1. Lovehoney Summer Nights Sex Toy Sale Bundle (7 Piece)

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      1. Lovehoney Summer Nights Sex Toy Sale Bundle (7 Piece)

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    1. Product Description

      Make your summer lovin' a blast with a sizzling bargain – the limited edition Summer Nights discount bundle, worth over £135. For just £55, get 4 fab vibes and 3 other toys and treats, including the Bigs Bunny rabbit vibe, worth £69.99 all on its own!

      We can only offer this deal for a limited time, so act before those summer days drift away for another year.

      Lovehoney Bigs Bunny 7 Function Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator – RRP £69.99

      We call it Bigs Bunny, and it's one wascally wabbit. 5 delicious inches of girth in the 5.5 inch long shaft partner up with 7 rechargeable vibration functions and clit-teasing bunny ears to deliver bountiful blended bliss.

      Vital stats: Waterproof, USB rechargeable silicone rabbit vibrator, 3 speeds, 4 patterns, 5 inch circumference, 5.5 inch insertion

      Lovehoney Silver Seducer Classic Vibrator – RRP £16.99

      Add 'climax' to the top of your to-do list and strike it off in an instant with this chic classic vibe. Its sleek silver body puts the power of effortless orgasm at your fingertips. Featuring multiple vibration speeds – which range from a pleasant purr to a rousing rattle – and a tapered design to pinpoint your pleasure centres, just twist the base to get buzzing.

      Vital stats: Waterproof plastic vibrator, multiple speeds, 3.5 inch circumference, 6 inch insertion, requires 2 x AA batteries (sold separately)

      BASICS Vibrating Twin Cock Ring Blue – RRP £7.99

      Looking for intensely satisfying vibrations directed straight to the clit, cock and balls for all-encompassing, shared stimulation? Look no further. The Twin Ring's battery lasts for up to 30 minutes but can be turned on and off so that you don't have to use all the power in one go.

      Vital stats: Stretchy vibrating skin safe rubber twin cock ring, single speed, diameter 0.75-3.5 inches, requires 1 x LR48 battery (included)

      BASICS Vibrating Butt Plug Blue – RRP £14.99

      Pick this petite butt plug for your anal initiation and you can be sure you won't look back. A small-but-mighty toy for non-intimidating anal fun, this is an ideal plug for men or women taking their first tentative steps up to the back door.

      Vital stats: Vibrating PVC/jelly butt plug, single speed, 3.75 inch circumference, 3.5 inch insertion, requires 3 x LR44 batteries (included)

      BASICS Bondage Wrist Cuffs – RRP £9.99

      And where do you think you're going? Nowhere fast when you slip into this simple but effective set of wrist cuffs. Fastening to the wrists with Velcro and securing to each other with a lobster clasp, they're a great alternative to handcuffs. Comfy, too.

      Vital stats: Soft strap wrist cuffs, Velcro-fastened

      Tracey Cox Supersex Sex Position Card Deck (50 Cards) – RRP £14.99

      Tackling the ten most common sex scenarios, each of Tracey Cox's sex position cards comes with full instructions along with titillating tricks and tips. Designed by the sexpert with 50 sex positions to choose from, you'll never be bored again. The cards are presented in a smart black and pink slipcase, and each feature a picture of the position along with handy hints and tips for optimum stimulation.

      Vital stats: 50 cards featuring sex positions, cards colour-coded so you can explore 10 scenarios including giving her a clitoral orgasm, making him orgasm faster and having a quickie

      Lovehoney Satin Drawstring Toy Bag - RRP £4.99

      Keep your favourite toys away from prying eyes or present a sexy gift to your lover with our silky-soft satin drawstring bag. In sumptuous black with a Lovehoney heart, the stylish storage bag discreetly keeps toys clean, hygienic and tucked away.

      Vital stats: Polyester drawstring sex toy storage bag, 33cm long, 14cm wide

      All you need to make the most of your Summer Nights bundle is 2 x AA batteries and a generous slick of water-based lubricant.

      Key Features:

      • Completely fantastic value 7-piece bundle of delight worth over £135 – for just £69
      • Features the large and in charge Lovehoney Bigs Bunny Rabbit Vibrator, worth £69.99 alone
      • Full of tempting vibrating treats to enjoy together, including a smooth classic vibrator, a vibrating cock ring and a vibrating butt plug
      • Also includes wrist cuffs suitable to beginners, a card deck full of sex positions, and a discreet bag for storage
      • Don't forget to buy batteries – 2 x AA batteries required

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      1. Lovehoney Summer Nights Sex Toy Sale Bundle (7 Piece)
      2. Lovehoney Summer Nights Sex Toy Sale Bundle (7 Piece)

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    1. A bundle of fun

      Reviewed: 17 July 2019 by K&c30's, a Straight Married Male

      Unlike Lana Del Rey and her summertime sadness, this bundle will provide summertime happiness.

      A little about us, we have been using toys for just under 2 years. We are pretty vanilla and don't really venture into anal or bondage play all that much.

      The Rabbit is obviously the stand out product in this bundle in terms of value and quality. The quality of the build and material is undeniable, the silicone is high quality and it feels sturdy. Now, anyone who has read reviews or perhaps tried one or two will tell you that Rabbits can be hit or miss. Anatomy and frequency preference plays a huge part in if it works for you or not. The shaft is perfect for my wife, slightly straighter than most, more girthy with a bulging head and then an hourglass wavy design continuing down the rest of the shaft. The ears weren't the best fit for her though, that being said it didn't stop her having an amazing G-spot orgasm. Fun fact - mine floats in the bath, unlike many of my other waterproof toys.

      The cards were the biggest surprise for us. I have seen these about on the site and never really considered them. We know what we like and why fix what isn't broken. Well, that was before, we had so much fun with these cards and will continue to do so. They have lots of information and little tips. Beware of picking a card from the 'we want a challenge' section, they take some stamina!

      The classic vibrator is again something we have never tried before. It felt a bit like a blast from the past, it came into its own when it was used in combination with a bullet. It teased and it pleased but unfortunately wouldn't make my wife orgasm on its own.

      As I said before, we have not really explored much in the world of anal play and only tried small silicone plugs before. They certainly didn't make me want to try it more. This vibrating plug is perfect for a beginner and the vibration certainly added a new sensation. Whilst it hasn't got me running out to buy more vibrating butt plugs it has given us food for thought and possibly explore a bit more. So for that, I can't knock it.

      The cuffs again are basic but they are sturdy and more importantly comfortable. They are really easy to put on and can even be put on and taken off solo without being a magician.

      The cock ring is the biggest letdown. Whilst it did fit well and it restricted the blow flow nicely the vibrations were ultra buzzy and rather irritating. After a few minutes, I got frustrated and took it off.

      The bag provided will fit all your toys, however, don't put them all in together. The mixture of materials can cause problems and you don't want to ruin your summer bundle.

      This bundle is perfect for anyone starting off exploring and want a mixture of products to explore or even someone looking at just buying the Rabbit. For the same price, you get all the other items completely free and there is amazing fun to be had.

    2. Overall Rating
      9 out of 10 stars
      Great mixture of products and amazing value. What's not to love!
      The cock ring let it down for the guys.
      Bottom line
      Great summer bundle that will provide many steamy nights.
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    1. Summer loving

      Reviewed: 12 July 2019 by MrandMrs_L, a Straight Married Female

      BASICS vibrating butt plug:

      With a tapered tip and a flared base, the packaging states this butt plug is perfect for beginners, but to me it does seem a little on the bigger side? Maybe I am looking at this the wrong way as I had intended this to be used on my husband rather than myself. After all, I wanted him to enjoy this bundle just as much as I would. It comes complete with three batteries so that you can get started right away! Although smaller in comparison to, say, the rabbit vibrator, this butt plug sure packs a punch with the vibrations it delivers. They can be tailored to suit your individual preference with a twist-style base allowing you to chose between higher and lower vibration settings.

      Pink rabbit vibrator:

      The instructions for charging the vibrator are all on the box. This task was carried out with complete ease, which I am so thankful for! Some orders have left me stressed trying to locate exactly where the charger is able to be pushed in to the skin. For anyone not wanting to find this out on the box, the charging pin is located on the back of the vibrator, where the black meets the pink. This vibrator seems unusually weightier than my usual rabbits, something I was quite impressed with. It for sure lives up to its name of Bugs Girthy! With a USB adapting charger, you can quite literally charge this vibrator anywhere, making it completely versatile. There are two buttons on the bottom to change the vibrations and these light up when charging. Aside from the added girth to this vibrator, I wouldn’t say this differed much from any other rabbit vibrator out there.

      BASICS bondage cuffs:

      These bondage cuffs are pretty cute. Although we already had cuffs and restraints, it’s just someone else to switch things up a bit. I am of a fairly slim build, as is my husband. I had no trouble fitting these cuffs on and attaching the velcro to close them. My husband, on the other hand, struggled slightly. These in my opinion are not aimed at larger people, so these may be a disappointment for some as everyone comes in all shapes and sizes! For us, though, we enjoyed them!

      Satin drawstring toy bag:

      This bag is a cute edition to the Lovehoney Summer Nights bundle. With an expensive satin feel complete with a drawstring to open and close, this is perfect to keep any vibrator. I feel this could even accommodate my bigger toys. This bag can easily fit both the pink rabbit vibrator and the silver seducer vibrator that come with the bundle.

      Cock ring:

      As we aren’t a huge fan of ball loops (not realising this at the time) we weren’t exactly excited to give this one a try as we have found that LH ball looped toys have all been really tight on my husband. This was no different. Maybe he just does not like the sensation as each person likes what they like, but this for us was a bit of a let down to the bundle. We would have preferred something without a ball loop. Also not a huge fan that the battery for the vibrating part is not replaceable! Bit of a shame as this turns a toy that could be used a lot into a toy that is ready for the bin once the battery dies.

      Silver Seducer Classic Vibrator:

      This vibrator reminds me of my very first vibrator! I think if you are new to vibrators, a little bit vanilla or are strapped for cash, then this is perfect. If you just want something to vibrate in different places around your body, then again this is great. But teamed up in this bundle with someone like the rabbit vibrator, you are fighting a losing battle with this one. Although it has a weighty feel to it, there isn’t much else going on. 2x AA batteries are also required for this vibrator and they are not included. I must admit I prefer rechargeable toys, far less hassle.

      Sex Position Deck Cards:

      I was super excited to try these deck of cards. They aren’t your average position cards! For instance, if your man is on the smaller side you just locate those cards and it gives you a position to try. Why it would work, how to do it and alternatives to make achieving this position easier for both people. There's all sorts of variations for women who want to feel tighter (maybe after a baby?!), for men who are on the larger side, for someone who prefers clitoral orgasms, for someone who prefers G-Spot orgasms, for men who want to cum faster, for men who want to last longer, for a quickie, for couples who want a challenge and for couples who are different sizes (I love how this is aimed at one partner being on the bigger side for inclusiveness! Well done Tracey Cox). I honestly cannot express in words how amazing these deck cards are and how much they are going to spice up the bedroom! What is even better is they come in such a lovely thick card box that they will be kept in great shape! This in my opinion is the winner of this bundle. Everything else is just an added bonus!

    2. Overall Rating
      8 out of 10 stars
      The position deck of cards.
      Aimed at opposite sex couples mainly.
      Bottom line
      Great kit but aimed at beginners.
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    1. Those Summer Niiiiiiiiights

      Reviewed: 17 July 2019 by For Your Eyes Only x, a Bisexual Going Steady Female

      Bigs Bunny Rabbit Vibrator:

      This rabbit was whipped out of its box in the heat of the moment. Did I read the instructions on the box? No. Was I super confused when I couldn’t find a charging point? Yep! I later read the small print about the self-healing silicone, something that until now has been completely alien to me. Once you know what you’re doing, it’s simple. It charged with the USB cable included with the two buttons on the base lighting up to indicate this. The toy is simple to use, with one power button and another to control the vibrations. I’d personally enjoy a few more speeds, with all but two of them being pretty fast and intense. However, they are effective especially with the girth and shape of what is insertable.

      Silver Seducer Classic Vibrator:

      As it says in the name, this toy is a classic. It’s fool-proof, effective, and perfect if you’re new to the realm of sex toys. The range of vibrations are great and easily adjustable using just one hand if your other happens to be busy. The toy doesn’t come with batteries included, so I had to dig some out, and I found there to be a slight rattle from the batteries at certain angles when turned on, so it isn’t the quietest. It’s a great, basic toy and I recommend it for any sex toy newbies!

      BASICS Vibrating Butt Plug:

      As the owner of a number of butt plugs, I personally wouldn’t describe this as being a plug suitable for your very first steps into anal play like the descriptions states. The size could be a little intimidating to a first timer and take a little bit of practise! The toy comes with batteries included, which is always handy and the vibration settings are easy to adjust at the base with, like the classic vibrator, a decent range of vibrations! Once inserted I find the flared base to be a little uncomfortable. It’s quite rigid and doesn’t seem to sit right. However, that could just be a personal preference. I also find that the neck isn’t quite long enough and has a tendency to slip out, so choose your positions wisely! Overall it’s a fun little plug for those who are somewhat new to anal play and looking for a little bit of experimentation.

      Vibrating Twin Cock Ring:

      This toy can be a little intimidating when you remove it from the packet, with the ring for the balls appearing especially small. With a bit of a stretch, and a 2 man job, they fit snugly and, for us, stayed put throughout. The vibrations are strong and the detailing on the rubber feels wonderful when pressed against the clit. The only downside is the battery life and the fact it’ll be binned after one use! A couple of extra batteries thrown in would mean a little more life for this toy which I think it deserves!

      BASICS Bondage Wrist Cuffs:

      These are an essential to any toybox. Another part of this bundle that is foolproof and effective. They’re comfortable, fit well and secure enough to be put through their paces! The black is subtle but elegant and happens to contrast very nicely against the headboard of my bed!

      Tracey Cox Sex Position Card Deck:

      These were what I was immediately drawn to as I opened this bundle. There are 50 cards, all colour co-ordinated to 10 different scenarios (giving her a clitoral orgasm, make him last longer, he’s on the big side, we want a challenge et cetera). All positions come with a "How?", "Why?" and "Try" description and instruction and really come in useful for any little tips and tricks you may need to spice things up. There are positions that I’ve never even seen or could have imagined before and not one that I wouldn’t want to try. This is a fantastic idea and I really look forward to trying them out!

      Lovehoney Satin Toy Bag:

      Classy, hygienic and practical, this is one of the necessities in my box of toys. It’s large enough to keep a couple of toys hidden away from any prying eyes and a great idea to be included in this bundle as you don’t have to worry about buying a bag separately to store the rabbit and vibrator.

    2. Overall Rating
      7 out of 10 stars
      Variety, lots of vibrations!
      Hit and miss in parts (i.e. butt plug!).
      Bottom line
      Bundle of fun for you and your partner, and especially great for beginners.
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