1. Omazing Vibrating Waterproof Cock Ring

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      1. Omazing Vibrating Waterproof Cock Ring

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    1. Product Description

      This one touch vibrating cock ring is thicker, stronger and more powerful than any other, and is not disposable - it's powered by replaceable batteries!

      It comes with 12 (yes TWELVE, you read that right!) batteries, each pair lasting approximately 60 minutes! And if you run out, you can buy more at most high street electrical retailers.

      It's fully waterproof too, and features a clitoral stimulator. Wear with the head on top of the penis to deliver more pleasure to her, or around the base of the penis for truly amazing sensations for him.

      A bedside essential!

      Ring stretches to a diameter of 3 inches.

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    1. Customer Reviews

      Omazing Vibrating Waterproof Cock Ring 23 3.5 out of 5 stars 3.5 out of 5

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      1. Omazing Vibrating Waterproof Cock Ring
      2. Omazing Vibrating Waterproof Cock Ring

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    1. Oh My...

      Reviewed: 26 August 2008 by shellyboo, a Bisexual Single Female

      I bought this after a boyfriend introduced me to the wonders of vibrating cock rings. I'd read all the reviews on the site and decided it sounded too good not to try, and at such a great price I couldn't go far wrong.

      The Omazing ring was part of a big order that I placed, and out of everything I bought, it's had the most use - so much that I think I killed it, in fact. After about four months of regular use and three battery changes, it's not working anymore, but I'm not too bothered since I got more than my money's worth from it!

      The ring arrives in a small box, further wrapped in a sealed foil packet which I was pleased to see. It came with LOADS of spare batteries, which is a huge bonus since those small watch batteries are a bit of a pain to buy.

      A sort of pinky flesh-colour, even a reluctant other half is unlikely to be daunted by this baby, as it's so simple and unthreatening. The ring itself is super duper stretchy and flexible - no chance of any bits of skin or hair getting nipped, since the bullet is also encased in the same stretchy silicon. It works very simply by pressing the one button on the side of the bullet - click on and click off.

      I unleashed it for the first time on a complete toy novice, and he was undaunted by using it, although he'd expressed doubts about incorporating toys into our sex life. I find that it works best when slid over a hard cock, and when I was on top - the bullet was well positioned to hit my clit while riding my man, and the vibrations just intense enough to tip me over the edge into some mind-blowing orgasms! The sleeve of the bullet has a raised design on one side for increased stimulation, which is a great feature that I loved.

      A bonus use for me was that it's so small and portable - I used it to bring with me while travelling for solo play. I found that by slipping my fingers into the ring and using a combination of the bullet and my fingers on my clit, that this little toy was capable of giving me great solo orgasms as well! Of course, it's also waterproof so can be used while having some me time in the shower. It has the advantage of being really quiet, too, for those situations where you don't want to be overheard! This is also a bonus for couple's play as it's not a distraction.

      As I mentioned, we went through three sets of battery changes on this - I would say I got much more than the stated hour of play out of each set, too. The batteries are very easy to change - simply slip the bullet out of the silicon ring, twist the cap and change.

      Overall, this has to be my favourite toy to date - a real all-rounder for me. I used it for couples and solo play, for travelling, for the shower or the bath and it didn't disappoint on any occasion. In short - I'll be buying another one !

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      I love its versatility and simplicity - does what it says on the tin!
      What's not to like?
      Bottom line
      Fantastic couples toy, great for beginners, toy maniacs, anyone! Get one!
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    1. Ohhhh this is definitely Omazing!

      Reviewed: 31 July 2007 by straycat203

      Another mission of mine to find exactly what I was after was achieved a lot quicker with this product than I’ve ever experienced before and I believe this toy has to be recommended in the loudest possible way!

      My lady and I set out to find an upgrade to a vibrating love ring which is not expensive, not disposable, more powerful, with more of a cock ring erection/stamina maintaining element to it and hey presto we most definitely found all of these qualities at the first attempt in the Omazing Cock Ring!

      The ring is soft and very easy on both users – no nipping of skin, pulling of hairs or releasing of its tightness when your cock is erect for long periods, which are problems other cock rings have presented. The whole unit is very flexible and stretchy so it can be placed over the base of your cock, your balls and cock or your fingers if preferred. The clitoral stimulator is well positioned for use on either your cock or your fingers and if turned around gives extra stimulation to the male especially if positioned under the scrotum. The vibrating unit is robust and the vibrations are very powerful which leads to great pleasure for both partners and in our case simultaneous orgasms. A wonderful extra is the fact that the batteries in the vibrating unit can be replaced when worn out and a decent supply of replacements comes with the original purchase. Thereafter additional batteries are purchasable at any watch battery supply facility.

      I do believe that my lady is now on the verge of asking for and getting her own phallic vibrator, which was not ever looking like a possibility until she had experienced the pleasure she has gained from this product. We haven’t tested out its waterproof capabilities yet but I bet that it is only a question of time before we do.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Almost too many to mention. Used solo or with your partner this is fabulous toy.
      None we have found really although the rubber smell might be a little off putting.
      Bottom line
      This toy will not disappoint you and for it’s price it can’t be beaten.
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    1. Jaksprat

      Reviewed: 15 May 2007 by jaksprat

      When I first opened the product I was scared at the size thinking it looks far too small, but it is really stretchy. It does smell a bit but not that bad.

      I wasn't too sure on using this toy with my girlfriend but she pushed me into trying it and now I am really glad she did. The vibrations are quite powerful for such a little thing which make this the best vibrating cock ring I have tried to date. My girlfriend actually came many times and she explained how it felt great for her - the knobbly bit on it pushed her clit just right although we found it much better with more of a thrusting action. Also with the extra batteries you can use it for 6 hours. I would highly recommend one of these to everyone.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Very Stretchy and excellent vibrations for a little thing
      A little noisy but you can't have it all I guess
      Bottom line
      A Great Great Toy
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    1. Im Still Shaking...

      Reviewed: 19 January 2007 by luvlydana07

      So we've used cock rings before but I was intrigued by the name OMAZING so I thought what the hell, i'll order one for my beau (and me too of course ;)

      OMG!!! This is like NOTHING we've ever tried before. It was so easy and fun to use, we went the whole 60 minutes before the battery finally ran out.

      NO, I'm not bragging but when you have this brilliant of a sexual experience, you want to spread the word. Oh, and no biggie on changing the batteries either, you just pop them right out and replace them all of which takes about 1 and a half minutes.

      Girls, if you want to surprise your guy, bring home one of these rings home to him and I promise he'll think you're a rock star.

      And guys, be proactive, get the omazing ring. Ok I know I'm starting to sound like and commercial here but I couldn't help it... I'm EXCITED!!!!!!!

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Soft, stretchy, great vibrations... its Omazing!
      its new... i wish i had this for years
      Bottom line
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    1. SOOOOOOO glad i tried this product!

      Reviewed: 18 January 2007 by wifey69

      The omazing ring is a vibrating cock ring that not only helps him go longer but gave me GREAT pleasure too! It stimulated me in just the right spot, right away, from the first time my husband and i used it. When he first saw it his reaction was "how's that gonna fit me" but i told him it was one size fits all and hoped for the best. sure enough, it fit and was surprisingly easy to use. I'm not one that usually goes for the sex toys but this one wasn't so intimidating, so i decided to try it. I'M SO GLAD I DID!!!! I can't wait to use it again (and again and again:):)

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      it spiced up our sex life
      for us, no bad comments
      Bottom line
      this product rocks!!! my husband and i plan on using it again!
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