How to Attach Stockings to Suspenders

How to Attach Stockings to Suspenders

by Cecile

on 23 Feb 2018

Not only do suspender belts hold your stockings up during the friskiest of trysts and the most energetic stripteases, they also boost your lingerie's sex appeal to eye-watering levels.

However, if you aren't careful when you clip, you might find yourself with your stockings round your ankles before you've made it to first base.

We've put together a handy guide to help you master a perfectly put-together look.

Above: Find out how to attach stockings to suspenders in this video from lingerie expert, Sammi Cole.

Step-by-step guide to garter belt success

  • First thing first... Put on your stockings! (This may seem obvious, but if you're wearing structured lingerie that's not that easy to move around in, putting them on will be a lot harder.)

    If you've never worn stockings before, just roll them up your leg like you would a pair of socks.

  • Put on your garter belt or lingerie with attached garter straps.

  • Undo the garter clip at the end of the garter strap, by pushing the rubber nub that's at the back up and through the widest point of the frame at the top (watch the above video for a close-up).

  • Take the top of your stockings and, starting with the front strap, move it between the rubber bit at the back of the garter clip and the metal or plastic frame at the front. For garter belts with 6 straps or more, start with the straps at the sides.

  • Push the rubber nub through the widest part of the frame at the front, with the stocking in between. Done!


Written by Cecile. Lovehoney Editorial Team

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Originally published on 23 Feb 2018. Updated on 5 Aug 2020