Word of the Week: Edging

by Violet

on 23 Sep 2022

Get your tongue around some new sexual terminology with this week's Word of the Week...

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Word of the Week:


The act of purposely delaying an orgasm in order to strengthen the sensation.

Edging is a brilliant technique that could boost the power of your orgasm and make your solo sessions extra climatic.

In this week's Word of the Week we take a look at the technique of edging. From what is it, to how to do it, we delve into this pleasure-boosting beauty.

As you may have guessed, the word 'edging' comes from the act of getting to the 'edge' of your sexual pleasure before climax.

People who practise edging will build up their sexual excitement with masturbation or sex and then slow down or stop completely when they come close to their climax.

The result is a longer session, built-up anticipation and the possibility of a stronger orgasm when you do decide to let rip and reach your climax.

Toys for edging

Want to try edging?

We recommend giving edging a go by yourself first, then when you've got the hang of it you can introduce the practice to your partner.

1/ Grab your favourite sex toy: For penis owners, any kind of stroker is a good bet for edging. For those with vulvas, we recommend any kind of clitoral stimulation vibrator which can be removed quickly from your hot spots. Avoid internal stimulation toys, as these may be too difficult to remove/switch off when you feel your climax coming round the corner.

2/ When you feel as though you're going to come, stop what you're doing: It's a good idea to move your hands away from your body here, so you can really focus on how your hot spots are feeling in the moment.

3/ Start again: Repeat the process over and over, until you feel you can't possibly last any longer.

4/ When you're ready, let it happen: After 2-3 times, allow yourself to reach orgasm and enjoy the benefits of your patience.

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Written by Violet. Lovehoney Editorial Team
Violet joined Lovehoney's writing team in 2019 as our lingerie aficionado.
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Originally published on 23 Sep 2022. Updated on 10 Jan 2022