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  1. Tracey Cox's 'Sextasy' Exclusively Released Today!

    Tracey Cox is a busy lady with her regular TV appearences, magazine columns, newspaper articles, websites, sex toys range and online advice and it seems that she's managed to squeeze in enough time to produce a fantastic book to add to her already brilliant collection called Sextasy.

    A New Year, A New Book of the Month - Odalisque

    Odalisque is an exceptional page-turner of a book, full of the most raunchy sex scenes we've ever read! From storyline to sex, from orgies to public exhibitionism, from revenge to pride - this book is utterly compelling and an excellent first Book of the Month for the New Year!

    Odalisque - The Inside Scoop from Author Fleur Reynolds!

    Fleur Reynolds was one of the first Black Lace writers and as soon as her first book Odalisque was released in 1994, it became an instant classic. We caught up with Fleur to ask her about her work and getting her stories printed by the fabulous publisher Black Lace.

    Extract of the Fantastic Odalisque by Fleur Reynolds

    How could we have such a fantastic Lovehoney Book of the Month without an extract to tempt you with?

    The New Joy of Sex Takes On America!

    The fabulous The New Joy of Sex is about to be released in America and the excitement and hype - which it will without a doubt live up to - has already started.

    December Book of the Month - The Fabulous Tracey Cox Kama Sutra!

    We've been overcome with the generosity of the Christmas season here at Lovehoney! For December, we're offering a very special book of the month - Tracey Cox's Kama Sutra!

    Exclusive Interview with Tracey Cox - Author of Tracey Cox Kama Sutra

    The Christmas Book of the Month is Tracey Cox Kama Sutra - a fantastic book by an exceptionally talented writer who has taken the original Kama Sutra, Tao and Tantra texts and turned them into something easy to read, easy to understand and even easier to put into practice.

    An Exceptional Extract from Tracey Cox Kama Sutra!

    Tracey Cox's writing style is unique and captivating. Throughout Tracey Cox Kama Sutra, she laces the book with short informative sections on very specific topics.

    Move over Carrie and Big - Lady Chatterley and Mellors are the Hottest Fictional Characters!

    Earlier in the autumn, we ran the Lovehoney Erotic Book Club Survey and asked you about your naughty reading habits! Now it's time to reveal the results…

    Download a free, award-winning erotic story - 7.30 Rhapsody by Kathryn Snow

    Continuing with our fabulous tradition of giving away free erotic stories, Lovehoney is proud to present '7.30 Rhapsody' by Kathryn Snow!

    This amazing story was one of the runner's up in our Erotic Story Competition, earning Kathryn £100 and the opportunity to see her story beautifully presented and published at Lovehoney!

    '7.30 Rhapsody' is an intoxicating tale of a sexy and mysterious rendezvous with a stranger on the way to work. The story ebbs and flows beautifully, building up to an exciting climax that is sure to leave you hot under the collar and asking 'why can't all train journeys be like that?'!

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