Six of the Best Positions for Anal Masturbation

by Lucy

on 25 Apr 2022

Anal masturbation is a fantastic way of adding extra zing to your solo play and sex life. Whether you're an anal play newbie or a bona fide butt-fiddling aficionado, Love Honey have a line-up of the very best anal masturbation positions to make your pleasure-hungry backdoor nerve-endings sing loudly from the rooftops.

So grab your anal lube, take your pick from our top 6 line-up, and get your anal play adventures underway.

6 Positions Anal Masturbation_POTW-ReversePark-NBE
Reverse Park
6 Positions Anal Masturbation_POTW-A-Okay-NBE
6 Positions Anal Masturbation_POTW-TripleDelight-NBE
Triple Delight
6 Positions Anal Masturbation_POTW-Twist&Tease-NBE
Twist and Tease
6 Positions Anal Masturbation_POTW-BounceToIt-NBE
Bounce to It
6 Positions Anal Masturbation_POTW-TheDuel-NBE
The Dual

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Written by Lucy. Lovehoney Editorial Team
If you think that an exciting sex life starts and ends with Missionary then Lucy, who has worked at Lovehoney for over a decade, is here to enlighten you with her ever-popular ‘Position of the Week’ blogs.
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Originally published on 25 Apr 2022. Updated on 26 Apr 2022