions in Japan as an Amorous Woman…

    An Extract from Asking for Trouble by Kristina Lloyd Kristina Lloyd's Asking For Trouble is a Black Lace bestseller, has been reprinted several times, and was the winner of Best Female Submission Scene in Scarlet Magazine's Erotic Fiction Awards 2006.

    "It's a very filthy book: dark, disturbing, claustrophobic and hot," says Kristina. "The story follows Beth Bradshaw, a woman fascinated by sleaze and danger, and Ilya, the enigmatic stranger who offers to fulfil her sexual fantasies. The two embark on an increasingly addictive game and as fantasy and reality blur, Beth is drawn deeper into Brighton's seedy underbelly where things, including Ilya, are far more dangerous than she bargained for…"

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    An exclusive extract from Asking for Trouble

    Erotic author Kristina Lloyd's books include Darker than Love and Asking for Trouble.

    Her new book Split will be on sale as of 8 November 2007 and Lust Bites - a vampire erotica trilogy also featuring contributions from Mathilde Madden and Portia Da Costa - is out on the same date.

    You can read more about Kristina on her blog. She is also a regular contributor to Lust Bites. Kristina lives in Brighton.

    How did you first come to start writing erotic fiction?

    I'd just finished a Masters in 20th Century Literature and was wondering what to do next. I like writing and I like sex so thought I'd try my hand at erotica. I started off with short stories then moved on to novels a couple of years later.

    Asking for Trouble by Kristina Lloyd Kristina Lloyd's Asking For Trouble is the Lovehoney Erotic Book Club's first book of the month.

    When Beth Bradshaw - the manager of a fashionable bar in the seaside town of Brighton - starts flirting with the handsome Ilya, she becomes a player in a game based purely on sexual brinkmanship. The boundaries between fantasy and reality start to blur as their relationship takes on an increasingly reckless element.

    When Ilya's murky past catches up with him, he's determined to involve Beth. Unwilling to extricate herself from their addictive games, she finds herself being drawn deeper into the seedy underbelly of Brighton where things, including Ilya, are far more dangerous than she bargained for.

    You can share your thoughts on Asking for Trouble in the Erotic Book Club Discussion Forum.

    You can buy the featured Erotic Book Club Book of the Month, Asking For Trouble, for just 99p during November! (RRP £7.99)

    Here are some things to ponder while you're reading the story:

    Welcome to the Lovehoney Erotic Book Club! We think we should all read more dirty books and we're not ashamed to say it! So we're starting an Erotic Book Club to encourage everyone to have a naughty book at bedtime or bathtime or whenever takes your fancy.

    Think of it not so much as Richard and Judy but Richard and Rude-y!

    Every month we'll feature a different erotic book from erotic publishers like Black Lace, Nexus or Cleis Press.

    We'll interview the author, post an extract from the book to the Erotic Book Club blog and also provide reading notes to inspire discussion in the Erotic Book Club discussion forum. Hurrah!

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    Men in Love

    Over the past two weeks, I have talked about Nancy Friday's work, Men in Love, in which she showcased men's fantasies and Forbidden Flowers, which displayed women's fantasies. So I thought it was only right that I finish the series by talking about the book that started it all. My Secret Garden is the first of this trifecta and the one that really unveiled how much people were needing to be reassured that their fantasies were normal and healthy.

    Men in Love

    Last week I spotlighted Nancy Friday's "Forbidden Flowers", her second book showcasing real life fantasies that women sent in to her after her first book was published. But as much as I love that volume, my real favorite of her books is her focus on the men--Men in Love.

    Here at Lovehoney, we all tend to focus on the toys--and fair enough with that, because what is better than a bit of playtime? But hidden behind all the racks of dildos, vibrators, and strange contraptions that require manuals and extra lube are hidden treasure troves of erotica. And as much as I enjoy a good erotic novel or series of short stories, I can't think of anything hotter than real men's fantasies…unedited and just as dirty as can be. Considering that this one has four Orgasm Army soldiers singing its praises, I think that that marks it as a worthwhile read.

    Forbidden Flowers

    Ever since I read Nancy Friday's Forbidden Flowers, I haven't been able to stop trying to get more people to read it. I wrote a review of it over at Orgasm Army where I said:

    "This is a book to read while on a leisurely train ride or when you're relaxing in a tub - it is more a contemplative examination of women's sexuality than an erotic panting page turner. Which is not to say this book isn't erotic - it is… this book is a glimpse into hundreds of women's most intimate thoughts, it would be impossible for it not to be. But the style of the book is thoughtful and more academic than the average erotic novel."

    And I'm not the only one to think so. Another reviewer found it enlightening, "What this book tells you, and what every letter says, is a thank you for making me feel normal that I have fantasies like this. It's got a great range of fantasies, which are helpfully grouped so you can read the ones you like and avoid the ones you don't. Nancy Friday's analysis is really interesting as well.

    These are real unsanitised fantasies and some people may not like them all, but they are really interesting to read and very eye-opening. You learn a lot about yourself as well as getting turned on. You can read this alone or out loud to a partner.

    A third woman just found it darned hot: "I guarantee this book will get the juices flowing and is a great book to share with your partner. Also a great book if you're on your own too. This book opens up the world of women's sexual fantasies and is a great help to women who are maybe a little shy. This book has come to bed with me many times with fantastic results both with myself and my partner."

    Most people will agree that the best thing you can do to achieve great sex is to learn to relax and enjoy it. I don't know of any other way to really relax into your sexuality than by learning to accept it. This book goes a long way towards helping women understand their sexuality and to love all the parts of themselves that they thought were shameful.

    Even if you think you're completely comfortable with your fantasy life, you're likely to find that this book is good to own… after all, where else are you going to find such a treasure trove of ready-made fantasies?

    The Private Undoing of a Public Servant 'Let's pretend we're authority figures, bourgeois neurotics, juvenile delinquent and welfare officer, arresting officer with clipboard and handcuffs, personality sex offender and victim turned accomplice. We are aroused by language over touch. This isn't a skin-on-skin affair and I don't think we've even seen each other naked. This is not about bodies.' All of which makes Leonie Martel's The Private Undoing of a Public Servant a very different erotic novel indeed, marrying the usual fem-dom paraphernalia of butt plugs, bondage, lashing and cross-dressing to the tale of a cabinet minister's downfall at the hands of an uncompromising pervert.

    Wicked Words Sex in the Office Sasha White, who's been taking the erotic world by storm with books like Lush and Bound, stories in the likes of Wicked Words Sex in the Office and her ultrastylish blog at www.sashawhite.net, has very kindly agreed to say a few words to Lovehoney about her experiences of writing erotic fiction. Many thanks, Sasha, and over to you…

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