1. Kegel Master Vaginal Exerciser

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      1. Kegel Master Vaginal Exerciser

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    1. Product Description

      The original patented progressive resistance vaginal exerciser. Kegel exercises tighten the vaginal muscles and can help improve orgasms and enjoyment of love-making for both partners.

      With proper training of the vaginal muscles a woman can bring a man to an orgasm simply by contracting. Use the Kegelmaster for 10 to 15 minutes before intercourse, and both of you will experience the greatest sexual experience of your life! Beware of imitations!

      - The Kegel Master 2000 comes with four springs.

      - Resistance is altered by increasing the number of springs and changing their positioning. So you would start with 1 spring in post 1, then 1 spring in post 2, and so on. Build up to 4 springs in all four posts.

      - The Kegel Master offers 15 different resistance settings to provide pelvic floor exercises for all women.

      - The Girth is Controlled by the knob at the side

      - The width of the varies from 1.3cm (thinnest part) and 2.7cm (widest part), to 5cm and 7.3cm (approximate)

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      Kegel Master Vaginal Exerciser 6 3.5 out of 5 stars 3.5 out of 5

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      1. Kegel Master Vaginal Exerciser
      2. Kegel Master Vaginal Exerciser

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    1. Does what it says on the box

      Reviewed: 29 May 2011 by Ruby loves sex, a Straight Married Female

      It is easy to use - I haven't been using it all that long but I can feel myself getting stronger and tighter. I think my husband will notice it pretty soon. I didn't have any problem before I got it, I just wanted to use and exercise my most vital muscle just like I do the rest of me so I am really glad I bought it. When you get to 50+ you have to work at the fitness and strength that comes easy when you are young.

      The only thing I wasn't sure about is when you are supposed to swap up to a stronger resistance but I am just going with what I feel.

      I have to rate orgasms on the next bit - put NA on more of the categories Lovehoney! Doesn't apply here :)

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      It has clear instructions and works just like it says.
      Cleaning is difficult.
      Bottom line
      Use it or lose it!
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    1. Wow!

      Reviewed: 26 January 2010 by naughtylady

      I thought I was doing Kegel exercises all of these years, but nope!

      Today was the first day I used my Kegel Master. My husband (who doesn't know I own it) said to me for the first time in two years (since our babies were born*): "Your pussy feels so good!" We made love for two hours and it ended with a beautiful climax. I haven't heard him moan and groan like that since we were 16.

      I felt the Kegel Master working after five minutes of being inserted inside my vagina.

      You squeeze it close, then let go of your muscles. It opens. You repeat this 30 times, which in itself brings you to a climax.

      The only thing that put me off the Kegel Master was the price. But now I realise I would have bought it a long time ago, If I had known it worked.

      I've had three orgasms today, the best in a couple of years.

      Feeling my vagina tighten, seeing the smile on my husband's face, feeling his every move and having powerful orgasms… Priceless!

      I own Love Eggs, Ben Wa Balls, etc. But nothing compares to my new love, the Kegel Master! It earns its name!

      *We are only 26, but with two natural drug-free births of nine-pound babies, my vagina is not the same!

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Every single thing!
      Bottom line
      One hundred out of ten.
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    1. Great investment

      Reviewed: 10 August 2008 by deluxe

      This has helped me tone up the most important muscle in my body, I'm a healthy (tight before buying this) 21 year old that read up about this product before buying so don't go thinking this is just for the incontinent/post-baby people/loose. I've had it for 6 months.

      Kegel exercises without resistance aren't going to help you with sex. If you clench when empty you get strong, but when you then have something inside you (i.e. a penis) the muscle stretches and you clench very weakly in comparison. Using the kegelmaster you can clench around a range of girths.

      It's easy to use, it has 15 levels so when you think you have mastered doing 30 crunches and fully closing it every time you can crank it up a notch. It is rewarding to see real change.

      It gave me strength, stamina and control, and a few more minutes to get to the loo on a night out!

      It is annoying to clean if your lube gets on the inside between the two split part which isn't smooth but this rarely happens unless you leave it in for a long time, but you can soak it in water with no worries.

      I also masturbate with it in so I have a full feeling and resistance, it's a fun and lazy way to exercise.

      I'm fully in control in bed, you can feel more you are tighter and you can clench with the guy inside you and he can definitely feel it. You can use your newly found control to guide his penis towards you sweet spot. Clench when he is building up to an orgasm and during, it blows his mind, and you can enjoy the throbbing of his penis better as well.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Springs don't rust, control over how far it opens, clear progression through levels.
      Very occasionally annoying to clean.
      Bottom line
      Vast improvement to my sex life, I was so unaware of myself before it.
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    1. Masterful indeed

      Reviewed: 09 June 2010 by midnight-secrets

      I bought the Kegel Master because my new partner is quite well endowed and during sex I was aware that my ability to clench him was limited. I wanted to be able to use my muscles to massage him, and I found I couldn't the way I wanted too, or the way you can when you are doing your exercises the 'Sex and the City' way.

      Made of smooth, pale lilac plastic, you adjust the control to the right setting for you (multiple settings for you to choose from as you get better at doing them) and with a little lubrication, slide it in. I found I had to look up additional instructions to be confident that I was using the right setting, but once you've used it a few times you can tell what's right.

      The Kegel Master isn't the must beautiful thing in the world, but you can tell immediately that there is a difference in the way you are working your pelvic floor muscles. The reps are over perhaps too quickly as once you get going it's very pleasurable and warms you up for other action.

      It certainly isn't cheap, but it's definitely an investment that has returns. The ability to squeeze him tight will put a smile on his and your face.

    2. Overall Rating
      9 out of 10 stars
      Gives you control of your muscles as you practise.
      Limited instructions.
      Bottom line
      A more costly choice then love eggs, but you get what you pay extra for.
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    1. Unhygienic and unfriendly

      Reviewed: 18 December 2011 by Tandaradei

      Why I bought it in the first place: because I couldn't orgasm when having sex with my partner. Turns out I wasn't at fault and I needed different kinds of stimulation.

      If you're considering buying this to improve orgasms, try the following first: clitoral stimulation, different positions, roleplay, kink, etc.

      When I used it, it needed a lot of lube, didn't have completely smooth edges and was generally unpleasant to use. Seemed to occasionally catch on my insides. Having a variety of settings available was useful, but my Kegel Master didn't see enough use to actually progress through settings.

      It is faff to use. A lot of lube means there's lube inside me (which needs to be dislodged by washing, or will go on knickers thanks to gravity), and there's lube on the Kegel Master, and with all the fiddly bits it's difficult to clean. As it is a faff to use it didn't see much use.

      What makes me regret I bought it: it's a sex toy; it goes inside me; it should be possible to sterilise it (to prevent the yeast infections and UTIs). After a year of disuse and being transported in various boxes, it went into the pressure cooker to give it a good clean. It melted.

    2. Overall Rating
      2 out of 10 stars
      Gave me a clue how to use my Kegel muscles.
      Hard to keep clean, faff to use, expensive.
      Bottom line
      Unpleasant to use, expensive, hard to keep clean.
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