Chantelle Otten

Coming Out Of Your Sexual Shell, by Chantelle Otten

As lockdown restrictions start to ease and the options to see a few friends, go out for dinner, or maybe even date, all become possibilities again, it's easy to feel a little bit overwhelmed with choice. We may also realise that the tracksuit we have been wearing while making our sourdough bread and binging Netflix is all we have worn in about two months. While amazingly comfortable, we may not be feeling super sexy and ready to party.

We have built ourselves amazingly cosy little lockdown shells that have kept us sane in isolation, but how do we emerge from the cocoon, and embrace our sexual selves?

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Celebrate Self Pleasure, by Chantelle Otten

The whole month of May is International Masturbation Month. It's a month entirely devoted to the celebration of self pleasure. Now, it's important to realise that masturbation is both a privilege and a right. So it's time to not be so private about what we do in our private time.

Masturbation has so many benefits, beyond just feeling good, and there are plenty of ways we can make it even better. Read on for my top tips!

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The Best Toys to Arouse Your Erogenous Zones

Ok, so you're probably aware of your own erogenous zones by now – those super-sensitive sweet spots that beg to be stroked, teased and touched. Our lips, fingers and other areas of our body are pretty adept when it comes to arousing our, or someone else's, ohhh-zones. But what if we told you that a toy could take things to a whole new level, adding a whole bunch of new textures and sensations to the mix?

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How to Use Sex Toys with Your Partner, by Chantelle Otten


Whether you want to discover new ways to connect with each other, or you want to spice up your erotic routine with something a bit different, sex toys can be an exciting way to increase desire and sexual satisfaction between you and your partner.

If you are trying to mix things up, increase your pleasure in the bedroom, or enhance your sexual excitement – introducing a toy (or toys!) could be the answer you've been searching for.

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