Apparently There Are 12 Female Orgasms - And This Is How To Have Them All

by Audrey Andrews

on 21 Jun 2021

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If you had asked me how many different types of orgasms there were when I was 19, I probably would have said “…there are different types?”.

Sadly, like many young women, the only type of orgasm I knew about back then was the kind I was habitually faking.

But then I bought my first sex toy, and started being more vocal about what I needed in bed, and, because of this, I’ve learnt that there are at least 12 distinct types of orgasms that women can have.

I’ve not had all of them yet, mind you. But to paraphrase my good friend 50 Cent, this year my plan is to get off or die trying.

If you, too, are curious about this kind of 'Dirty Dozen', then just keep reading to find out what they are, and how you can have them.

1. Clitoral Orgasm

The most common and easily-achieved kind of orgasm, you can have one of these by *spoiler alert* stimulating your clitoris!

If you can't locate yours or your partner's, this artwork called "The Glitoris" should help you.

Masturbation (both the solo kind and multi-player kind) should help you work out what turns you on and what helps you achieve a clitoral orgasm, which can be described as intense and short-lasting.

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2. Vaginal/G-Spot Orgasm

The G-spot (or Graffenberg Spot, to be precise) is the name given to the small, nerve-rich area above the front vaginal wall.

It's a controversial topic because some sexperts insist that the G-spot is a myth. But does it really matter? If massaging that area in a circular 'come hither' motion gets you to the Big O, then the G Spot is certainly real for you.

Bonus points if you get your partner to give you gentle oral whilst they get to work stimulating your G Spot with their fingers or a sex toy - but be patient, as this can take time to master.

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3. Blended Orgasm

Blended orgasms occur when multiple areas of your body are being touched and pleasured simultaneously.

They can occur when you're in the middle of fast-paced sex, or when you're slowly building up to the main event.

This is a great way to get loads of erogenous zones lighting up all at once, and a fab opportunity to roll some foreplay dice.

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4. Multiple Orgasms

Multiple orgasms can be either sequential (when you orgasm, rest, and then orgasm again) or serial (one orgasm after another with no rest in between).

If you're hungry for more, try sequential style first. Orgasm, then take a minute to rest and enjoy the extra oxytocin flooding your brain. Then go back for round two! And three… and four…

If you're still learning about your own body, maybe just focus on learning to orgasm before trying to have multiple climaxes.

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5. Anal Orgasm

You might not have considered it, but you may be someone who can orgasm during anal.

Lots of women can reach orgasm during anal sex, it just isn’t talked about much in popular culture.

Most of the heterosexual sex we see in mainstream films and on TV is bog standard penis-in-the-vagina sex, but less than 8% of women orgasm this way.

The anal walls are rich in nerve endings, so why deprive yourself of an amazing orgasm? Make sure you use lots of lube, and go slow if you’re a beginner.

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6. Sleep-Gasm (a.k.a 'Snore-gasm')

The sheer power of the brain means that women can orgasm whilst they sleep, and it makes a lot of sense.

In your sleep, you are at your most relaxed, aren't worried about what you look like, or about your performance in bed. When these negative thoughts occur during sex, it is known as 'spectatoring' and it can be a huge barrier.

In your sleep, your mind can freely explore your sexual fantasies without feeling rushed or judged. This can turn you on so much you can end up orgasming. You may even end up waking yourself up!

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7. Cervical Orgasm

This is one of the most powerful orgasms a woman can have.

Sometimes known as the full-body orgasm because of the way washes over you from head to toe, the cervical orgasm is best achieved via deep vaginal penetration.

Sex therapists suggest warming up with a few different positions beforehand and doing it doggy style to get as deep as possible.

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8. U-Spot Orgasm

The urethra isn't just for peeing, ladies! It is surrounded by some of the hidden parts of the clitoris that are internal, rather than external like the head.

When your urethra is stimulated, blood rushes to the erectile tissue that surrounds the opening, and this can result in ejaculation or 'squirting'. But it can also be very prone to infection, so do your research before you start trying for this kind.

Oh, and make sure to have a towel handy.

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9. A-Spot Orgasm

The "anterior fornix exogenous zone" or "the second G Spot" is located above the cervix, in the region of the belly button.

It is best reached after considerable foreplay has taken place, and with a generous amount of lube, so take your time before aiming for this kind of climax.

Get your partner to touch the A-spot with the pad of their finger or a toy, and then pull down across the front wall for a wake-the-neighbours style orgasm!

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10. Nipple Orgasm

Your breasts have orgasmic potential!

It turns out that breast and nipple play lights up the same part of the brain that responds to genital and clitoral stimulation.

Having your boobs fondled, massaged, or sucked (the list goes on) also triggers the release of oxytocin. If you want to have a nipple orgasm, edging is key.

First, massage the area around your breasts, torso, and tummy to tease yourself, and encourage circulation around your chest.

Then, circle and caress your breasts using a featherlike touch. Don't touch your areolae or nipples until you are seriously aroused.

Once you feel like you can't wait any longer, run your fingers around your areolae and start to gently pinch your erect nipples from base to tip. This should result in multiple waves of pleasure washing over you.

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11. Core-Gasm

If you ever needed more motivation to exercise, read on! Coregasms, (or exercised-induced orgasms, are a real thing). First mentioned by famed sexologist Alfred Kinsey in 1953, these orgasms tend to occur when you are working on your core muscles.

A coregasm will begin somewhere around your abdominals, and can happen during or shortly after exercise.

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12. Expanded Sexual Response

The definition of this rare phenomenon is quite a complex one. Women who experience Expanded Sexual Response (ESR) are able to have multiple, prolonged, intense orgasms.

Although it is not yet fully understood by the scientific community, researchers think ESR is caused by activating the pudental, pelvic, hypogastric and vagus nerves simultaneously.

Women who have experienced ESR have reported seeing flashes of light and colour during orgasm, having out-of-body experiences, and even feeling as though an earthquake is occurring!

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Audrey Andrews is a student blogger for Lovehoney. In her spare time she loves to do craft, but would not advise knitting your own condoms.

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Audrey Andrews

Written by Audrey Andrews.

Originally published on 21 Jun 2021. Updated on 5 Aug 2020