1. I Rub My Penguin 3-Speed Waterproof Massager

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      1. I Rub My Penguin 3-Speed Waterproof Massager

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    1. Product Description

      I Rub My Penguin is an adorable waterproof 3-speed massager. Enjoy the soothing vibrations all over your body as you take a relaxing bath or shower! Very discreet, incredibly cute.

      Squeeze his stomach and experience 3 speeds of vibration that will massage away your aches and pains.

      The subtle design disguises your new vibrating friend as an innocent bath toy - great for when nosy friends come around!

      Small, sweet and discreet!

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    1. Customer Reviews

      I Rub My Penguin 3-Speed Waterproof Massager 9 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5

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      1. I Rub My Penguin 3-Speed Waterproof Massager
      2. I Rub My Penguin 3-Speed Waterproof Massager

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    1. Penguin

      Reviewed: 15 January 2012 by dickcox, a Straight Married Male

      My boyfriend bought me this as a Christmas present and it is the easiest and most pleasurable toy I've owned.

      I use it twice everytime. In the bath, with the boyfriend watching and without.

      You will never hear the word penguin without smiling again. I absolutely love this toy.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      A really good sex toy.
      Bottom line
      10 out of ten.
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    1. I Rub My Penguin Waterproof Massager Review

      Reviewed: 12 September 2007 by babygi9538

      The I Rub My Penguin waterproof vibrator may look

      innocent, but it gives you wave after wave of devilish

      pleasure. Trying it out for the first time was one of

      the greatest experiences of my sexual life, and I can

      already tell that he will be a well-used penguin. The

      different speeds mean you can change it up

      every time you use him, maximizing pleasure and

      variety. His little ice stand is perfect for keeping

      him in the shower to use whenever the mood strikes

      you. Cute but far from a child's toy, he'll be a nice

      addition to any collection.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Multiple speeds
      Bottom line
      Fun and exciting
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    1. I Adore My Penguin

      Reviewed: 22 April 2007 by mcbirdie

      I received this little guy as a gift, after he languished on my wish list for some time (I thought he was a little pricey for a vibrator that was unlikely to become my main vibe).

      I could not adore this toy any more than I do, and consequently, I adore the man who gave it to me (men, pay attention!)

      He really does look just as innocent in person as he does in his picture and you can feel very comfortable leaving him out for everyone to see, without immediately being outed as someone who enjoys dirty bath-times.

      His multi-speeds are wonderful. You get three steady vibrations. He is operated by squeezing his belly to cycle through the settings, but you can also turn him off by squeezing his belly for a couple of seconds longer.

      I found that the shape of his beak was wonderful for direct clit contact, but if you want to get a more generalized vibration both the top of his head and the length of his body are wonderful.

      I did notice that if you don't position him well, you can inadvertently change his setting/turn him off at an inopportune moment if you tend to squeeze down when you are coming to orgasm--this is easily remedied by turning him slightly so your fingers press down on his sides rather than his belly. It was a harsh lesson the first time, though. :)

      He is fully waterproof and makes for a wonderful bath companion. I had some problems with an older battery case construction, but when I got it replaced, the newer case was much easier to keep waterproof.

      He is very powerful, and as such, can get a little noisy. I don't think you'll care too much, though.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Everything about this little guy is good.
      The price can seem a little high until you realize how fabulous he is.
      Bottom line
      One of my absolute favorite toys. I recommend it highly to all my friends.
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    1. kidoodles my pet penguin

      Reviewed: 17 October 2006 by devilcandy

      This product is fantastic. Not only is it fantastically designed it's waterproof and really does hit the spot. Bath times have never been such fun. It fits nicely in the bathroom so I get no embarrassing questions and it's easy - I can just leave it lying there unlike some other toys. I did find that on the higher vibrating pulses it was slightly loud but it could be a lot worse.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      waterproof, looks gorgeous, orgasm every time
      only downfall is the noise but it's not that much of a problem.
      Bottom line
      fantastic fantastic fantastic. very disappointed i've missed out on him all these years.
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    1. Sitting there in all innocence....

      Reviewed: 18 June 2006 by sexburga

      It does what it says on the iceberg — quite outrageously. And lacking the fearsome 'all knobs and appendages' appearance of some "implements" it's far easier to introduce into the bedroom without making one look like some sort of exile from a Channel 4 documentary on the Amsterdam Red Light District.

      And it works. By the Lord Harry, it works. Quickly. Very quickly. You could buy one and claim it improves your time management skills as it certainly 'takes the waiting out of wanting'.

      Watching Pingu with the kids will never be the same again.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Well finished, quiet, and 100% non embarrassing if mother happens upon it on the bathroom shelf.
      Errrm, how about "Where have you been all my life"?
      Bottom line
      Get one and prepare for sleepless nights....
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