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  1. Sizzling and Sexy - FREE Erotic Short Story from Lovehoney!

    Small PackagesSome of the most erotic stories are those that involve sex toys. Last year, we challenged all the budding erotic authors out there to produce an erotic short story that involved a sex toy, for our Lovehoney Erotic Story competition.

    One of the runner-up winners was Ellis Campbell with the story "Small Packages". This short tale earned Ellis £50 of sex toys and the chance to be published online at Lovehoney!

    This sensual story tells the tale of one woman, one fantasy and her Lovehoney Magic Bullet mini-vibrator! With a clever twist to keep you captivated, this is a piece of erotica that you're bound to love!

    Book of the Month - Seriously Sexy 1

    Xcite Books are the up-and-coming publishers of some of the most amazing erotic short-story collections around. Whatever your fetish or fantasy, Xcite has something to suit you!

    Seriously Sexy 1, the original collection of hot and horny short stories from Xcite, is the Lovehoney Book of the Month for September. And with this book, not only do you get some of the best erotica around; you also get a free Pearl Shine Mini Smoothie 5 Inch Vibrator worth £9.99!

    Seriously Sexy 1Book of the Month, Seriously Sexy 1, features one particular story that happened to catch our eye here at the Lovehoney Erotic Book Club.

    "Impressionism" by Jeremy Edwards is a fascinating piece of erotica based in a Manhattan art gallery. The intense lust in the story is beautifully and deeply described without hindering the story's fast pace. Everyone can see a bit of themselves in the characters - whether it's Valerie's subtle exhibitionism or Max's charming wit - making this a story with an almost magnetic appeal.

    Jeremy Edwards

    Book of the Month, Seriously Sexy 1, is full of amazingly hot stories on such diverse themes as lesbian seduction, open relationships, illicit love affairs, domination and exhibitionism.

    Whatever you're interested in, there's sure to be something within the covers of this incredible book to tease and tempt you!

    One of the hottest stories in Seriously Sexy 1 is Impressionism by Jeremy Edwards.

    This erotic tale of seduction, voyeurism and exhibitionism is beautifully written and is laced with Jeremy's signature style which makes it so easy to lose yourself in the story entirely!

    Jeremy is a pseudonymous sort of fellow whose efforts to spin libido into literature have been widely published online, on the newsstands and in print, including in Xcite's Tease Me and the soon-to-be released Ultimate Burlesque. Jeremy explains that his greatest goal in life is "to be sexy and witty at the same moment – ideally in lighting that flatters my profile!"

    Pleasure BoundWe're good to you here at the Lovehoney Erotic Book Club! Not only are we offering the hottest books at the lowest prices, we're also bringing you another free erotic story!

    This time, it's a sizzling tale of domination and submission from Erotic Story Competition runner-up Lexy Lenox. Entitled Pleasure Bound, this story won Lexy £100 and the chance to have her story published online!

    Free Erotic Short Story - The Magic Bullet by Miss Red

    The Magic BulletLast year Lovehoney ran an Erotic Short Story Competition. Erotica writers, from the amateur to the semi-professional, were asked to create a story that involved one of our sex toys and therefore have the chance of winning £100 worth of sexy treats for themselves!

    Sex author Julie Peasgood, Nexus author Angel Blake and Lovehoney's Head Buyer Bonny Hall had a hard - but enjoyable - time reading through the hundreds of excellent submissions and eventually came to a unanimous decision.

    The winner was Miss Red for her story The Magic Bullet - a seriously sexy short story that makes us love men in uniform even more!

    Your Chance to Win a Year of Orgasms with the Lovehoney Erotica Survey!

    Everyone loves a good piece of erotica and to celebrate the launch of the Erotic Book Club, Lovehoney has decided to give away a year of orgasms!

    Simply, take our erotic reading survey and you could win a free erotic book every month for a year and £100 of the most desirable and sought after sex toys!

    If you don't win the competition, there's always the featured Book of the Month from Lovehoney that also comes with a free vibrator!

    So, let us know why you love erotica, your favourite type of erotic book and who you think the hottest literary couple are and you could be our lucky winner!

    This survey has now closed.

    Top Tips from Romance Publishers Mills and Boon

    2008 marks Mills and Boon's centenary in the publishing world and to celebrate, the team have been giving advice on how to write a best-selling romance novel.

    Although Mills and Boon have been criticised for repeating plot lines, the inevitable happy endings and the simple writing style, to still be going strong after 100 years is no mean feat!

    The reason the books may be so popular is because of their dependability and escapist value. You know that if you pick up a book with a hot-pink cover you're going to get a romance novel with chaste kisses and blushing brides whereas picking up a flame-covered title from the Blaze series, will be full of lust-fuelled scenes and graphic erotica!

    Words and Phrases to Avoid in Erotica

    There really is nothing worse than getting totally absorbed in an erotic story, enjoying the plot, seeing how the characters develop, getting to your first hot and heavy sex scene and then - BAM! You're faced with a phrase which is not only very unsexy but extremely distracting, too!

    In our Erotic Book Club Forum we have been discussing this precise phenomena which has come to be known as "Throbbing Member Syndrome". This terrible affliction affects writers of erotic fiction and causes them to use words and phrases which, quite frankly, set our libidos plummeting!

    Juicy Erotica A lot of people are put off by the idea of erotica, thinking it's all "throbbing members" and period drama-style tales of heaving bosoms and, many years ago, this was very much the case!

    However, it's recently been given a 21st century face lift. Erotica is now not only stories that genuinely leave you reaching for your rabbit vibrator but sex guides and manuals that reveal all the hottest tips and techniques, too.

    My favourite kinds of stories are those that are based on real life. I love knowing that the words that have sent a tingle down my spine are the true stories of someone's experiences.

    But whether you're looking for shocking confessions, a guide to new positions or short stories to leave you breathless, Lovehoney has the perfect erotic book for you!

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