1. Pink Mouth Speed Bump Fleshlight Insert

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      1. Pink Mouth Speed Bump Fleshlight Insert

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    1. Product Description

      WARNING: This Fleshlight insert may not be suitable for those with aversions to intensely pleasurable sensations. Let the hundreds of soft massaging beads lay down as you change gears and thrust forward through the super tight canal.

      Please note, you are purchasing the insert only, which is designed to fit your existing Fleshlight case.

      Alternatively, you can build your own Fleshlight by adding a genuine Fleshlight case to your order.

      Internal dimension .75 inch. Bumps extend inwards leaving .5 inch clear.

      Luxurious vanilla scent.

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      Pink Mouth Speed Bump Fleshlight Insert 3 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5

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      1. Pink Mouth Speed Bump Fleshlight Insert
      2. Pink Mouth Speed Bump Fleshlight Insert

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    1. Fleshlight

      Reviewed: 24 April 2012 by Strange, a Straight Married Male

      Discreet and prompt delivery.

      When I first opened it could not believe how lifelike it felt. Removed the plastic shipping rod from inside, lubed up and went for the plunge!

      It feels absolutely amazing! Not really like the real thing but a great alternative.

      Great for solo play or for a partner to use on you.

      Fun to fantasize about having a threesome, without making the girlfriend jealous.

      If you can afford one don't hesitate to buy one!

      This is by far my favourite toy!

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Feels amazing.
      Bottom line
      Expensive but worth it.
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    1. Not as bumpy as pic suggests - much nicer in real life

      Reviewed: 29 December 2011 by bobclean

      Firstly, I must say how professional Lovehoney is. Item comes discreetly wrapped in secure package with no indication of what's inside. This was a concern for me because I don't live alone and did not want everybody knowing the contents of the box. I need not have worried, thanks LH.

      Once opened, there is a hard plastic tube inside the Fleshlight that will need to be removed (it's there for transit). Once this is removed you have the Fleshlight in your hands, and I have to say it feels really rather weird. It is heavy but very soft and squidgy and super stretchy. It feels very, very pleasant to the touch.

      Before I go any further I feel it pertinent to mention that this isn't a toy that you can use to get off quickly. You need to invest some time to use it properly. If you live in a busy household the opportunity to use your Fleshlight may be rare. It's not like locking yourself in the toilet for a few minutes for a quick one off the wrist. The Fleshlight needs preparation, then after use, needs cleaning and drying. The latter 2 stages are obviously the least enjoyable chores of the day. Cleaning it isn't rocket science, but needs doing nonetheless. That said, if you do manage to get some privacy and some time you won't be disappointed.

      Before use, for more realism and pleasure, soak the insert in hot water (just above body temperature) for several minutes, then put the insert into the Fleshlight case (sold separately). You just need to now apply lube to the Fleshlight orifice, inside the Fleshlight canal, and to the penis. Now insert yourself, and away you go.

      The feeling once inside is surprisingly realistic. Obviously it's not like having a real woman. This doesn't push back or move with you. The bottom line is that this is a fake pussy but the physical feeling is similar to penetrative sex. The speed bumps look a little intense on the photos but they feel so much nicer in use, so soft they are not really noticeable as bumps.

      This is my fourth Fleshlight and although I only received it today I have already used it twice. Definitely my favourite texture up to now, producing mind-blowing, fireworks-in-the-sky orgasms. This is where the Fleshlight comes into its own. Enjoyable as manual masturbation may be, the orgasms achievable with this sleeve are as deep, satisfying and as pleasurable as those knee-weakening orgasms that only penetrative sex can bring.

      I have been married for 36 years, and my beautiful wife has just gone through the menopause, which for her meant a significant decrease in her libido. Mine remained high, though, and manual masturbation sometimes became boring and perfunctory. For me the Fleshlights were a heaven-sent solution, and have exceeded my expectations. Although primarily bought for masturbation the sleeves have even occasionally been used in our lovemaking sessions.

      If you are not, for whatever reason, getting enough penetrative sex (who does?) then the Fleshlight is definitely for you. It might seem expensive at first but the value for money is excellent. My other 3 Fleshies are 30 months old now and have been absolutely battered. I don't want to be too graphic but they have been used literally hundreds and hundreds of times. If you have any doubts, don't worry and invest in the best sleeves on the market.

    2. Overall Rating
      9 out of 10 stars
      Lovely soft texture, top quality material, feels fantastic.
      Cleaning it after use.
      Bottom line
      You get what you pay for, and this is worth every penny.
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    1. Mind the Bump

      Reviewed: 21 May 2011 by toycar69, a Straight Married Male

      -About Fleshlights-

      Fleshlights are at the high end of the market for male toys. If you've tried some of the cheap strokers that are available, and didn't get on with them, maybe a Fleshlight is what you need.

      The main difference between a Fleshlight and a cheap toy is the structure. A cheaper toy tends to be made in one piece, while a Fleshlight is a soft insert in a hard plastic case. The cheap toy needs to be firmer / harder to allow it to stay in shape, but a Fleshlight is very soft, and so feels much more like the real thing.

      The other difference is size. A Fleshlight is a pretty large toy, and may surprise you when you first see it. The external size is nearly 12 inches in length, with a full 9 inches insertable depth. This may not be a toy to pop in your overnight bag!

      The Fleshlight case this insert goes into it also has a cap at the other end. This can be unscrewed to open up air holes in the end of the toy. This means you can vary the "suction" of the toy to just how you like it.

      The large size and hard outer case also means there are a number of ways the toy can be used. Along with the more "traditional hold it in your hand and run it up and down" method, you can pretty much secure the toy anywhere, and pump at it.

      -This One-

      This Fleshlight is the Pink Mouth Speed bump model, which tells us all we need to know.

      First, it's pink, which is a rather odd choice for a male toy. Next the opening looks like a mouth. Finally speed bump refers to the texture inside, which is small soft bumps.

      -So, what's it Like?-

      Very good! The softer internal texture gives a much nicer sensation for me than a cheap stretchy one. The bumps are small and soft, so not too intense, and not as unrealistic as highly textured toys. For me this means I'm able to take my time, and enjoy the sensations, which in turn means a very good climax.

      The larger size of the toy also gives some big advantages. Firstly, you are never going to "hit bottom" unless you are exceptionally well endowed. Also the extra depth means at no time are you forcing air back out through the main entrance, and this keeps any squelching and farting noises to a minimum.

      -Does It Feel Like a Blowjob?-

      Er, not exactly, but without some clever animatronics, and top end computer software I don't really think the technology is available for that!

      Unless your girlfriend has a uniformly straight mouth and throat, no teeth or tongue, has little bumps all the way down and holds completely still when giving head, then I'm afraid this will feel a little different.

      -Any Tips?-

      Yes! I recommend warming the insert in a bowl of hot water before using it. Not hot enough to scald you, but hot enough to bring the toy up to just above body temperature. This makes it feel much closer to the "real thing" when you use it. Don't forget to dry it though, and add some lube before jumping in.

    2. Overall Rating
      9 out of 10 stars
      Nice soft bumpy texture, great size.
      The colour. Pink for a boys toy? Really?
      Bottom line
      Great quality toy that gives excellent results. My current favourite.
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