Top 10 Best Sex Toys for Couples

Couples that play together stay together.

From enhancing performances and sensations to reigniting passion by spicing things up, sex toys can do a world of good for couples’ sex lives. But with so many choices out there, how do you know which toy is right for you and your significant other? Well, that all depends on what you two are looking to get from your toys! To help you narrow your options and find your perfect pleasure product match, we’ve outlined the 10 best couples’ sex toys in their individual categories.

Best for an erotic extravaganza

Lovehoney Wild Weekend Mega Couple's Sex Toy Kit (11 Piece)
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Whether you want to stay up all night or spread your love throughout a long weekend, you won't run out of XXXcitement with the expansive Lovehoney Wild Weekend Mega Couple’s Sex Toy Kit by your side. No matter how you plan to play, you’re bound to find a fitting and fulfilling sexcessory in this 11-piece pleasure kit; from penis-pleasing toys to G-spot-gratifying vibes to amazing anal accessories and more, there’s something for everyone in the Lovehoney Wild Weekend Mega Couple’s Sex Toy Kit. So, if you and your boo are looking to make a full-on adventure out of each other’s bodies, this is the sex toy bundle for you.

What customers say: "A good range of toys that allow pleasure for both of us. We found this box a good way to test out new toys without spending too much money investing in each one individually. The toys also come with a clear name and use list just in case (like us) you're new to it and may be confused about how to use some of them."

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Best for sensual massage

Lovehoney Deluxe Rechargeable Mini Metallic Massage Wand Vibrator

Massage magic is effortless and oh-so-enjoyable when you bring the Lovehoney Deluxe Rechargeable Mini Metallic Massage Wand Vibrator into the mix. This top-rated massage wand offers a wealth of moan-worthy settings to explore, featuring 7 vibration patterns and 10 speeds to help you find your perfect pleasure match. And even massage amateurs will find it simple to make the most of the stunning ombre toy’s orgasmic rumbly-ness; a flexible neck allows for easy hot spot targeting, the cordless design means there’s no need to worry about getting tangled in wires, and its petite size better fits between bodies for when your massage goes from erotic to full-on freaky.

What customers say: "This new purchase intensified the intercourse massively! Easy to use for both of us (M/F couple) multiple orgasms for both!"

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Best for P-in-V sex

We-Vibe Sync O Remote and App Controlled Rechargeable Couple's Vibrator

Bridging the orgasm gap is a breeze with the We-Vibe Sync O, a wearable couples’ toy that leaves room for lovers to enjoy penetrative passion while the vibrator delivers constant, hands-free clitoral stimulation. This deluxe intimacy-enhancing vibe features a first-of-its-kind O-shaped loop for its internal arm that provides a super-secure fit (read: won’t get dislodged NO MATTER WHAT!) that ensures nothing interrupts the fireworks between you and your boo. The remote-controlled Sync O is also app-compatible, bringing with it endless possibilities for custom vibration patterns and spicy play. Waterproof and able to be controlled from worlds away (or from across the bar if you’re feeling daring), the only limit to the Sync O’s feisty fun is your imagination.

What customers say: "Wow! This really made my partner moan (with delight!). This smooth silicone couples vibrator fits in well and vibrates in the right places to take your couple play to a whole new level. The very neat app allows some very accurately controlled vibrations, in waves, pulses, and even in time to music or voice! Adjustable in a huge variety of ways you can individually tailor the internal and external vibes (separately!), with clever touch sensitive control through your smart device to even pulse to your touch on the app, from gentle to powerful. I don’t think I’ve ever been able to so finely tune a vibrator to hit the spot as much as this one."

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Best for lasting longer in bed

Lovehoney Bed Ringer Rechargeable Double Cock Ring

Penis owners looking for an easy way to increase their stamina can’t go wrong with a cock ring, and those looking for a cock ring can’t go wrong with the Lovehoney Bed Ringer Rechargeable Double Cock Ring. Not only can the Bed Ringer aid in harder, longer-lasting erections, but it also enhances pleasure for the wearer and their partner with its 12 vibration functions and clit-stimulating textured protrusion. The Bed Ringer cock ring’s hypoallergenic silicone makeup is stretchy to accommodate a wide range of penis sizes, and the sex toy features a travel lock for discreet carrying.

What customers say: "Love this cock ring. Fits perfectly and keeps me rock hard! Really good for my partner too. Guaranteed to make her orgasm."

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Best for anal joys

Lovehoney Bumper Booty Bundle Anal Sex Toy Kit (6 Piece)

Anal aficionados rejoice – you can finally get everything under the sun for your bum in one place with the Lovehoney Bumper Booty Bundle Anal Sex Toy Kit. With its anal douche and 4 backdoor toys (plus a bullet vibe you can combine with the toys to up the ante with vibrations!), this bundle will take you all the way from prep to pure pleasure.

What customers say: "This is really a great set, it feels amazing, especially with the vibrations, it's hours of pleasure for you and your butt!"

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Best for switching up positions

Purple Reins Sex Sling

If you’re looking to bring your sex position game to the next level, look no further than the Purple Reins Sex Sling. This creativity-boosting positioner lets couples explore moves no other surface could provide, offering lovers a weightless feel that will literally and figurately have them flying high. The Purple Reins Sex Sling is fully adjustable, allowing couples to adjust the swing to find their ideal height and angle, and its padded form ensures a comfortable ride.

What customers say: "Great product. My wife and I are not young and this creates a lot of freedom of movement we’d otherwise not enjoy. Highly recommended if you’re looking to spice things up!"

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Best for fantastic foreplay

Lovehoney Ignite 20 Function Finger Vibrator

Hands are essential pleasure tools when doling out excellent foreplay, so why not equip them with some extra oomph for performances that leave your partner shaking? The Lovehoney Ignite 20 Function Finger Vibrator is worn like a ring, essentially working like an effortless extension of your own body to transform your digit into a powerhouse of rumbly stimulation. The vibrator’s 3 powerful speeds and 17 thrilling patterns offer versatile delights, and its pointed tip is perfect for targeting erogenous zones with precision. Petite with a travel lock (and included carrying pouch!), the Ignite finger vibrator makes for a great addition to romantic getaways, and its fully waterproof form means you can enjoy it just about anywhere.

What customers say: "Love it. Fits so nicely in the hand, stays on your finger, packs a punch!"

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Best for bondage

Bondage Boutique Bound to Please Black Under Mattress Restraint

A top-tier avenue for convenient kink, the Bondage Boutique Bound to Please Under Mattress Restraint converts beds into full-body bondage playgrounds without screaming “sex room” - simply stuff the tethers beneath your mattress when not in use, and no one will be the wiser! This best-selling tie-down kit is ideal for lovers of all body types and experience levels thanks to its Velcro fasteners with an adjustable fit that can be removed at a moment’s notice. The Bound to Please Under Mattress Restraint system is also ultra-comfy, its faux fur lining padding wrists and ankles so that pain never cuts the fun short.

What customers say: "Really comfortable, super soft and easy to set up and use. Easy to conceal (just stuff under mattress) if needed. Great quality too."

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Best for public play

We-Vibe Moxie + App and Remote Controlled Wearable Clitoral Knicker Vibrator

Indulge exhibitionist fantasies with the Moxie+, a super-sneaky, super-satisfying panty vibrator from the sex-tech gurus at We-Vibe. A top priority for effective toys of its kind, the Moxie+ was designed with discretion in mind; a stay-put magnet keeps the vibe secure, preventing any embarrassing slippage, and its app-compatible nature means lovers can covertly control vibrations from their phone without arousing suspicion from others. The free accompanying We-Vibe app does more than just aid in discretion, though; users can also enjoy high-tech features like custom vibration patterns and long-distance control.

What customers say: "Surprisingly small toy when I opened the package, but dont let that fool you it has some of the most intense vibrations from any of my other battery powered toys.Very easy to use when connecting to the app, that's just my preference as dont want to be carrying around a remote with me, but the remote still works fine when I've used it. Easy to use and very discreet, no one would be able to tell your wearing it with jeans etc and also not too loud unless your on the max setting, but in all honesty the medium mark is where you want to be for vibration intensity and quietness. All in all a very good discreet and powerful toy."

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Best for enhancing blow jobs

Lovehoney Head Master Vibrating Blow Job Stroker

Mastering the art of head is a picnic with the Lovehoney Head Master Vibrating Blow Job Stroker as your handy helper! The supple open-ended stroker has pleasure perks for both oral givers and receivers; givers can use the Head Master to stroke their partner’s shaft while their mouth stimulates the head for deep throat sensations without any of the typical pains that accompany the act. BJ recipients, on the other hand, will go wild for the heightened bliss that the Head Master’s vibrations and highly textured sleeve provide.

What customers say: "This is definitely one of our favourites to bring out and I would happily say works amazingly along side abit of oral fun. You won't be disappointed with this one and the power is amazing."

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Top 10 Lovehoney Toys

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