Here's How To Take The Best Sexy Photos

by ViBlogger

on 19 Dec 2016

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Regardless of what anyone tells you, taking nude photos is an art form.

Though many of us may just believe it's a matter of 'point-and-snap', there's actually a lot more to it if you want your photo to do your body justice.

Just as with any good photo, you have to think about framing, lighting, position, and many other things if you really want to get that jaw-dropping effect.

While most of us are aware that a lot of work goes into a fantastic sensual photo, it should nonetheless look like it's effortless.

So here are a few tips to help ensure your pictures are of top quality, every single time.

The DOs and DON'Ts of taking a good-quality sexy photo

DON'T send one unless you feel comfortable

The most important thing when it comes to sexy photos that you feel comfortable, both with taking them as well as sending them.

Before you even begin thinking about the technicalities of a nude selfie, ask yourself these vital questions:

  • Do you want to take nudes?

  • Will the person receiving your nudes appreciate them?

It is important that taking these pictures is your decision, and that you're not being pressured into it by someone, regardless of how close they are to you.

Remember, too, that consent is a two-way street, and even though you might be very keen to send them, you also have to make sure that the person receiving them is going to be just as delighted.

DO have good lighting

Lovehoney Lingerie Thrill Me Bustier Sexy Selfie

Now that the ground rules are established, it's time to get down to the technicalities that lay behind a good nude.

As with any regular selfie, lighting is essential – it not only enhances your features, but improves overall quality of the photo.

Take advantage of good lighting, especially if it's natural daylight. Artificial or fluorescent lights can be quite harsh, and not the most flattering, so try to take you pictures during the day when there's a little bit of natural light for the best effect.

Taking photos against white sheets or walls will naturally make your skin glow, too, and help to add a softer light to your snap.

And, finally: don't use your flash. It's far too bright for this kind of shot.

Top Tip from Lovehoney’s photography team

Use daylight without giving your neighbours a peep-show. The sun is the best light source for photography, net curtains or a thin white bed sheet hung over your curtain rail will give you control and create a soft diffused light that is great for skin tones and will help you create more complimentary images.

DON'T have a cluttered background

When taking a nude, you want all the attention to be on you, not on the pile of laundry that is stacking up behind. It's the small details that make a good photo, and a messy background is never going to be a positive contribution.

If you are taking a mirror selfie, it is also essential that it is clean – a dirty mirror is the last thing you want the focus to be on.

That being said, you can improve your nude selfie game by trying to vary the background of your photos. If you usually take nudes in bed, why not take some in the bathtub? This will give you an opportunity to try some underwater nudes, or simply use water droplets, or suds, on your skin to make things more sensual.

Top Tip from Lovehoney’s photography team

Set your frame. Using a tripod or propping your camera up on a raised table allows you to choose exactly what is in your photograph. This will enable you to focus on how you hold yourself rather than the camera while you take your images.

DO know your angles

Fishnet and Lace Bodystocking Sexy Selfie

As with any photo that you send to someone, you want to look your best in a nude. Therefore, experiment with angles until you find one that you feel works best for you and shows off your body.

Top Tip from Lovehoney’s photography team

Most modern cameras and phones have timers. This works really well when combined with a tripod as it means you can press the shutter release and still have time to perform for the camera. This will take a little bit of practice but will give you a lot more freedom to produce the images you want. An even better alternative is to use a remote shutter release - these can be bought online for a few quid and mean you can take photos while you pose without touching your device.

It's important to always aim to show off your assets, whether those are your chest, your legs, or your bottom.

Angled photos are great for making an area look slimmer, while straight-on shots are better for making other parts look wider.

Top Tip from Lovehoney’s photography team

Pose to impress. The way you stand infront of the camera makes a huge difference to your final photograph and posing is an artform in itself. For example if you stand side on you will appear thinner than if you stand face-on to camera. And things closer to the lens appear larger so if you want to emphasise your breasts lean in a little. A great starting point is searching the web for images you like of models that have your body shape and observe how they are posed.

DON'T go fully naked

"Less is more" is a statement that should always be applied to sexy selfies. Remember that the purpose of a nude is not necessarily to to reveal everything right away, but to create sexual tension.

Leave things to the imagination – partial nudity will always be sexier than a full-frontal of your naked body. Shadows on a collarbone, a peek of underwear, visible nipples through a top or a peek of bare skin are going to provide a greater element of sensuality than a full-frontal boob or crotch shot.

Lovehoney Lingerie Sexy Selfie

DO use props

Props can go a long way in a nude selfie, and they cover a wide range of thing. They can be anything from clothes and underwear, to sexual toys, to mundane things such as fairy lights.

Not only do they spice up your photo by making it something different every time and avoiding routine, they also help add to the sensuality of it.

Top Tip from Lovehoney’s photography team

If this is something you are doing by yourself or with a friend, good mood music will help you set the tone and relax, making your shoot more fun and helping you to take more natural looking images.

Do you have any tips for taking a sexy selfie? Let us know in the comments!

The ViBlogger is a student at the University of Leeds, where he studies Astrophysics. When he's not writing for The Sextbook, he can usually be found in a Yorkshire field reenacting the 12th century.

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Written by ViBlogger.

Originally published on 19 Dec 2016. Updated on 5 Aug 2020