1. Hustler Hot Sex Cock Ring

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      1. Hustler Hot Sex Cock Ring

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    1. Product Description

      And when we say hot, we mean HOT! A chunky flame-tipped clit-tickling cock ring for your most powerful erection ever. Slot in the strong wireless bullet vibrator for explosive pleasure for both partners.

      Textured flames provide extra stimulation for her, with or without the vibrating bullet.

      Flexible, strong-but-stretchy construction for comfortable wear. One size fits all but the absolute biggest!

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      1. Hustler Hot Sex Cock Ring
      2. Hustler Hot Sex Cock Ring

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    1. Ever Been Intimidated by a Cock Ring?

      Reviewed: 27 August 2006 by tara-tainton

      I thought I’d earn "Coolest Roommate of the Century" for not only restoring my roommate’s sexual prowess but supplying him with the very tool required. I hopped online and began browsing my favorite online adult shops. I recognized the winner as soon as it appeared on screen in all of its red-hot glory: the Hustler Hot Sex Wireless Vibrating Jel-Lee Cock Ring. It was clear from the image alone that this thing is a lean, mean, cock-hugging, clit-licking, vibrating machine.

      The Hustler Hot Sex Cock Ring comes with the tiniest mini vibe that slides inside for an all-over, adjustable speed vibration. It only requires three L1154 or AG13 size batteries but comes packaged with six for instant and long lasting playtime. The product description lists advantages and bonus benefits you just don’t want to live without:

      - Sculpted Jel-Lee holds your cock in a fiery grip for your most raging erection ever!

      - Wireless multi-speed micro mini vibrations provide explosive pleasure for both partners

      - Textured flames lick her clit for sizzling satisfaction every time

      - Flexible stretchy construction for comfortable wear – one size fits most!

      The sex toy was gift-wrapped and waiting to be introduced to its new owner by Christmas. When my roommate beheld the nearly 3-inch high and 2-inch wide cock ring for the first time, he was speechless. I hurried to reassure him that it was the solution to his recent sexual disappointment, but he didn’t blink an eye.

      I should’ve known better. He’d never owned a single adult toy in his entire life. He’d never even held a vibrator or dildo to pleasure a partner with. Don’t even ask him his thoughts on anal play. That look of full-grown fright on his face made it clear that he’d never be wrapping anything around that cock of his except for those confounded condoms.

      Sadly, the Hustler Hot Sex Cock Ring was rarely seen or heard about again. That is, until I recently moved across the country, leaving my easily intimidated roommate back in the Midwest with his lack of desire to try something new. I was unpacking my luggage when the infamous cock ring suddenly reappeared, still in its original packaging. Apparently, even my former roommate realized that such a creation must be permitted to live out its divine purpose.

      My lover and I didn’t hesitate to be the first to free the large cock ring. It’s soft, even supple, and the jelly-formed flames are tipped with the slightest silky knobs. Sure, it’s the largest cock ring we’ve ever seen, but it’s very smooth, giving, and promises a lot of pleasure. My lover slipped it over his soft cock with relative ease, fitting it nicely against himself. He selected a low setting on the mini vibe and inserted it inside.

      The cock ring wasn’t the only thing vibrating due to that powerful little vibrator. If only someone had told me sooner that I could so easily have a real, live, vibrating cock to play with. With a few, well lubed strokes, my lover’s cock was filling my pussy; and the cock ring was gently introduced to my clit.

      Hustler’s molded Jel-Lee device is surprisingly soft. In the heat of the moment, I couldn’t detect the difference between my lover’s skin and the sensual feel of the cock ring. I found the new pressure in all the right spots utterly incredible.

      With the cock ring between us, so much more of my pussy was getting attention in the old, man-on-top position. The usual feel of his cock inside and his pubic bone hitting mine was replaced with the all over sensation of a vibrating marvel moving in and out of me while my entire pussy, inner lips and outer, was lapped and teased by those magical, malleable flames. My lover’s cock had turned into a mechanical toy itself.

      When we turned up the speed, I could feel my lover’s cock pulsating deep inside me. I clung to his backside, holding him tightly against me for longer periods between strokes as the vibrating sensation increasingly sped my way to orgasm. With the extra padding between our bodies, we could pound each other with greater gusto without getting the usual skin-on-skin burn from too much rubbing or even his long cock hitting against my cervix in that not-so-pleasant way. As for my lover sporting the new cock ring, he’s in love with the way the vibrations travel all the way through his shaft and down to his balls for continuous stimulation.

      The Hustler Hot Sex Cock Ring is our new favorite toy. We’ve just discovered another way to go longer, harder, and faster without any after-sex irritation. The mutually pleasing vibrations make it all the easier to achieve that elusive point of simultaneous orgasm. This isn’t just a great toy to add to your usual play; it’s also a secret weapon for introducing to your bodies after the first round to overcome sensory overload and keep on going. I’m on the hunt for new sex toys to experience. The more intimidating, the better.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      It's soft, pliable, has adjustable vibration, and lengthens play.
      It's huge, not at all discrete, looks funny when you wear it.
      Bottom line
      It's a very diverse toy with parts you can use separately in many different ways.
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