1. Fifty Shades Darker: 8 Revealing Set Details You Didn't Notice

    So, in case you missed it, this week Universal Studios released the first sneak peak into Fifty Shades Darker, and suffice to say, it's got us pretty darn excited!

    After watching the trailer many, many times (that shower scene!) we started to notice a few hidden messages. Could they be telling us more than initially meets the eye? Are we making this up as we go along? Who knows?!

    Either way it gave me an excuse to spend all afternoon looking at Christian Grey. #ItsAHardLife

    So, for your pleasure, I've compiled my top 8 revealing set details which I reckon tell us even more about what we can expect to see in Fifty Shades Darker in February.

    1. Playing with fire… Literally

    FYI: Fire = Christian. Anyone else notice the little boy hugging teddy bear in the background? Reference to Christian's childhood, much?


    Check out the poster on Ana's wall which reads "STOP MOVING" during this heartfelt "I want you back" scene. Hidden message to tell Ana to stop running? Or is it a sneaky nod to bondage scenes in the film? You decide!

    3. The SHADE of it all

    What's missing in this window? That's right: SHADES! No more shades (of grey)?

    We couldn't help but notice the Rorschach style artwork and the knocked over head statue either. Could this be an insight into Christian's state of mind?

    4. Juxtapo-what?

    Ok, so it's an age old trick in hidden message play, but this totally unsubtle contrast between how carefree Ana looked before meeting Christian (in the photo) vs post-Christian speaks volumes.

    5. Diamonds are forever

    Anyone else spot the sneaky flash of Ana's diamond ring? We can't wait to see how he pops the big Q!

    And just look at all those beautiful flowers. If you didn't already know, lilies represent humility and devotion, orange roses represent desire and passion, and buddleia (aka the Butterfly Bush) could symbolise Ana's new-found freedom.

    6. Inception, b*tch

    Notice Elena's mask is a mask, wearing a mask! This b*tch has many layers of secrecy and deception ready to make you weep. Much like an onion.

    7. Could you BE any more basic?

    Ana's wearing the same mac at 00:48. Has not updated wardrobe recently.

    (Clearly Christian is loaded, but tight as a ducks… bill.)

    8. New Releases


    Referencing the change in dynamic between Christian and Ana perhaps? Also, note the faux book titles which include "Frosty Harbor", "Belle (of the ball?)", "Dodging the Blows" and "The Last Typist". Hidden clues? We think so!


    What do you think? Did we miss any? Or maybe you have a different opinion on what the trailer is telling us.

    Let us know in the comments below!

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    • lmh95: September 16, 2016 14:12
      Totally agree Jess about that shower scene! Phwoarrrrr! The passion!!!!
      I don't even really like him playing Christian Grey but that clip. Wow!

      I can't wait to see this when it comes out. The masquerade setting and outfits look absolutely amazing!

    • Annette: September 17, 2016 08:04
      This is taking to long,please hurry
    • Annette diaz: September 17, 2016 08:06
      Does the scene where Ana throws the lemon martini in fsd?
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