Top 6 Sofa Sex Positions You Have to Try

by Lucy

on 9 Dec 2021

Your sexscapades don't have to start and end in the bedroom. Why not break the monotony of mattress-based frolics and move into your lounge for some sexy couch time?

What are the benefits of uprooting yourself from the comfort of your bedroom I hear you ask? A change of scene always has its benefits, even if you're just moving your lovemaking to a different room of the house. There's an element of being out in the open when naked on a sofa which adds a thrill to it, and the shape of most sofas encourages you to channel your inner contortionist and try out new angles and positioning.

So if you haven't tried couch sex yet, now's the time to test out our top 6 sofa positions. Enjoy!

Let's Talk About...
Sofa Surfer
Rise and Shine
Mount Joy
Pigs in Blankets
POTW-The-Stocking-Stuffer-700x700-2021 (1)
Stocking Stuffer
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Written by Lucy. Lovehoney Editorial Team
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Originally published on 9 Dec 2021. Updated on 8 Dec 2021