Beginner’s Guide to Vibrators

So you're looking for a vibrator? Read on to discover your perfect suitor amongst the seemingly overwhelming menagerie of movers and shakers available.

From strap-ons and wands to butterflies and bullets, vibrators come in all different shapes, materials sizes and power. Each one just waiting to deliver an impressive array of mind-blowing sensations to rock your world.

Whether you are in the market for; a first toy for solo play, a partner pleaser for foreplay, or something a little special to stimulate that as yet unexplored sweet-spot, then you have come to the right place.

Video: How to Use a Vibrator

Ready to add a little buzz to your self-love? Then you've come to the right place. Watch this video to see Annabelle knight's top tips for using a vibrator.

Why do people use vibrators?

Vibrators offer a huge wealth of benefits. They may help you to:

  1. achieve more powerful solo orgasms
  2. have better sex with a partner
  3. reach and stimulate all your hot spots
  4. have fun!
  5. enhance and optimise sexual happiness

Different types of vibrators

Bullet vibrators

The most popular choice for a first toy and ideal for couples due to their petite, non-intimidating proportions, these miniature vibrators are built for precision.


  1. Small size and tapered tip offer direct and intense clitoral stimulation
  2. Ideal for use while having penetrative sex, without causing obstruction to either partner
  3. At just 2-3 inches in length, they're perfect for popping in your bag for on-the-go pleasure

Learn how to use a bullet vibrator with our handy guide on the topic.

Butterfly vibrators

These vibes are worn a bit like you would wear a pair of knickers, and deliver hands-free vibrating stimulation directly to your clitoris. Butterfly vibrators get their name from the shape of the clitoral stimulator, which is shaped like a butterfly with its wings spread.


  1. Can provide external stimulation during penetration with a partner
  2. Leaves hands free to play with other areas (your partner’s or your own)
  3. Can be worn under clothes, out and about, for discreet thrills

Classic vibrators

These vibrators have an insertable, non-phallic design. They can be used for direct clitoral stimulation, but are designed primarily for insertion.


  1. Often multispeed with vibrations ranging from low to intense
  2. Range in price from affordable to high end
  3. Come in a variety of materials for varied sensations

Clitoral vibrators

The term ‘clitoral vibrator’ refers to any vibrator that is specifically designed to stimulate the clitoris.


  1. Although they’re all designed for clitoral stimulation, there are lots of different types, from toys with stimulating ‘nubs’ to vibrators with a ‘cup’ that surrounds the clitoris
  2. Often larger than bullet vibrators to accommodate bigger motors for more power
  3. Stimulate a larger area, making them great for grinding up against

Learn all the thrilling ways to use a clitoral vibrator with our guide.

Finger vibrators

A finger vibrator is usually a small bullet vibrator mounted in a textured sleeve and attached to a ring – simply slide the ring over your finger to make precision point massages easy.


  1. Can be worn by you or your partner to enhance foreplay or penetrative sex
  2. Allows for clitoral stimulation without having to hold onto a separate toy
  3. A variety of shapes and styles, offering varying functions from single speed to pattern-tastic

Learn how to best enjoy finger and tongue vibrators with our guide on the topic.

G-Spot vibrators

These curvy vibes are designed to stimulate one of the most sensitive parts of the vagina – the G-spot – during penetration. G-spot vibrators usually feature an upward curve and a girthy head to ensure maximum stimulation for this sensitive spot.


  1. G-spot stimulation is associated with female ejaculation or ‘squirting’
  2. Often have different speed settings and functions for intense internal thrills
  3. Some feature clitoral stimulators for an exquisite blended orgasm

Learn tempting techniques for internal pleasure with our guide on How to Use a G-Spot Vibrator.

Luxury vibrators

If you want the best in sex toy technology and the best sex toy materials, then opt for one of our luxury vibrators. These sleek sex toys are designed to look and feel incredible, and are often bought to replace a cheaper vibrator as an upgrade.


  1. Often made from more expensive materials which are more luxurious and longer lasting
  2. Usually rechargeable so you don't have to worry about expensive batteries
  3. Often better features and functionality, and more thrilling patterns of vibration

Learn more about the perks of luxury vibrators with our beginner's guide.

Massage wand vibrators

These vibrators were originally marketed to relieve back and neck pain, but they make incredible clitoral stimulators – a discovery that boosted sales of wand vibrators the world over. Massage wands boast some of the most powerful vibrations sex toys have to offer, with many being mains powered.


  1. They boast some of the most powerful motors for intense stimulation
  2. They make perfect couple’s toys as they’re non-anatomical and great for massage
  3. Many are compatible with specifically designed attachments so they can stimulate different pleasure points

Mini vibrators

Small and sensual, mini vibrators are perfect for first-time users and sex toy beginners.


  1. Small but perfectly formed, mini vibrators offer pinpoint accuracy
  2. Ideal for clitoral stimulation and shallow penetration
  3. Often less expensive and less intimidating than bigger toys, which is great for those starting out with sex toys

Rabbit vibrators

The all-singing, all-dancing vibrator. Rabbit vibrators come in a variety of styles but they all have one thing in common – a clitoral stimulator that branches away from the main shaft, allowing for simultaneous clitoral and internal stimulation.


  1. They offer dual stimulation for that blissful blended orgasm
  2. Many contain a special motor in the upper shaft that allows the tip of the toy to spin in circles, rock from side to side or thrust upward to better simulate the sensations of penetrative sex
  3. Multiple motors mean sensational stimulation from every part of the toy

Hop to happiness with our handy beginner's guide to rabbit vibrators.

Realistic dildo vibrators

These realistic sex toys are shaped to anatomically resemble a penis, and some are cast from actual penises, for a perfect replica of a penis that also vibrates.


  1. A multitude of sizes from Average Joe to Super-King Simon (not actual names)
  2. Most have different thrilling speeds and patterns to play with
  3. Those with textured balls offer the arousing addition of external stimulation

Remote control vibrators

If you want to make your play a little more public then remote control vibrators are great fun. Choose from vibrating panties and bullet vibrators that slide into your underwear, or an insertable vibrating love egg.


  1. An exciting addition to foreplay
  2. Most offer a huge range of speeds and patterns
  3. Great for couples who enjoy power play

Vibrating love eggs

These insertable toys are similar in size and shape to Kegel exercisers, but they have a vibrating motor nestled inside instead of weights.


  1. Some have a wired controller whereas others operate via a remote control, allowing you to discreetly indulge in a little public play
  2. Designed to nestle against the G-spot, they deliver vibrating speeds and patterns directly to your internal pleasure points
  3. Perfect if you want to let your lover take control

Vibrating strap-ons

These are just like your usual strap-on dildos but they feature a vibrating motor to intensify the experience for both partners.


  1. Some include internal vibrators for the wearer and the receiver, making the shared pleasure of a strap-on even better
  2. Range in sizes and textures for a range of sensations
  3. A variety of harness styles for comfort and sensuality

Waterproof vibrators

Waterproof vibrators are suitable for use in the bath, shower, pool and hot tub, making them ideal for holiday fun and bathroom romps.


  1. Really easy to clean as you can fully immerse the vibe in hot water when it's time to clean up
  2. Great for adding excitement to your aquatic play
  3. Waterproof versions of all types of vibrator, so you can experiment with different styles

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