How To Use A Wand Vibrator


Ever wondered how to use a magic wand? No, we’re not talking about the white tipped kind that pulls bunnies from top hats, we’re talking about the wand vibrator – a powerful body massager come sex toy that can deliver a pretty intense climax with minimal work put in.

But which is the best magic wand on the market to bring you those body-shaking orgasms? We’ve put together the ultimate advice guide to tell you how to use a wand massager for the best possible solo experience.


Let’s get started.

What is a magic wand?

From relieving kinks and knots in your neck to quickly becoming one of the world’s most iconic pleasure products, the magic wand is undoubtedly one of the strongest vibrators available to buy. The crème de la crème of exceptionally versatile sex toys with its firm head and free-scrolling wheel, you can expect continuous vibrations from gentle flutters to the most intense, rumbly vibrations you’ve ever felt.

Most wand massagers are mains-powered to give you that super-charged sexual pleasure each time, but just keep in mind that when you get this amount of power in one product, there's often a trade-off between sound levels and super-strong vibrations, so don’t expect a silent experience if you’re looking to invest.

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Generally quite large in size and thrumming with multi-speed settings, the best magic wands offer versatile play and all-over body sensations that leave you feeling relaxed and blissfully satisfied from head to toe. Perfect for solo play, or shared pleasure, there’s no doubt in our mind that the wand vibrator is a must-have for your sex toy collection. You can find some of our customer favourites and best-selling magic wands here.

Which is the best magic wand?

Lovehoney have a wide selection of massage wand vibrators, including the Lovehoney Extra Powerful Multispeed Mains Powered Magic Wand Vibrator, which is possibly the best massage wand vibrator in the UK. Boasting 10 mind-blowing speeds and a choice of 20 patterns, this powerful wand comes highly recommended.

If you prefer to go cordless, a battery-powered or USB-rechargeable wand like the Lovehoney mon ami Silicone Body Wand Massager or Lovehoney Deluxe Rechargeable Mini Massage Wand Vibrator are great choices. They're also less pricey than the bigger wands, so you can experiment with the sensations a wand gives without spending too much.

At the other end of the price scale are the Lelo Smart Wands. They have the benefit of being rechargeable and completely waterproof, just like so many other of Lelo's innovative luxury toys.

Alongside having multiple speeds, they boast varying patterns and a 'SenseTouch' function that increases the vibrations the harder you press the toy against your skin. You can choose between the medium and large sizes dependant on preference, and the Lelo Smart Wands come in sleek colourways to add a splash of vibrancy to your sex toy collection.

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How to use a magic wand

So, you’ve got your vibrator and now you’re sat there holding your brand new toy wondering how to use a wand massager. Don’t fret, we’ve got you covered!

With an intensely powered motor that stimulates your body with deep vibrations, the magic wand is perfect for all-over body relaxation, and you can use it to stimulate several external erogenous zones such as the clitoris, and even the nipples for sexual pleasure. Because of the size and structure of magic wand vibrators, you can’t use these massagers for internal stimulation, so if you’re looking for the sensation of internal fullness, or to target your G-spot or P-Spot specifically, this may not be the toy for you.

However, if you’re looking for versatility, longevity and unrivalled power, the body wand massager is perfect.

Charge or plug in your magic wand massager


If your magic wand is mains-powered, you’ll need to plug it in before turning on. If you’re using a rechargeable vibrator, or battery-powered one, just make sure your toy is fully charged to meet the expectations of a deeply satisfying all-over body massage.

Use Lubricant


Like all sex toys, magic wand massagers feel best with a little lubrication. Using a water-based lubricant can ensure those head-to-toe strokes are super smooth and slippery for sensational stimulation that really hits the right spot.

Start slow and experiment


Magic wands are pretty powerful things, so take your time experimenting with the various vibration patterns and speed settings as you learn more about your toy (and your body too!). Run it over every inch of your body during those private solo sessions and treat yourself to a full body massage. Over your shoulders, across your back, down your sides and thighs – the options are endless!

When you feel comfortable enough to explore with more direct stimulation, you can hold it directly to your pleasure zones to illicit those knee-trembling, nail-biting orgasms. If you’re using it with a partner, you can place the vibrator between you both so you can share the sensations together.

Change it up


To get the most from your magic wand vibrator try out some different positions. Rather than opting for the standard missionary style, move yourself in different ways and angle the toy differently, you might discover a new level of pleasure that you never thought possible. Some new positions to try including standing, kneeling and using your wand from behind.

Attach and adapt

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Think the magic wand massager starts and ends with a free-scrolling head? Think again. Magic wands are highly versatile and incredibly adaptable and there are several attachments you can buy to slip onto the end of your body wand. This is great for those with poor dexterity, limited mobility or even just those who want to experiment more, so attach, adapt and enjoy!

Clean your magic wand

fresh toy cleaner

Once play time is done and dusted, maintain the condition of your magic wand massager by cleansing the head with a generous spritz of the Lovehoney Fresh Sex Toy Cleaner solution. Dry your wand thoroughly before putting it away. For a quick, convenient way to freshen up your toy, the Lovehoney Fresh Wipes are ideal.

How to use a vibrating wand in foreplay

Wondering how to use a vibrating wand in foreplay? There are so many ways you can play with your body massager before the main event takes place. Here are two different ideas to get you started.

Slow and sensual

Dim the lights, and burn your favourite scent. As your chosen soundtrack plays in the background, you can try using your wand massager settings to speed up and slow down to the beat of the music. Try blindfolding your partner so those rumbly sensations are even more intensified.

To the edge and back

You can also use your wand massager to tease and tempt your lover by running it’s wheel across those intensely intimate areas and bringing your lover to the cinch of climax, before turning down the vibrating setting or moving the wand elsewhere. This is a particularly good technique if you’re looking to experiment with edging.

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