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  1. Interview with Gwen Masters, Contributing Author to Seduction

    Reading Seduction, Black Lace's latest short story collection, one story stands out for its naughty plot line and the amount of utter raunch crammed into so few words, and that is 'Rush' by Gwen Masters.

    The New Rakes - Erotic Book of the Month for March

    The Book of the Month for March is The New Rakes by Nikki Magennis - a decadently dirty new release from Black Lace that is sure to become a classic! Grab your copy today and get a free, unbelievably orgasmic White PowerHead Rocket 4 Piece Massage Vibrator worth £9.99!

    Interview with Nikki Magennis, author of The New Rakes

    Nikki Magennis is a young erotic writer with an amazing body of work already under her belt. We got the opportunity to talk to one of Black Lace's most modern and inspiring writers and find out what really makes her tick…

    The New Rakes - An Extract To Get You Going...

    Here at Lovehoney we like to treat our Erotic Book Club members to a little something special and this time we've got a hot and horny extract from The New Rakes by Nikki Magennis…

    Susan Quilliam's The Adventurous Lover and The Romantic Lover Released Today!

    The fabulous Susan Quilliam has officially released her two new books today! The Adventurous Lover and The Romantic Lover are Susan's latest educational offering and make absolutely fantastic Valentine's gifts.

    Win Exclusive Copies of Susan Quilliam's Latest Books this Valentine's Day!


    The latest offering from sex, relationship and intimacy expert, Susan Quilliam is two unique pocket-sized books entitled The Adventurous Lover and The Romantic Lover and we have a copy of each to give away - just in time for Valentine's!

    Book of the Month - Seriously Sexy 3

    This is a very special Book of the Month and it comes with a fantastic free gift. Buy erotic short story book Seriously Sexy 3 and get a free Blue Lovehoney Bang Bang Bullet worth £7.99!

    An Erotic Extract of 'Fantasy Assignment' from Seriously Sexy 3!

    This Valentines Day, whether you're pampering yourself before a hot date or having a defiant night out with your single friends, we highly recommend warming up with Seriously Sexy 3, this months Book of the Month with free Blue Lovehoney Bang Bang Bullet Vibrator!

    Interview with Lucy Felthouse Author of 'Fantasy Assignment' in Seriously Sexy 3

    We are very proud to have Lucy Felthouse, one of the contributing authors to Seriously Sexy 3, in our very own Lovehoney Community, so what better way to get to know one of Xcite's hottest writers than with an interview about all things erotic writing (and gorgeous army guys)!

    Times Online's 'Pornography' Article - Putting My 2 Pennies In

    Recently in the blogosphere there has been furore over the Times article entitled 'British Novelists Writing Pornography' by Richard Brooks. Infamous sexperts and 'pornographers' have added their own comments - some humorous, some scathing - and whilst I usually avoid arguments and stepping out of line, this is something that I can't bite my tongue over any longer…

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