1. Let it Glow - Review of the Month September 2020

    Spooky season is right around the corner, so it's time to dust off the costumes and carve up some pumpkins! In lieu of sweets, I have a different kind of treat for you. It's time for Review of the Month!

    Every month we get heaps of fabulous reviews, so to show our appreciation we select our absolute favourites from the month. The winner is treated to a £100 Lovehoney shopping voucher. Words in exchange for orgasms? Sign me up!

    This month the winner is Petrichor, for their delightful review of the Lovehoney Glow-in-the-Dark Dildo 7.5 Inch.

    "It's not only so bright that you can see it, it's bright enough that I could see what I was doing by it! This means that it's really helpful for navigation in the dark to see what you're doing without lights on, or even just under the covers, which is amazing for if you get chilly while your partner's going down on you. "

    Thank you for your spectacular review Petrichor enjoy your prize! If you want to read Petrichor's full review, you can find it here.

    But, who are our runners-up? Each runner-up will be awarded 2000 points!


    JoJoe Blue Recycled Microfibre Front-Fastening Triangle Bra

    For Your Eyes Only x's review of the JoJoe Blue Recycled Microfibre Front-Fastening Triangle Bra

    "I put the bra on, closed it up at the front (I LOVE front closing bras and find them not only super useful and less hassle, but they have an element of sex appeal). I found the band to be a little tight, although not uncomfortably, and the straps which are adjustable sat with ease over my shoulders. I particularly like the double strap look even though it's a really simple feature. " 

    Gosig's review of the Lifelike Lover Classic Extra Girthy Dildo 7 Inch

    "Precisely three things are needed in great abundance for an eye-rolling experience with this dildo: time, relaxation and lube (as much as you can of all three ideally). No ifs, no buts, no coconuts. This was a toy I had to devote some time to get the best out of it, and I was richly rewarded for my efforts."

    forget-me-not's review of the Pillow Talk Cheeky Rechargeable Wand Vibrator

    "It's a seriously powerful vibe without being at all too loud, and you don't even have to sacrifice power for quiet! The first few settings are virtually silent to someone who's not in the room with you, but they're still deep and rumbly enough to deliver an orgasm. I was able to use this in a house I share with others without even hiding it under my bed covers." 

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    The Best Sex Toy Reviews at Lovehoney

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